20-Year-Old Shows How She Was Saved by Tom Holland

  • Published on: 25 June 2019
  • Turns out, "Spider-Man" actor Tom Holland can rescue people in real life. Cassidy Ariel found herself in a throng of fans outside the Ed Sullivan Theater in Manhattan, where Stephen Colbert tapes his show. When Holland appeared, Ariel found herself crushed against a barricade by fans. That’s when Holland gave Cassidy a hand and made sure she was safe. Holland didn't dish on the drama during his appearance on Colbert's show, but this fan says she will never forget Spider-Man coming to her rescue.
  • Runtime : 1:39
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  • Reyo
    Reyo   5 days ago

    WOW, showing the wrong spider-man movie scenes

  • DestructionYT
    DestructionYT   1 weeks ago

    Video: tom Holland saves girlInside edition: shows video of Toby Maguire spider man 🤦‍♂️

  • Alfreeod
    Alfreeod   1 weeks ago

    She literally acts like she was gonna die smh 🤦‍♂️

  • J
    J   1 weeks ago

    Everybody gets one...tell her Peter.

  • Logic Peanut
    Logic Peanut   1 weeks ago

    I was literally about to have a panic attack

  • nexromancer
    nexromancer   2 weeks ago

    “Were you terrified”“Very”ctfu

  • Wahthebeast
    Wahthebeast   3 weeks ago

    i read the title as "20-year-old save tom holland".

  • JustCallMeBo
    JustCallMeBo   3 weeks ago

    A grown man pushed me as they were opening a barricade and I fell, hurt my ankle, had a girl land on top of me, then the man fell on top of her outside NBC for Niall Horan. But like a genius, I wasn't recording the whole thing and was actually trying to get out of the situation, only to end up w a sprained ankle. That man insisted he was with his daughter so security tried to reunite them... and he was alone! I was on the floor, hit my head a bit on the sidewalk and was so confused. I wish I had SpiderMan come to save my ass haha. A very close second was Carl, the secuity guard. He became my security guard for the next few hours haha such a sweet guy - Niall probably didn't even know it happened. Where's my interview, Inside Edition? 😂

  • HeadshotCraft
    HeadshotCraft   3 weeks ago

    This is how it went:girl: ow im pushedtom: nogirl: o im not pushedall: yay

  • Vedant Naik
    Vedant Naik   4 weeks ago

    I always pegged Tom Holland as the best casting for Spiderman yet. Proved it just now yet again.

  • Mr. Música
    Mr. Música   4 weeks ago

    1:14 That's cool and all, but if this was Terry Bogard, he would be asking that question to the guys that were crushing her before sending them flying 4 miles away.

  • shorlock115
    shorlock115   1 months ago

    Me intensly typing something on flip phone

  • ICE0124
    ICE0124   1 months ago

    girl: bumped onto barricadeHow she explains it: i was pushed onto the barricade by tall 6 ft men wanting autographs they didn't care about me until spider man said "u ok?"

  • Franz Lübeck
    Franz Lübeck   1 months ago

    someone hasnt been in a moshpit in theire live

  • Shitten
    Shitten   1 months ago

    She is overreacting. Like shut up.

  • T D
    T D   1 months ago

    I still love how ridiculously over exaggerated this is

  • Amulet Gacha Love
    Amulet Gacha Love   1 months ago

    This is pretty much anybody's dream of they're a fan of Tom Holland.

  • Herson Hernandez
    Herson Hernandez   1 months ago

    This girl got bumped into and acted like she was bout to die

  • Moonlight Maniac
    Moonlight Maniac   1 months ago

    She could of gotten pushed to the lint where she couldn’t breathe so this is not a funny thing

  • atom
    atom   1 months ago

    He crushed her in the bedroom tho.

  • Kate Carlisle
    Kate Carlisle   1 months ago

    he's actually a hero bro, this is why i love tom holland. he's genuinely such a humble and kind guy.