Ahh Hit, here we go again! - Getting fricked super hard [For Honor]

  • Published on: 30 January 2020
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  • Runtime : 16:57
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  • OnkelGönnung
    OnkelGönnung   3 months ago

    Team "mates" are the biggest enemies in this game, real talk.

  • Winter D03
    Winter D03   3 months ago

    hitokiri warden and tiandi are characters that require no skill in the game change my mind

  • Levi Dragon
    Levi Dragon   3 months ago

    Uhmm that perk 4 firework 3:10 or 1:50 what does it actually do???

  • Raymond Shoemaker
    Raymond Shoemaker   3 months ago

    I play JJ in a similar manner. Notice that a lot of JJs are just too aggressive for their own good. Even a buddy of mine who's maining JJ always seems to be dying with him. They just refuse to play the long game that JJ is so good at.

  • MrF0kt
    MrF0kt   4 months ago

    If you seen the way i get fricked! :D

  • Michael Sanders
    Michael Sanders   4 months ago

    3:30 The only true way to kill Faraam! This was like a mini boss battle for them lol

  • telikos oplo
    telikos oplo   4 months ago

    Been thinking about getting back in this game. I haven't played since the week of release. Am I too late to enjoy it?

  • Angel Gonzales
    Angel Gonzales   4 months ago

    I don’t know how you still play this game. I used to watch your vids close to 2 years ago now lol.

  • Jason Dupont
    Jason Dupont   4 months ago

    3:36 Not taunting over his body, that's respect.

  • OGT TV
    OGT TV   4 months ago

    Sheesh people still play this game?

  • Undead Skill
    Undead Skill   4 months ago

    Rip revenge. It was a broken game in the beginning. Now it’s just a garbage, stupid, broken game.

  • OJC
    OJC   4 months ago

    Faraam I ran into you a few times and it's such a pleasure playing with you, someone who knows how group fights work and all the synergies (like zerk gb for example). keep it up bro :)

  • McKinley Gilliam
    McKinley Gilliam   4 months ago

    Idk why but I get upset at you when I see you could’ve done more for your teammates instead of backing off and letting them die

  • Omg its Chief
    Omg its Chief   4 months ago

    Those beginning people won like pussy cats instead of fighting like a tiger.

  • Nessa.rules
    Nessa.rules   4 months ago

    On the first chip I was yelling at the screen like u got this u got this!! Runnnnnnn ahhhh!! Love the videos xD

  • Joseph The wildcard
    Joseph The wildcard   4 months ago

    That first fight when they all left to get health really told me how sweaty this guys are like come on it’s 4 vs 1 guy and 3 of you are gonna run like cowards to get health while this guy didn’t have any to begin with 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Tristan Wann
    Tristan Wann   4 months ago

    Damn! im always late! LOving your content as always

  • ManyTalents
    ManyTalents   4 months ago

    "No one shall stop me!"8:37 stopped

  • nope nope
    nope nope   4 months ago

    Thought someone was laggy and you were making Dragon Ball Super reference

  • Ragnarök
    Ragnarök   4 months ago

    9:38 did that lawbringer actually start reviving while you where in the middle of attacking him...?

  • TheManiak28
    TheManiak28   4 months ago

    Team: Faraam where are you we need your help!Faraam: Hold up i need to stand still for my outro

  • WhoelsebutAndrew
    WhoelsebutAndrew   4 months ago

    After they did my girl nobushi dirty i think ima really pick up jj

  • Yorm
    Yorm   4 months ago

    I just start playing JJ but i dont know how to do the low kick anyoi know how im on Xbox

  • Elrik Wilder
    Elrik Wilder   4 months ago

    Just give the enemy coronavirus, then you really win

  • Billy ck
    Billy ck   4 months ago

    Can you use sifu stance at the end of all his combos to negate his recovery?

  • Bricriu5150
    Bricriu5150   4 months ago

    Both you and that Tiandi got fubbernucked by the PK and Valk constantly guardbreaking in a gank for that second clip.

  • Gustavo Sasmay
    Gustavo Sasmay   4 months ago

    i love your videos, but i hate JJ hahaha... any way, take your like and keep the good work dude, congrats!!!