• Published on: 11 August 2019
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  • Runtime : 13:20
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  • Daisy Guile
    Daisy Guile   10 minuts ago

    I had long hair and cut it short. But girlll u rock this hair❤️❤️

  • EsyTheMooMooCow
    EsyTheMooMooCow   14 minuts ago

    My hair grows to fast and that's why I never get it styled because, bleh.

  • Hannah Klein
    Hannah Klein   14 minuts ago

    First of all - it´s not a short haircut! Second of all - it´s just hair, it´s funny how people freak out about it. And third - Colleen you never looked better! I love that length on you!

  • mia wells
    mia wells   23 minuts ago

    I think you will look great

  • Alissa Haun
    Alissa Haun   31 minuts ago

    I love your hair! I think it looks really good on you!

  • Gabriella Pinelli
    Gabriella Pinelli   39 minuts ago

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰😍😍😍😍

  • Nyan Draco Crafts
    Nyan Draco Crafts   41 minuts ago

    Not just saying this because you said so but you cute thouge

  • Sasa Oldbarn
    Sasa Oldbarn   45 minuts ago

    I honestly love it so much!!!! Half up do will be so great with that length girl, very very very cute and beautiful

  • WorkAtHome Reviews
    WorkAtHome Reviews   48 minuts ago

    I can speak for us all when I say you had me freaking out then when I seen it, it was great!

  • Popsdais 2
    Popsdais 2   58 minuts ago

    Omg ur hair looks so cute short. i am being totally honest and i would never lie about this so i honestly think it looks super cute. welldone for being so brave!

  • Kayle Gutierrez
    Kayle Gutierrez   1 hours ago

    You look cute gurl love you and flinn😍😍😜😜

  • Maya Amandus
    Maya Amandus   1 hours ago

    omg your hair is so cute!!!!! short ahhhh

  • Lynne Taylor
    Lynne Taylor   1 hours ago

    I think you will look cut with short hair because my hair got cut but my hair was long do you will look cut love you

  • Guitarlova
    Guitarlova   1 hours ago

    I cant help but wonder if you could have donated some? You are chopping a bunch off.

  • Bambe FabuLash
    Bambe FabuLash   2 hours ago

    You look so cute!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! 💇🏻‍♀️♥️

  • Bryn Jackson
    Bryn Jackson   2 hours ago

    Who else was ready to lie but then it actually turned out really good 😂

  • courtneylove's MACcompact

    It's SOOOO bouncy and BEAUTIFUL!!IM seriously in love with the legnth! It literally makes you look like 5yrs younger. It really does. So youthful ❤

  • Tiya Al saket
    Tiya Al saket   2 hours ago

    It's looked really good seriously Colleen short hair is the hair for you it looks so much better than your long hair I love it on you❤️❤️

  • Belle Alsop
    Belle Alsop   3 hours ago

    Honestly it looks nicer than ur long hair. I thought long hair was going to look WAY nicer but short hair looks lush. It made me want to cut my hair even shorter than it is

  • Shine17bright
    Shine17bright   3 hours ago

    I totlly searched collen ballinger's new hair cut beacause I watched her Marinda Sings Video at the end its soo funny!

  • Shelby Smith
    Shelby Smith   4 hours ago

    Oh my god I’m getting a headache from the zooming in and out

    SM XOXO   4 hours ago

    Now u look like a real mom! HAHA