Tik Toks that I watch at midnight on a school night

  • Published on: 19 December 2019
  • Sorry for not posting earlier the two videos that I tried to post got copyright.

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  • Runtime : 14:14


  • Malisa Hammond
    Malisa Hammond   3 days ago

    The boy who was play Charlie at 4:31 is kinda cute

  • grim reaper
    grim reaper   1 weeks ago

    the reason your grades are low is because you study and worry and the people who dont study trust them self and that way you have low grades

  • Kason Pippin
    Kason Pippin   1 weeks ago


  • Imvu Emily
    Imvu Emily   1 weeks ago

    Not my first guess lmao💀💀 9:05

  • Marvelous Jenkins
    Marvelous Jenkins   2 weeks ago

    actually watching this at midnight on a school night gang wya?? 😎

  • dessiana arthurs
    dessiana arthurs   2 weeks ago

    well its 3:00 am right nowon a school night. totally gonna regret this:)

  • Hanson
    Hanson   3 weeks ago

    These suck sorry

  • Aria Martin
    Aria Martin   3 weeks ago

    im watching this because I'm bored at 12:43 :)

  • Mischa Caluma
    Mischa Caluma   3 weeks ago

    @blesiv is like me.... 😐 I should REALLY get my life together

  • Karma Queen
    Karma Queen   3 weeks ago

    What’s funny is I’m watching this At midnight well I mean close to midnight but whatever

  • liv mccloskey
    liv mccloskey   4 weeks ago

    10:40 y’all didn’t have to come for my whole damn life like that smh 🤧😂

  • Ri Guy
    Ri Guy   1 months ago

    when it's 12:47

  • Harmony Rose
    Harmony Rose   1 months ago

    we are all tRiGgErD by the fact that he doesnt know who bob ross is

  • Julia Sagarzazu
    Julia Sagarzazu   1 months ago

    4:59 OH MY GOSHI mean.. Excuse me I'm gonna make a TikTok account

  • Samaya Gardner
    Samaya Gardner   1 months ago

    Josh Rihards u know you fine looking so don't even try and be acting like that

  • goldchalamet
    goldchalamet   1 months ago

    “Who’s the most attractive male?”“Bob Ross”“Who the hell is that”

  • kitty inspiration
    kitty inspiration   1 months ago

    how about 2:00 on a school night— that’s right now as I am typing