Which engine self-destructs first? Lucas or STP?

  • Published on: 20 November 2017
  • How Long will a Lucas and STP Treated Gas Engine Run Without Oil? Let's find out!
    Test with 10W-30: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8ZKMCfAue4
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  • Runtime : 14:43
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  • Kathryn Newman
    Kathryn Newman   16 hours ago

    Where can I get a carb off one those Preditor 6&half HP motors?

  • theguitarczar
    theguitarczar   2 days ago

    It looked to me like the Lucas lasted longer when ran dry and had less wear in the wet bearing test. that holds to my anecdotal evidence: I've used both on many engines that should have already seized up, and the Lucas always out performs STP. It may be difficult to do, but there is a really good additive (CTC...stands for, carb, transmission, crank case) that is a life saver for the unlucky person that has to get more miles out of a dead motor or slipping automatic tranny -as well as unclogging gunked up carburetors when added to a minimal amount of fuel. The trick with CTC is that it has a very thin consistency and must be mixed with the proper amount of oil/trans fluid to fill the pan. good channel, dude

  • godblessuall
    godblessuall   2 days ago

    Not really testing the oil is .as its not running on any .if u did the test at high speed with the oil .see which one lasts longer at high revs ..waist of two engines with no oil .so not really a test is it .hmmmm

  • Cody Johnson
    Cody Johnson   2 days ago

    Test gas treatments to see if the actually work

  • Zaheer Kader
    Zaheer Kader   2 days ago

    This is just an amazing channel.love your work

  • Steve J
    Steve J   3 days ago

    I want to know what the tape on crankshaft was for. To let us know it was actually spinning?

  • Most Temp
    Most Temp   3 days ago

    Try seeing if an Engine will Run on "Whale oil"

  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts   3 days ago

    Try Duralube I've always used it and put my 92 Mustang G.T. convertible put it threw Hell & back both my 95 Ford Lightning has held up Very well neither use or leak a drop of oil... I would like to think that had something to do with it?? Or could be I always change the oil most times around 5k to 7.5k miles. Then again Fords a built tuff Lol

  • Stanley Banks
    Stanley Banks   5 days ago

    I really like this guy He's the Ave of oil. No sponsors no shilling just facts and straight information.

  • Steven Raines
    Steven Raines   5 days ago

    Watched what you did with the old ranger, I did the same with my escape and that oil looks just as good as it did a month later. Lucus oil wins hands down.

  • Charles N
    Charles N   5 days ago

    I would be interested in a test of "Greased Lightening" " Instant engine treatment with PTFE ..years ago I used it on 92 Silverado at oil change and found favorable results almost instantly. I didn't add much of it. But the motor was stronger noticeably. Appreciate your feedback and videos ! Keep up the good work.

  • L P
    L P   6 days ago

    After watching these engine massacre ๐Ÿ˜– videos Lucas vs STP and the previous Lucas vs ZMax, all I can say is those Harbor Freight Predator engines are pretty good ๐Ÿ‘. Just keep oil in them... ๐Ÿ›ข

  • Harry Manson
    Harry Manson   6 days ago

    So what was the failure time for both engines??? I saw 21 min. for Lucas, but did not see a failure time for STP. I watched again. The camera kept switching back and forth. I think the STP engine was 12 minutes. Not sure????

  • MrJoel8959
    MrJoel8959   1 weeks ago

    Please test Hot Shotโ€™s Secret. I know itโ€™s diesel additives but I just gotta know if itโ€™s all it claims to be or snake oil???

  • Michael Barber
    Michael Barber   1 weeks ago

    Not a lot of difference. Going to vote snake oil. Marvel Mystery Oil! ๐Ÿ‘

  • anand kishor
    anand kishor   1 weeks ago

    Can you please review POLYTRON MTC......

  • Jdogg baybe
    Jdogg baybe   1 weeks ago

    Wanna see lube guard vs blue devil ๐Ÿค”be very interestingI think Lucas is best don't void your warranty like STP does even Cadillac it doesn't void warranty so good stuff anyway about it also seafoam is good stuff...hmmCan't wait hope you make a video vs the top competition

  • Richard Lucas
    Richard Lucas   1 weeks ago

    My fiance and I wonder whether this guy is former USAF mechanic and on the spectrum. All signs point to former military mechanic. His affect and thoroughness point to Aspergers. Of course, that could all be wrong. We're going to watch anyway, even if he's just a normie.

  • Geezle Puss
    Geezle Puss   1 weeks ago

    I didn't understand the results except that the Lucas engine ran longer than the STP when you ran both dry. Yet I don't think either product is designed for running it dry. Did you ever tell us which engine ran cooler when running filled with oil (mixed per directions)?

  • Iain Walker
    Iain Walker   1 weeks ago

    I took a new looking mower out of a local skip. Took it home added fresh fuel and it ran poorly and not for long. Took off the oil filler cap and immediately could smell the problem, someone had added fuel into the oil... Bad idea. After swapping it out with fresh oil it ran perfect and i am still using the same mower nearly 5 years later.

  • Handsome White Devil
    Handsome White Devil   2 weeks ago

    You know what I find amazing... A 4 stroke, internal combustion engine for around $100 but a simple collapsible stock or charging handle for a rifle is as much or more.

  • bo0tsy1
    bo0tsy1   2 weeks ago

    To catch a Predator: Project Farm Edition

  • Certaindeaf
    Certaindeaf   2 weeks ago

    Test out a couple a turkey fryers with no oil.

  • robin rochan
    robin rochan   2 weeks ago

    Thank you very much sir. You accept to destroying 2 engine only for learning youtubers? Thank you very much for the video

  • FartManly
    FartManly   2 weeks ago

    it's REALLY a letdown when you end the video by asking us who we thought won. the whole point of coming here is we want to know what YOU think!

  • kneelz s
    kneelz s   2 weeks ago

    Throw all the pieces into a tupperware bin, poor in 4 oz of Seafoam, wait 9 minutes. Place back on the mowing deck and mow the yard.

  • corny akino
    corny akino   3 weeks ago

    I dont know the purpose of this but letss goooo

  • ripfletching
    ripfletching   3 weeks ago

    Very important to test boric acid in oil !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Great video

  • FreeWiFi Near
    FreeWiFi Near   3 weeks ago

    What editing software or app you use for your vids?

  • Scott Rice
    Scott Rice   3 weeks ago

    I remember some ad's for some old products one was slick 50 the other was duralube have you ever tried either one of these.