The Antibiotic Apocalypse Explained

  • Published on: 16 March 2016
  • What is the Antibiotic Apocalypse? What is it all about? And how dangerous is it?

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    The Antibiotic Apocalypse Explained

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  • Runtime : 5:58
  • bacteria antibiotic antibiotic apocalypse apocalypse death life cells body immune system infection science research pandemic black death modern world bacterium antibody superbug bug end of the world panic fun animation kurzgesagt in a nutshell scientist


  • Eucenor
    Eucenor   1 hours ago

    You know this is serious when you don’t hear the intro

  • Lucien Karst
    Lucien Karst   9 hours ago

    "If humanity plays its cards right" yea, I wouldnt count on it, we fucked up by already giving it to pigs we eat so that if we get real unlucky it becomes the new fucking small pox or black death. Good thing thats rare, and plenty of people refuse to east pork. With the Anti-vaxxers, vegans, vegeterians, etc, we created such a diverse human population in terms of how we live, the chance we get wiped out is at least really low. I would hope the people who do survive anything terrible like that arent as smart as bricks, but thats probably what would happen.

  • MR. TRAP
    MR. TRAP   1 days ago

    Loki: I have an army of super bugsTony: we have a bacterophage

  • caden c
    caden c   2 days ago

    My favourite channel is kurzgesagt

  • Droiz
    Droiz   2 days ago

    OBJECTIVE UPDATE!New objective:Move to Greenland

  • Alfa&Omega 00000
    Alfa&Omega 00000   3 days ago

    3:00 There's something strange in your body,who are you gonna call?

  • KRZY Gaming
    KRZY Gaming   3 days ago

    watching this dudes videos just scare me... I dont wanna die

  • Leoncer GAMING!!!
    Leoncer GAMING!!!   3 days ago

    I was honestly wondering when you'd use a Dr. Mario reference.

  • Wings of Fire
    Wings of Fire   4 days ago

    why don’t we just make a drug that does not kill the bacteria but instead makes it harmless in this way the bacteria does not have to evolve because it is not in danger

  • - Jervé
    - Jervé   4 days ago

    you know what ill just leave earth

  • BL
    BL   5 days ago

    I say it all day and I will say it again: people are stupid.

  • Me _
    Me _   5 days ago

    Thanks for scarring the poop out of me cause I’m taking antibiotics right now :)

  • MarioCD
    MarioCD   5 days ago

    From 5:57 It Just Became Plague Inc.

  • Tsz Ho WONG
    Tsz Ho WONG   6 days ago

    "If we kill all superbugs we get free oil"35 seconds later the apocalypse is resolved

  • Junior ToZ
    Junior ToZ   1 weeks ago

    your are GENIUS than me YOU GENIUS 100% BUT ME ALMOST REACH IT I HAVE 95%

  • Elliot Tian
    Elliot Tian   1 weeks ago

    Kurzgesagt: Superbugs are very dangerous and could kill us allAlso Kurzgesagt: Check out PATREON

  • Snowy the floofy fox
    Snowy the floofy fox   1 weeks ago

    I took antibiotics once and it took all the bacteria out of my stomach for a very long time.

  • Redd Cosmic
    Redd Cosmic   1 weeks ago

    Superbugs: *exist*Bacteriophages: buenos dias F-Boy

  • K. Siemens
    K. Siemens   1 weeks ago

    The problem is, that humanity is not going to play its cards right. More and more pharma corporations are backing away from developing new antibiotics and move on towards more profitable drug developments (like Novartis did last year). As we stop to effectively create new weapons against superbugs, they do not stop to develope resistance against contemporary antibiotics.In university we've been told, that we will have to expect to treat bacterial infections with the same well known antibiotics that we use today for the foreseeable future (because there won't be any new ones) as we watch them lose their efficiency.

  • Erik Dawner
    Erik Dawner   1 weeks ago

    Always count on China to ruin everything.

  • warrior cast
    warrior cast   2 weeks ago

    The year is 2065, all antibiotics are useless. Superbacteria have wiped out most of the population. Only a select few have survived.

  • Leonardo BSD
    Leonardo BSD   2 weeks ago

    super bacteria?!?!?!!? SEND EM TO THE RANCH

  • Due and wolf brothers

    INSIDE OF HUMAN:bacteria:EXISTSantibiotic:i'm gonna end this man's whole careersuperbug immune to antibiotic:i'm gonna end this man's whole careerbacteriophage:i'm gonna end this man's whole career

  • MD Hossain
    MD Hossain   2 weeks ago

    Why not make the body learn how to take care of it self

  • Moritz Schnitzenbaumer

    But arent all bacterias killed when you cook the meat? How are they getting into out bodies then?

  • Alperen
    Alperen   2 weeks ago

    It will be terror everywhere if immune system resistant organisms get resistance to important antibiotics. And with a possible huge spread ,our tecnology and science wont reach their adaptation.