[ FINAL ] USA vs Japan 5 - 2 All Goals & Highlights

  • Published on: 25 December 2018
  • Runtime : 11:42
  • 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup women world cup


  • Yusri Masri
    Yusri Masri   2 days ago

    You know what,9 years ago japan have win wwc..

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  • Vinicius Moreira
    Vinicius Moreira   1 months ago

    usa vs japan on oficial gamesworld cup:1991 group stage:usa 4 x japan 0world cup 1995 quarter final: usa 3 x japan 0olympic games 2004 quarter final :usa 2 x japan 1world cup 2011 final : japan 2 x usa 2 (japan 3 x usa 1 on penalty shothout ) olimpic games 2012 final:usa 2 x japan 1world cup 2015 final :usa 5 x japan 2 !!

  • I am A fan
    I am A fan   1 months ago

    This is the second best channel to watch a match on the first best is US Soccer

  • Andr345
    Andr345   1 months ago

    Morgan is the prettiest woman of the USA team. Bravo Megan we love u

  • Farhana Sonya Hossain
    Farhana Sonya Hossain   1 months ago

    To see japanese were crying... Back 2011 Morgan and usa were crying... Now they are again champion... Next one should be usa again hatric cup for Alex Morgan... MAY Allah bless Alex Morgan...

  • GM Omar
    GM Omar   1 months ago

    Macam orang indonesia (Chubb-E)

  • jasper fc
    jasper fc   1 months ago

    Esa defensa de japon hace agua con los bloopers y para rematar tienen una portera enana, demasiado diria, ¿y asi estan pidiendo igualdad salarial? Cuando te enfrentas a rivales poco exigentes.

  • y tho
    y tho   1 months ago

    Palate cleanser after watching the 2011 video

  • Ariella Kherrington
    Ariella Kherrington   1 months ago

    USA made the game 4-0 in a WC final faster than they could against Thailand.

  • rjb555
    rjb555   2 months ago

    No Wambauch? wow

  • steven sparkz
    steven sparkz   2 months ago

    ever since japan adopted a female manager they've turned to utter shit

  • Tom Paratube
    Tom Paratube   2 months ago

    Astonishing goals by Carli Lloyd and the performance of the team. Proud of you all!

  • Sandor Peci
    Sandor Peci   2 months ago

    Congratulations bsetfotball loves USA goo job

  • NicoBand
    NicoBand   2 months ago

    This has ended like World War II. Emperor Hirohito is not happy.

  • raul diaz
    raul diaz   2 months ago

    USA those furius by the final 2011.

  • billny33
    billny33   2 months ago

    The editing seems a little off here. Like if you're going to show so much reaction after each goal, why edit all the replays to be right after the goal? It looks so awkward. Why not just let it roll the way the telecast showed it then?Oh wait a minute, nevermind...that's to keep the video from being taken down, isn't it? Goddamnit copyright police.

  • Maude Bissonnette
    Maude Bissonnette   2 months ago


  • Sandor Peci
    Sandor Peci   2 months ago

    Lovely woman Alex Morgan good jobs bsetfotball

  • GM Omar
    GM Omar   2 months ago

    USA Rasuah like shit

  • Mi K
    Mi K   2 months ago

    Horrible, unacceptable cut. Thumb DOWN.

  • Juliana Villarreal
    Juliana Villarreal   2 months ago

    Go Team USA 😊🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸😃⚽

  • XxCool BoixX
    XxCool BoixX   2 months ago

    The first Japanese looks so serious.... WHO is here after USA won their fifth title?

  • raja forver
    raja forver   2 months ago

    Women 😅😅 what about world cup man

  • robert stevens
    robert stevens   2 months ago

    i still say when lloyd made that half field kick into the goal should have been a 3 pointer just saying lol