Which Drill Bit Brand is Best? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 09 December 2019
  • 12 drill bit (twist drill) brands tested for speed and durability on spring steel, 304 stainless, and mild steel using various drill bit sizes and a drill press. Drill bit showdown highlighted two very impressive brands. All drill bits tested were between $10 and $40 per set. Brands tested: Bosch, Craftsman, DeWalt, Harbor Freight (Warrior), Harbor Freight (Bauer), Ryobi, Walmart (HyperTough), Milwaukee, Metabo, Work Force, Black & Decker, and MasterForce (Menards).

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  • Runtime : 16:28
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  • Project Farm
    Project Farm   5 months ago

    A big "thank you" to Chuck, a very talented machinist, who helped me put together the test approach. He gets credit for everything that went well, and I get the credit for any mess ups. Sorry it's taken me a year to get to this one but wanted to get it right the first time. Thanks again Chuck!

  • KreemieNewgatt
    KreemieNewgatt   16 hours ago

    Twist drill bits with a wide dead center (like the B&D) require a pilot hole at least as wide as the center flat to cut properly. Split point bits don't. It would have been interesting to see how the bits performed when provided with a 3/32" pilot hole.

    WRIGHTRACING   20 hours ago

    Never knew that less speed helped. I figured more pressure would do it though. Good to know.

  • Tennessee Jeff
    Tennessee Jeff   1 days ago

    Have you, if not can you test high end drill bit sets?

  • Mr Nuts
    Mr Nuts   1 days ago

    Question ❓, best drill bit for, ( grade 8 bolt ) , got a rusty 1 on suspension going onto frame!?...., tried everthing from heating, wacking it!!, won't budge, so before I attack it with grinder!!!, destroy suspension part, got another 1, probably still will have to drill...!?, any suggestions on a drill bit on grade 8 bolt 🔩!? 🤔...., on end of bolt, it has a big 8 letter, so take its grade 8... Cheers... 👍

  • _ David _
    _ David _   1 days ago

    I thought the nitride coated bits were supposed to be better? Or does it just mean they'll last longer? Maybe they were just less sharp so they didn't cut as well, but they'll last longer? Idk

  • Melissa Perry
    Melissa Perry   2 days ago

    What methods are the best at removing rust from metal?

  • swordfish
    swordfish   2 days ago

    Everything cobalt is good to go.

  • Richard Maragh
    Richard Maragh   2 days ago

    Need a video for which 10mm socket wont disappear in the garage. 👍 awesome channel.

  • GSE
    GSE   3 days ago

    Was that definitely stainless? Looked like alley and when it bounced sounded hollow like alley.

  • tehw000000t
    tehw000000t   3 days ago

    Craftsman, DeWalt, Bosch were the only ones that got through the hardened steel without assistance. They also got through the mild steel the fastest. However they were only middle of the pack with the stainless.

  • Connor Bunch
    Connor Bunch   4 days ago

    I was in need of drill bits, and I realized, I KNOW HOW TO FIND OUT WHAT SET I SHOULD BUY!!!! I just need to get on Project Farm's channel and see his video on drill bits!Thank you so much for making these videos!

  • Caleb Young
    Caleb Young   4 days ago

    In my own finding I’ve had all the name brand bits. The best bits so far that have held up and are still sharp after 6 years are Ryobi.Great testing video!

  • TheOtherBill
    TheOtherBill   4 days ago

    I wish you had tested the Dewalt titanium bits, they're supposed to be a step up from the black oxide bits and are top sellers and highly rated on Amazon. 14 piece for $19 and $25 for the 21 piece set.

  • hgsnotes
    hgsnotes   5 days ago

    The cobalt bits are worth the price. There's affordable sets out there. They cut great and last longer.

  • Bram Massant
    Bram Massant   1 weeks ago

    Could you do the same test for wood drills and concrete drills?

  • Róbert Tóth
    Róbert Tóth   1 weeks ago

    Have a set of Hitachis, man they cut through steel like butter

  • Owen Johns
    Owen Johns   1 weeks ago

    Thanks for the video. Very interesting as usual.I have that dewalt set and the only thing I don't like is that the tapered web design lets the bit jam itself on its own chips in deep holes, and can jam itself on thin material too if you let the bit shoot through too far.

  • Daniel Sechrist
    Daniel Sechrist   1 weeks ago

    Great video. Would really like to see the higher-end bits tested. Like Milwaukee Hard Metal cobalt bits and better, like other moly/cobalt bits. (Drill hog, Norseman, etc)

  • Nikos Nikolakis
    Nikos Nikolakis   1 weeks ago

    Even though im not reaally interested in such equipment i like the style of yohr videos and im always curious to see xonclusions of these tests

  • Grinders and Gears
    Grinders and Gears   1 weeks ago

    Missing a lot of my smaller bits, broke at least a few, was going to buy more yesterday, found myself in the drill bit aisle at harbor freight, then realized this guy probably had a video on it, so decided to wait till I could watch it, looks like he didn't test the Hercules brand form HF though which is one of the two I was between yesterday. No surprise seeing Bosch do well in this test, when drilling hard metal Cobalt will perform much better than standard drill bits, I strongly recommend investing in Cobalt bits if you need to drill something really hard or a lot of metal. That said, Tungsten Carbide performs even better still, but is really expensive and pretty unlikely to find it at your local hardware store. If you have a broken bolt you are trying to extract, go for a Cobalt or TC drill bit, also center punch it first. After watching, it looks like I'll go with Dewalt. Been following this channel ever since I switched from PB Blaster to Liquid Wrench penetrating oil after watching his video, and what a difference it was, it always seemed like PB Blaster wasn't really doing much of anything, something his video showed as well, switched to Liquid Wrench and can honestly say that I find myself resorting to torches a lot less now, really appreciate the hard work he puts into these videos saving us all precious time, money, and frustration.

  • Blake Antcliff
    Blake Antcliff   1 weeks ago

    spent years in my engineering days on radial arm drills and got to the point where the burrs would tell me whether the pressure or speed needed altering or the bit needed sharpening. Generally with anything from 16mm - 26mm.

  • manxman
    manxman   2 weeks ago

    were the cutting angles all the same?

  • Ron Delby
    Ron Delby   2 weeks ago

    I have a question My friend tryed to drill a hole in the top of a so called cast iron bell. He used every named brand bit he had but they would not penetrate the iron. What kind of bit can be used to drill easy through that kind of hardened iron. Its definitely not regular cast iron.

  • Seabreeze Rides
    Seabreeze Rides   2 weeks ago

    Would love to see Dollar Tree tools tested, drill bits, pliers, etc.

  • Butch S
    Butch S   2 weeks ago

    you get what you pay for, for the guy or girl at home that uses drill bits only so often go the cheaper side, and for the job site you go better and cost more but saves time in the long run

  • target index
    target index   2 weeks ago

    If you tackle this topic again in the future.. maybe test the actual size of drill vs what they are suppose to be and hole size made. I find a lot of people say this is what separates a good drill manufacturer from a bad one in addition to wear. Thanks for the work!!

  • Dennis S
    Dennis S   2 weeks ago

    Certainly didn't get "Bored"

  • Tom Brown
    Tom Brown   2 weeks ago

    I'm surprised at the results. I have a set of these DeWalt bits and didn't realize how good they are.

  • Sigsoccer12
    Sigsoccer12   2 weeks ago

    What’s the best forstner bit or what’s the best hole saw

  • Steve VAG-tuner
    Steve VAG-tuner   2 weeks ago

    Best cutting fluid I've ever tried is brake fluid can you try it against the competition real cutting fluids and see if I'm right thanks keep up the great work

  • Jeremiah Gibson
    Jeremiah Gibson   2 weeks ago

    The drill shavings are interesting to see, along with the performance and wear.

  • Brother Teresa
    Brother Teresa   2 weeks ago

    If i buy the Dewalt drill bits in Europe, we have the millimeter sizingis the quality the same ? maybe look out for a code in the description of the drills so i know its the same metal etc

  • Scotty Goodwin
    Scotty Goodwin   2 weeks ago

    Hi Chuck, Thanks for all your videos I enjoy them all. I really Liked the drill bit video. Keep up the great work.

  • wyatt prendergast
    wyatt prendergast   2 weeks ago

    Love the videos it would have been nice if you had used the Milwaukee hard metal bits being they are made more for the metal drilling, it's the only ones I use to drill out locks as i am locksmith

  • Yahya Shabazz
    Yahya Shabazz   2 weeks ago

    We need a transmission fluid comparison and tournament!!!