Samsung Galaxy Fold Unboxing: Magnets!

  • Published on: 16 April 2019
  • What's in the Galaxy Fold's $1980 box, plus demoing its super strong magnets!

    Galaxy Fold First Impressions:

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    Intro Track: Catch as Catch Can by Mr J Medeiros
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  • Runtime : 5:5
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  • Tagalog Electronics
    Tagalog Electronics   11 hours ago

    that is neodymium magnet still an old technology usually used in mechanical hard drive of pc

  • Fian Hadi
    Fian Hadi   4 days ago

    Jiwa misqueen ku meronta ronta... 😥

  • Teo El pro97
    Teo El pro97   6 days ago

    My phone can also fold, the difference is that it can do it only one time

  • BlockArchitech
    BlockArchitech   1 weeks ago

    Lost a screw? No worries! Just run over your carpet with a galaxy fold :D

  • Natakyu
    Natakyu   1 weeks ago

    Is magnet save for body?

  • The Koala
    The Koala   1 weeks ago

    So...its more expensive than the iPhone 11 pro?

  • Ibrahim Tünay
    Ibrahim Tünay   1 weeks ago

    If this would be an Apple device, with literally the same characteristics and a similar price, most of the time you would complain about the price, but when it comes to a Samsung device you act different. This is kind of embarrassing, when there are people, who are watching your videos and expecting some objective input. Peace out and please do not delete my comment!

  • Mae Den
    Mae Den   1 weeks ago

    MOTOROLA Razr is much better when it comes to Flipping? there is no GAP in the middle when you flip the phone.

  • Arnaud Grasset
    Arnaud Grasset   1 weeks ago

    So if you have that phone in your pocket and your keys, they will be attached to it everytime ?... 2000$ for that ? Fuck no.Pretty ugly phone btw

  • WW SM
    WW SM   2 weeks ago

    خاک برسرت بااین گوشی ابروی سامسونگ رابردی

  • Asmahan Abdulreda
    Asmahan Abdulreda   2 weeks ago

    Now I hate my new phoneI am feeling a bit that my phone is a Nokia but it's huawei y7 prime 2018

  • Tuan d6030
    Tuan d6030   2 weeks ago

    Giới thiệu ss fold mà đeo Apple Watch nhì chẳng giống ai cả, Kaka

  • Victor Córdoba
    Victor Córdoba   2 weeks ago

    alguien me explica el que es el coso del minuto 1 18

  • Amin Mia
    Amin Mia   2 weeks ago

    I love this galaxy phone

  • XoValentina
    XoValentina   2 weeks ago

    Am i the only one that just thinks this phone is ugly asf...🥴😂🥵

  • sandy kulung
    sandy kulung   2 weeks ago

    Bro u are so handsome i love you damn sexy face. Wish i could?

  • Apple Juice
    Apple Juice   2 weeks ago

    Youtube knows our aukat. Shows m30s ad before Galaxy fold