Patrick Mahomes Is Setting Down Roots in the Kansas City Community

  • Published on: 12 August 2019
  • As Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes settles into life in Kansas City, we get an inside look at his favorite kicks and new house. From B/R and @GoogleNest

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  • Runtime : 2:36
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  • Michael S.
    Michael S.   1 weeks ago

    May god bless this kid as long as he does what he does and stays humble!

  • Chad O
    Chad O   3 weeks ago

    The once and future king of the NFL right here.

  • Johnny82Utah
    Johnny82Utah   1 months ago

    Looks like those roots are beginning to grow...

  • Riley Depp
    Riley Depp   1 months ago

    my google went off and she said i can’t tell you what you have to do tmr bc i don’t recognize your voice

  • Nan
    Nan   1 months ago

    He’s a cutie pie.🥰

  • Alice Z
    Alice Z   1 months ago

    the wife is trying to not act like a gold digger? she must feel guilty because unlike a lot of other celebrities wives, she has no talent what so ever.

  • Aubrey Manhnieo
    Aubrey Manhnieo   1 months ago

    Yay we won the super bowl Kansas City I live there and I am so happy

  • Ms. Lynn
    Ms. Lynn   1 months ago

    She's ugly omg... That's the best he could do..Well his dad didn't do any better either😏

  • Will
    Will   1 months ago

    He's going to find a hot chick now he's the Superbowl champ!😛

  • Ava Diggs
    Ava Diggs   1 months ago

    I love the dogs and now my Google is confused and good job for the super bowl because I watched the whole thing even though I am a Vikings fan

  • April R
    April R   1 months ago

    Umm excuse me he bought the house and paid for the renovations so yes he deserves it and anything else he wants in that house. Stupid ass question.

    SOGFLY1   1 months ago

    These Mfs did a whole ass sponsorship

  • Tatem Johnson
    Tatem Johnson   1 months ago

    Did he earn it? 5 months later wins the Super Bowl: YESSIR

  • jeffcon123
    jeffcon123   1 months ago

    Good man... just stay humble and keep the team instead of chasing the money! You guys will forever be my team!

  • B Stacks
    B Stacks   1 months ago

    Pat and Britt are going to have the biggest house in the K.C metro area soon

  • Bailey Masteller
    Bailey Masteller   1 months ago

    I’m I the only that that has a google home and every time he says “hay google” my google goes off 😂

  • BH
    BH   1 months ago

    He acts like an excited little boy playing house

  • 24/7 MOTORS
    24/7 MOTORS   1 months ago

    Patrick Mahomes: planning on being here 20 plus years. Me: girly squeal of excitement 😂

  • K Hall
    K Hall   1 months ago

    Go Chiefs! Patrick we want to see you and your family here for years to come 💒!

  • Kate Csillam
    Kate Csillam   1 months ago

    Wonderful couple, keep your love strong!🥰

  • Wally Miranda
    Wally Miranda   1 months ago

    Great inspirational and sincere story. I would watch his reality show.

  • proximal slot
    proximal slot   1 months ago

    Those dogs look too cute for my eyes to see 😄

  • D B
    D B   1 months ago

    Hey Marci Knoff is a great designer! Good for you Marci!

  • Thomas Lee
    Thomas Lee   1 months ago

    Just because you working one city doesn't mean that you have to live in that City

  • Thor Huber
    Thor Huber   1 months ago

    Wish he would have come to Tampa! He's an amazing player, Class act, and they love dogs! 👍

  • caomhan84
    caomhan84   1 months ago

    I hope he stays the same, I hope they stay together, and I hope they do live there 20 years. I'm not a KC fan....but I'd like to see more truly genuine players who put down roots in the community and raise a family.