Indianapolis Colts vs. Buffalo Bills Week 14, 2017 FULL Game

  • Published on: 02 April 2020
  • The Colts and Bills battle in a blizzard!

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  • Runtime : 2:22:3
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  • Quan Thomas
    Quan Thomas   1 weeks ago

    Games in these conditions are pointless if you can't see the field markers.

  • Dave D
    Dave D   2 weeks ago

    Lesean McCoy started in possibly the 2 snowiest games in recent nfl history. This one and the 2013 Eagles vs Lions in Philadelphia

  • Dalton G
    Dalton G   4 weeks ago

    I remember watching this game on WIVB-TV, Buffalo's CBS affiliate, and could barley see anyting because of the lake effect snow blowing around

  • promeitheus
    promeitheus   1 months ago

    Reminds me of that game Chris Johnson ran for 200

  • Boris Panov
    Boris Panov   1 months ago

    This is just a regular game in the CFL

  • C R
    C R   1 months ago

    Love this game ... Go Bills!!!

  • Amber Abalama
    Amber Abalama   1 months ago

    If im on the sideline, workout bike, coat, heater, hot toddy, extra whiskey.Edit: Not necessarily in that order.

  • Alessandro Machi
    Alessandro Machi   1 months ago

    Buffalo denied their fair chance to win their Wildcard Playoff game against Houston.

  • Timothy K
    Timothy K   1 months ago

    I live in Houston and I don’t see snow so this game is such a treat! 😎🇺🇸

  • Elliot IGWT
    Elliot IGWT   1 months ago

    WOW I rly wanna see that game! THX NFL!

  • Brian JOnker
    Brian JOnker   1 months ago

    Get someone to help push McCoy when he is stacked up

  • Dark Moon
    Dark Moon   1 months ago

    I love McCoy in this game ⚪🔵🔴🐃🔴🔵⚪🤘

  • PHX Master
    PHX Master   1 months ago

    who is here for the snow and Peterman?

  • GamerMode Twenty-Three
    GamerMode Twenty-Three   1 months ago

    You gotta love watching football and playing football in the snow awesome and you gotta love it 🏈❄️🌨🐐😂😎😱😀❤️

  • Cal Rogers
    Cal Rogers   1 months ago

    I was here it was torture u could not see the field at all!

  • Cameron Demler
    Cameron Demler   1 months ago

    Despite the age and all these great young running backs, Gore and McCoy were still doing their thing. RESPECT!

  • RedX165
    RedX165   1 months ago

    This is true football. Playing outside in the elements.

  • Josh Martin
    Josh Martin   1 months ago

    That game was so much fun as a Bills fan

  • James Buckley
    James Buckley   1 months ago

    I post amazing football edits check me out !!!

  • DanceGuy99
    DanceGuy99   1 months ago

    I was at this game! Best NFL game I've ever seen! GO BILLS!

  • rjsweda
    rjsweda   1 months ago

    love bad weather games, as long as i'm watching from home. thanks for this game :)

  • Michael Archer
    Michael Archer   1 months ago

    Thank you for putting this instant classic up in full, NFL!!

  • Thomas Byrnes
    Thomas Byrnes   1 months ago

    I was at this game. We could barely see the field in the first half. It was so wild. The tailgate was a nice sunny day and about an hour before kickoff, blizzard. Insane

  • Daniel Hughson
    Daniel Hughson   1 months ago

    This is the average amount of snow in WNY because of lake-effect off of Lake Erie. I remember being holed up in my house that Sunday and watching this game live. Shady was great in the snow!

  • Chris Moore
    Chris Moore   1 months ago

    I hope the Bills never get an inside stadium. This is why they're one of my favorite teams.