[ASMR] fall asleep in 25 minutes

  • Published on: 12 October 2019
  • please go to sleep right now or i'm telling mum thanks bye.

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  • Runtime : 27:35
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  • argyrisch
    argyrisch   5 months ago

    0:00 - 1:50 intro1:50 - 4:30 hand motions and mouth sounds4:30 - 9:05 fish pillow thingy9:05 - 10:45 whispering10:45 - 14:40 case15:15 - 19:05 sponge19:30 - 23:50 sparkly bag 23:50 - 26:05 gloves26:05 - 27:35 outro

  • marcos
    marcos   3 months ago

    duvido meu filho

  • Queen Chrysalis
    Queen Chrysalis   3 months ago

    Lol I’m watching this around Lunch time and I still fell asleep 😴

  • AkuCuRious
    AkuCuRious   4 months ago

    Love this channel.....JOJO is amazing!!!!! I love this ASMR!!!🥺🔥🔥Pls support me too friends..https://youtu.be/Igg8XPSdOgU

  • Alex Janae
    Alex Janae   4 months ago

    Since finding Jojo's channel, this is the only video that puts me right to sleep. Other asmr just doesnt seem to cut it anymore. So thanks!🤗💕

  • BoxBoi
    BoxBoi   4 months ago

    2️⃣7️⃣ minutes tho

  • What To write
    What To write   5 months ago

    You can try I have extreme insomnia I sleep about 6 hours every 10 nights

  • ALIENS are around
    ALIENS are around   5 months ago

    Omg I started this video at 8:00 p.m and now its 1:00 a.m I OVER SLEPT!

  • UrBoiMacaroni
    UrBoiMacaroni   5 months ago

    Who else is wondering what Jojo was looking at out of the the corner of his eye?

  • Jack McInnis
    Jack McInnis   5 months ago

    Don’t press read moreI know you want toDon’t do itRead more

  • Jimin's Girl
    Jimin's Girl   5 months ago

    That's really great when you have headaches❤❤

  • NobodyButJake
    NobodyButJake   5 months ago

    Day one of asking JoJo to post on his second channel

  • Max Chamberlain
    Max Chamberlain   5 months ago

    Video: you will fall asleep in 25 minutesMe:falls asleep in 24 minutes and 59 seconds

  • ChemicalGaming
    ChemicalGaming   5 months ago

    I’m pretty sure i fell asleep to this vid the other night in like 5 or 10 minutes

  • Maelysstyle
    Maelysstyle   5 months ago

    27:34 : Ah I'm going to sleep well27:35: Oh shit, here we go again

  • Acerzz
    Acerzz   5 months ago

    so what im a fortnite creator..... thats all i got

    DJ DUCKEY   5 months ago

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  • Matthieu
    Matthieu   5 months ago

    These mouth sounds are awesome

  • OctoBobble
    OctoBobble   5 months ago

    Sometimes I’m holding my phone in one hand while watching your videos and my other hand is just dead, if there’s a bit I wanna skip a few seconds of, I use my nose to double tap the side of the screen...

  • Skarvarna
    Skarvarna   5 months ago

    I love your asmr so much, i enjoy discovering you, my serenity tooThx for it ;)

  • Mohammad Almotah
    Mohammad Almotah   5 months ago

    Wen you put that fish on the mic 🎙 it looked relly RONG!

  • Luana Monteiro
    Luana Monteiro   5 months ago

    anyone is laughing about the faces of the pillow fish or is it just me? LMFAO

  • Alex Janae
    Alex Janae   5 months ago

    For the longest time, I haven't been able to find any sort of noise or music to help with my insomnia. Meds barely work. After watching some videos with my sister that kinda do, I stumbled upon this gem! Been watching it every night for the past 3 or 4 nights. So thank you!🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Noah Cope
    Noah Cope   5 months ago

    Your the greatest at asmr I fall asleep in like 5 seconds

  • Nicholas Rad
    Nicholas Rad   5 months ago

    Random guy: what you do for a livingJoon: kfsbfskbfskskfksnsosnsosneldbx