• Published on: 14 June 2018
  • TARGET is now SELLING new A BUNCH OF NEW brands and I'm putting them to the test!
    xo's ~ Tati
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    ✔ P R O D U C T S M E N T I O N E D
    Hayley's Re-Set Liquid Matte Foundation $19.99
    Violet Voss Liquid Lipstick // Jelly $11.99
    Profusion Eye & Cheek Palette $9.99
    Reina Rebelde 4 Play Wet Dry Eye Color // Salvaje $18.00
    Reina Rebelde 4 Play Wet Dry Eye Color // Azteca $18.00
    Reina Rebelde On Your Face Contour + Color Trio // Coqueta $18.00
    Reina Rebelde Rebel Eye Definer // Darkest Black $13.99
    Reina Rebelde Rebel Eye Paint // La Dona $13.99

    Reina Rebelde Lip Color Stick // Purple Black $14.00
    Soap & Glory Pillow Plump // Coy Toy $11.00
    ​Sonia Kashuk Fan Highlighting Brush ​$18.00

    ✔ M A K E U P W O R N
    Gurlein Gold Base
    Tarte Poreless Primer
    Hayley's Re-Set Liquid Matte Foundation $19.99
    Estee Lauder Double Wear Concealer // Light Medium Cool
    Winky Lux Diamond Powder
    Coty Airspun // Naturally Neutral
    Reina Rebelde On Your Face Contour + Color Trio // Coqueta $18.00
    Profusion Eye & Cheek Palette $9.99
    Urban Decay All Nighter

    Urban Decay Anti Age Primer Potion
    Profusion Eye & Cheek Palette
    Reina Rebelde 4 Play Wet Dry Eye Color // Salvaje
    Reina Rebelde 4 Play Wet Dry Eye Color // Azteca
    Reina Rebelde Rebel Eye Definer // Darkest Black
    L'Oreal Lash Paradise

    Sephora Brow Pencil // Charcoal Brown
    Reina Rebelde Rebel Eye Paint // La Dona

    Maybelline Colorsensational Lip Pencil // Purely Nude
    Reina Rebelde Lip Color Stick // Purple Black
    Violet Voss Liquid Lipstick // Jelly
    Soap & Glory Pillow Plump // Coy Toy $11.00

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  • Rebecca Glaze
    Rebecca Glaze   1 weeks ago

    I just started watching you the past 3 months. I've learned do much. I need to cover be wrinkles, by my mouth and forhead. I'm not pretty. But It stressed me out I can get a full coverage that's smooth and I have large pores I sell younique but it's stressing me out too I'm poor so it's hard to buy stuff to make myself feel a little better ty for what you do

  • Jenna Thalman
    Jenna Thalman   1 months ago

    I'm sorry.. Well not really.. But you are a "hard pass" .. I can not support anyone that's over the winged liner.. Among a ton of other reasons.. I can not stand.. Toodles..

  • Kevin Medina
    Kevin Medina   3 months ago

    Here's another example of how Tati always has her mouth open on all the thumbnails to her videos why seriously why do you always have your mouth open like you are throwing a fart

  • Marisol Gonzales
    Marisol Gonzales   3 months ago

    The X-rated fan mascara from Smashbox is the best. Safe trip. God bless you.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💋💋💋

  • Marisol Gonzales
    Marisol Gonzales   3 months ago

    Try the vegan kat Van D palette. It is awesome. You can apply it with your fingers. I also love the TwoFace palettes

  • blnd42069 x
    blnd42069 x   4 months ago

    I never got into wing eyeliner to begin with lol

  • Me Not you
    Me Not you   4 months ago

    I live in Everett, I love 13 coins. My best friend worked there for awhile.

  • Chrissy _2019_
    Chrissy _2019_   5 months ago

    I really don't like the highlighter it makes your look, look really white and snowy (not good)

  • S A Q
    S A Q   5 months ago

    How do makeup prices in target compare with other stores in usa? Thanks.

  • LM Castillo
    LM Castillo   6 months ago

    Reina Rebelde xD I love you Tati but you need to work on that spanish haha! XD

  • Jennifer Cunningham
    Jennifer Cunningham   6 months ago

    Wing liner, every single day... My eyes appear to down turn on the edges so a winged eyeliner is a necessity, period. I'm decluttering while watching, forcing myself to get rid of at least 2 eye palettes, 5 lip sticks, etc... Realizing I'm about to make a Target run and will buy more makeup because I can't shop there without buying makeup, sigh...

  • AnMaPa
    AnMaPa   8 months ago

    I like the packaging of the foundation

  • Kiki G
    Kiki G   9 months ago

    @4:45 Tati Is That The Dermacol!? If So Does It Work😭

  • Jasmin Ivonne
    Jasmin Ivonne   9 months ago

    Omgsh im so glad u tested those foundations!!! I saw them 2 days ago and i was like ooooo this seems nice but since I havent seen tati review it, ill purchase it next time if its worth it lollll love you & thank you ❤️

  • Trish N
    Trish N   9 months ago

    I love this necklace!!

  • Sinda Xchaefer
    Sinda Xchaefer   9 months ago

    when I'm poor, i go to Target and fill a cart with everything I want, then leave it there

  • Sam Olivarez
    Sam Olivarez   9 months ago

    Winged eyeliner the house. I love an Amy moment.

  • Barbara Duncan
    Barbara Duncan   11 months ago

    Love you sunglasses. I have macular degeneration and I was just told I need brown lenses. Can you tell me where you got them and the brand? Love your videos!

  • Rosa Bazan
    Rosa Bazan   1 years ago

    Would you recommend Haley's or L'Oréal infalible 24hr fresh wear?

  • Laura Lofy
    Laura Lofy   1 years ago

    What did you put on your eyes as a base/corrector? Dermacole? What product?

  • lily munroe
    lily munroe   1 years ago

    why was that foundation match like pERFECT??!?!?!?!

  • Ruth Cross
    Ruth Cross   1 years ago

    Thank you I always had a issue with my bronzer and contour and I watched you and I seen I was doing it all wrong now I do it your way it looks so nice

  • Brandi Buckner
    Brandi Buckner   1 years ago

    I wish I could find a foundation that made my skin look so flawless

  • Sophie W
    Sophie W   1 years ago

    Fairly dramatic winged liner everyday all day. No joke.

  • Merlanja Garcia
    Merlanja Garcia   1 years ago

    Haley’s Beauty has tons of other products, any way you can do a full face with their stuff?

  • Roger Garcia
    Roger Garcia   1 years ago

    I recently got this foundation and it is amazing thank you so much for this review

  • Sara Garrido
    Sara Garrido   1 years ago

    Always delighted to see these “let’s try this bunch of new makeup” videos!! Super cool

  • Subbox Junkie
    Subbox Junkie   1 years ago

    If Tati says something is not good I will not even purchase it. Ill just skip it if I see it at the store. I purchase products when Tati says its worth buying it. Her and Juicyjas say the Profusion is a great brand for so cheap of a price and boy are they right !! I love Profusion !! The Violet Voss liquid lipstick was a fail for Tati and I hate it as well. I received one in a box andit was a horrible formula adide from the fact that I did not like the color. The lipstick crumbled and flaked right of without any eating or drinking.

  • Karri Relaxedia
    Karri Relaxedia   1 years ago

    It mentioned wet for the colored shadows...wonder if they were meant to be spritzed?