The Antibiotic Apocalypse Explained

  • Published on: 16 March 2016
  • What is the Antibiotic Apocalypse? What is it all about? And how dangerous is it?

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    The Antibiotic Apocalypse Explained

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  • Runtime : 5:58
  • bacteria antibiotic antibiotic apocalypse apocalypse death life cells body immune system infection science research pandemic black death modern world bacterium antibody superbug bug end of the world panic fun animation kurzgesagt in a nutshell scientist


  • Naveen Roy
    Naveen Roy   9 hours ago

    And now here we are staying in house to be safe from an ongoing pandamic 😔

  • Bone 1557
    Bone 1557   10 hours ago

    Is the coronavirus considerably a superbug?

  • Andrew
    Andrew   19 hours ago

    5:07 Hello Covid-19, welcome to the world!Coronavirus: Bacteria, hold my beer, watch and learn.

  • Aisha Jilani
    Aisha Jilani   1 days ago

    “We have created a infrastructure for bugs” Me 2017: Meh. Me 2020: U were right!

  • penis
    penis   1 days ago

    Heh Harry Potter reference 1:47

  • Najwa Kouja
    Najwa Kouja   1 days ago

    Watching this during COVID-19...and it is all way too relevant.

  • Mete Bas
    Mete Bas   1 days ago

    The Chinese Bacteria when?

  • # HIM
    # HIM   2 days ago

    Well they already created it named coronavirus

  • S1NK0TIC
    S1NK0TIC   2 days ago


  • firman daud
    firman daud   2 days ago

    Antibiotic: exists Bacteriophage: am i joke to you?

  • Mireya Bernal
    Mireya Bernal   3 days ago

    Is anyone here during the Coronavirus self quarantine????

  • Altan Davaz
    Altan Davaz   3 days ago

    Human civillisation is very unstable but somehow chugs along

  • Chloe Axe
    Chloe Axe   4 days ago

    Are corona virus is kind like a superbugs?bcoz they're hard to eliminate

  • Mohamed Amine Labidi

    Lol people can't see the difference bacteria actually weaker then viruses viruses like bacteriophage kill bacteria viruses are smaller and simple and hijack your cells from inside and use it to duplicate.Bacteria kill cells from outside not inside like virus.

  • Julian Castro
    Julian Castro   4 days ago

    So don’t worry about bacterias science control pandemic!!! What about virus 🦠 welcome COVID 19

  • s0bad
    s0bad   4 days ago

    Anyone watching this during covid20?

  • Ferricity AMV
    Ferricity AMV   6 days ago

    could corona virus be the result of the superbug research? holy shit

  • GarretDaLamp
    GarretDaLamp   6 days ago

    I'm watching this while quarantined from coronavirus and laughing my ass off

  • Seymour09
    Seymour09   6 days ago

    China: hey guys, want some virus?

  • Rosella Phantom
    Rosella Phantom   6 days ago

    I feel bad for pigs, pigs are actually intelligent animals, smarter that a Domestic Dog, but since they are cramped into small spaces they would either grow sick or are smelly and gives bacteria a home.

  • nooksamuiz
    nooksamuiz   1 weeks ago

    Now corona virus ( covid-19 ) is comingI thought virus and bacteria can mutant as wellMaybe the reason on this video is begin of disease

  • handy Writer
    handy Writer   1 weeks ago

    인류의 6할은 이렇게 잘 만들어진 영상을 보고도 헛소리를 지껄이는구나 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 영상주제가 판데믹이면 몰라