I vlogged the Honeymoon..

  • Published on: 05 September 2019
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  • Runtime : 26:19


  • PewDiePie
    PewDiePie   9 months ago

    thanks to wifey for editing this so epicly

  • tsuki-tenshi
    tsuki-tenshi   1 hours ago

    I revisit this to realize how fucking amazing he is as a person, he isn’t faking a persona on vacation he’s a gamer at heart 🥺 ik off camera it’s just him and marzia being newly weds but it’s fantastic to see the genuineness from them both combine

  • Suck it Bruh
    Suck it Bruh   1 hours ago

    Marzia: films from different and cool positions.Felix :haha nose

  • Agata T
    Agata T   2 hours ago

    Like for Marzia's editing skills and the lady battling the monkey for glasses

  • johan k
    johan k   3 hours ago

    3:14 everyone gangsta till he gets elecrocuted

  • Salsa Wolf
    Salsa Wolf   4 hours ago

    That poor woman who lost her glasses tho

  • 454 youss
    454 youss   5 hours ago

    whay isnt she showing her face

  • zubzero95
    zubzero95   10 hours ago

    never thought marzia was epic editor

  • Ieatcoffeepowder
    Ieatcoffeepowder   11 hours ago

    My cousin actually work at the 4season hotel, he managed to get a picture with Felix and Marzia, i envy him.

  • PopXol
    PopXol   13 hours ago

    Doesn't he sound like a Minecraft drowned 10:30

  • Motion Candle
    Motion Candle   16 hours ago

    Why is a honey mood so interesting to watch?

  • TheWaffleLord
    TheWaffleLord   18 hours ago

    There is nothing more cute than this video!

  • Yinuo Wang
    Yinuo Wang   19 hours ago

    Pewds: Hey mrbeast! Bet you never filled a pool with roses!mrbeast: laughs in filling entire house with roses for valentine's day

  • Rosie
    Rosie   21 hours ago


  • LuXe 94
    LuXe 94   21 hours ago

    Let’s pop the cherry -Felix doesn’t realize what that means

  • austin miller
    austin miller   22 hours ago

    At 3:38 he really be lookin like a default skin😂

  • The Dead Night King
    The Dead Night King   23 hours ago

    1:55 It’s a Cocomelon 😉Get it. Because it’s a coconut and a melon, with the whole Cocomelon channel rivalry going on. No? 😕Insert Sad Face☹️

  • John Follrath
    John Follrath   23 hours ago

    The title should be Marzia blogged the honeymoon

  • yet kg
    yet kg   1 days ago

    Marzia: Shows the beautiful sceneryFelix: look turtle statue fak

  • Tabaazco
    Tabaazco   1 days ago

    Imagine pewdiepie taking camara man for the honey moon

  • Mia Di Loreto
    Mia Di Loreto   1 days ago

    and that poor monkey doesn't even know that epic youtube, said hi