Game Theory: What ARE Minecraft Creepers?!?

  • Published on: 15 June 2014
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    Minecraft is STILL one of the hottest games out there, and yet the Creeper, the game's mascot, is still a walking mystery. What is this Minecraft menace? Why does the Creeper explode? And why do Creepers always explode around ME? Well, Minecraft Steve, prepare yourself because it's time we figure out the truth of this walking green time bomb!

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  • Runtime : 12:26
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  • marcmerica
    marcmerica   1 days ago

    Let’s hope notch or jeb does NOT see this

  • Atlas Gaming
    Atlas Gaming   5 days ago

    What about them getting ignited when you use flint and steel on them? Also would the spore explosion be able to damage objects around it? ALSO why would Creepers only spawn at night? Dont plants need light? ALSO also if they were plants then how would they move? They would not be able to have an internal skeleton because that would make them an animal. They also would not have a brain or organs or muscles which would also negate the ability to move and the no brain would not even give them the ability to think or the ability to explode on demand. Many Many holes that need patching MatPat

  • Hawaii Apickanew
    Hawaii Apickanew   6 days ago


  • Freddy Morales
    Freddy Morales   1 weeks ago

    But can peat explode multiple time and a creeper only once ?????

  • ムズテロ不安タイ

    this was made 5 years ago and i thought it was made 1 year ago lol.were you guys tricked?

  • Soviet Potato
    Soviet Potato   1 weeks ago

    7:23 do you mean 3 feet?because if a creeper is 3 meters that means Steve is about 4 meters,or 12 feet tall,which makes no sense.

  • Dragon Spice Mayonase

    i thought creepers were a coding error from pigs how is it so deep into lore this doesnt make sence

  • Lifeisawaffle
    Lifeisawaffle   1 weeks ago

    if anyone needs more information about human combustion buzzfeed unsolved made a video about how a woman was set aflame and most likely was the victim of human combustion

  • Kalin The 56
    Kalin The 56   1 weeks ago

    Oh now I get it creepers r bad they had to go away

  • mr. j.cho
    mr. j.cho   1 weeks ago

    Patt you sound like the odd1sout

    WILLIAM GALAN   1 weeks ago

    Another reason why you shouldn’t be an alcoholic

  • TinyTanker44 YT
    TinyTanker44 YT   1 weeks ago

    Me: Sees anime that isn’t BEYBLADEAlso me: Is this John Wick? Yes I have a contract for 22M... Alright... I’ll get your weapons ready...

  • Dragon Slayer 359
    Dragon Slayer 359   1 weeks ago

    There's actually a Minecraft mod that fits this theory perfectly and I'm wondering if it was inspired by this. The mod makes it so that creepers grow out of plants.

  • William Woods
    William Woods   1 weeks ago


  • Kuba Piksa
    Kuba Piksa   1 weeks ago

    But creepers are ~ 1,75 meters tall

  • Neko
    Neko   1 weeks ago

    As someone who's loved biology for years and was studying it in college, when I really thought about it (when I got into minecraft) I was like.. But it looks like g r a s s .