Which engine self-destructs first? Lucas or STP?

  • Published on: 20 November 2017
  • How Long will a Lucas and STP Treated Gas Engine Run Without Oil? Let's find out!
    Test with 10W-30: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8ZKMCfAue4
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  • Runtime : 14:43
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  • Andrew Nico
    Andrew Nico   9 hours ago

    What type of infrared thermometer do you use?

  • Harold Larcome
    Harold Larcome   1 days ago

    Try this same test with Duralube and Lubricator 2000.

  • James M
    James M   2 days ago

    Moral to the story... don't use oil!

  • keithsa41
    keithsa41   2 days ago


  • Brandon Clary
    Brandon Clary   3 days ago

    You should test hot shot secret stiction eliminator and see if it actually does what its supposed to do

  • Sean Anon
    Sean Anon   3 days ago

    Without even watching this, I can tell you LUCAS is the way to go. I was an OTR truck driver for 15 years, one of the best lessons I learned during that time, is Lucas is a MUST have for ANY motor, or transmission. Hell, I even run a little Lucas in my little push mower with a 5hp Briggs and Stratton. If it has an internal combustion motor, and a hole to put oil in, I ALWAYS make sure there is some Lucas down in that hole. I have a sneaky feeling, if I was to drink a quart of Lucas, I could run a 100 mile marathon, and win without even taking a break. But, i'm not brave enough to test out my hypothesis. 😉 (edit - I think the motor used for the Lucas test, was defective from the factory, because after running Lucas in it, it should have run for another 5 years😀)

  • Polkumusic
    Polkumusic   3 days ago

    You should try RVS one day (https://www.rvs.fi/). I've had good luck with it when using it in 500k km diesel engine teasing out some lost performance and fuel economy.

  • ssi1991
    ssi1991   4 days ago

    Shouldn’t there be a third engine running just on oil as the control?

  • elmime1
    elmime1   5 days ago

    Can you please test the Reslone engine treatment?

    IKE CRUISER   6 days ago

    Great comparison! Please consider another hosting the OK CORRAL of simulations. BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer Part: # 38386 retailing $63 vs. Bar’s Leaks Professional Carbon Fiber Blown Head Gasket Repair (HG-1) $39. During 2018-Sept 2019 I used mostly the BlueDevil Head Gasket Sealer to revive and stabilize my GM LQ1 V6 (DOHC) engine. My engine suffered a couple of undefined ignition issues during the past 2 years also. The 1st week I owned it in 2014 I severely overheated it. Both of these products provided outstanding immediate short to intermediate lasting results.If I were to bet this BlueDevil sealer if properly applied to an engine that can be saved will provide at least a few thousand miles to permanent repair. The Bar's HG1 should provide similar, but may not save as many engines permanently.If the automotive community can have reliable effective Head Gasket repair treatments; it would save a lot of consumers a lot of money and some severe headaches!

  • Just Me
    Just Me   6 days ago

    Crisco Shortening VS Lard!

  • Wes Prang
    Wes Prang   6 days ago

    My dad believed that engines don't need oil - only gas.To no one's surprise but his, he went through cars like I go through socks.

  • Caleb Floyd
    Caleb Floyd   6 days ago

    Honestly forgot why I started watching this at first then he goes and pulls out the engines and was just like oh feck it's goin down

  • Jonathan Bourassa
    Jonathan Bourassa   1 weeks ago

    What about testing some tuf-oil additive. That produc had won a guiness record prize apparantly, for being the best anti-friction additive since 1998. I guess it deserve a test

  • Charles Tredway
    Charles Tredway   1 weeks ago

    Great video! Too bad you didn’t get enough donations to compare more oils all by themselves, no additives.

  • Bobby Walters
    Bobby Walters   1 weeks ago

    Lucas Oil Stop leak vs Lucas Oil Stabilzer (for leaks) Hard to test for leaks I suppose. LUCAS has been my go to helper for years/decades.

  • Bob Bowie
    Bob Bowie   1 weeks ago

    Introduce the additives to the engine- then send samples away for analysis. It's the only way you'll know if additives are worthwhile.

  • gains 3199
    gains 3199   1 weeks ago

    How about Hot Shot Secret Friction Modifier and Motor Kote Oil additive showdown.😉

  • mad max
    mad max   1 weeks ago

    It's time to include the Justice Brothers Brand lubricants, oils , and additives on your future vids! Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Oli B
    Oli B   1 weeks ago

    Please test lucas 100% pure synthetic oil stabilizer

  • De-bodgery
    De-bodgery   1 weeks ago

    Lucas wins again...A showdown would be awesome!

  • Kajo Harudo
    Kajo Harudo   1 weeks ago

    Soooo... I actually sell Lucas at my job, and this could be a HUGE selling point. Aside from the viscosity preventing dry starts, it can make an engine with NO oil run for 21 minutes. I have no words. I can mention this video and channel name and sell the hell outta that stuff, and advertise for my new favorite YouTube channel. Win-win.

  • Ted Dwiers
    Ted Dwiers   1 weeks ago

    how about the best way to clean oil, gear oil, ect... from concrete.be it chemical or microbial .

  • Ron Thompson
    Ron Thompson   1 weeks ago

    I hope you can rebuild this nice engine, nifty test amazing .

  • womanator
    womanator   1 weeks ago

    I would like to see Motor Cote engine additive

  • Marcin R
    Marcin R   1 weeks ago

    15k of comments and how on earth is possible to read them all ??? :) ...and What this video proves ..is ok to run an engine without oil for 15min or more :)

  • Herb Wag
    Herb Wag   2 weeks ago

    Man, those Predators are a LOT of engine for $100! IMO they both won.

  • stepfour
    stepfour   2 weeks ago

    Archoil... any opinions? Been using it because I'm told it's great... but that's all I got.

  • G F
    G F   2 weeks ago

    I would prefer if you ran the engines with oil and additives for say 500 hundred hours, then strip them and compare. That would make more sense for a proper evaluation of the additives. Also have a control engine with just oil. I think you would find that the additives really don't make a difference, all engines would wear similarly. Additives are a waste of money.

  • Kashif Khan
    Kashif Khan   2 weeks ago

    They r not on a self destruction spree