Thug Life Gohan! (dbz parody)

  • Published on: 28 March 2019
  • Thug Life Gohan! (dbz parody)

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  • Runtime : 3:10
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  • 420Priest
    420Priest   31 minuts ago

    Nigga aint been shit since the cell games lol

  • Alexes Genci
    Alexes Genci   9 hours ago

    Man u got bars that's a good song I rap to I got my mic and computer but I don't do videos and upload stuff

  • Matias Portillo
    Matias Portillo   21 hours ago

    . De tu novio es gay yo digo que es tu nombre en donde dice tu perfil de

  • SRT Turbo
    SRT Turbo   1 days ago

    Goheezy the cheek clapping god

  • Raghad Alaw
    Raghad Alaw   1 days ago

    this was after my brothers birthday lol

  • Mystic Chase
    Mystic Chase   1 days ago

    So gohan uses guns now wow I though hecan fight

  • Raymond norris
    Raymond norris   3 days ago

    This is the man who taught and how used every type of gun known to man and Saiyan

  • Jaimee Miller
    Jaimee Miller   5 days ago

    Frieza you were supposed to dead before they wished you back

  • Rocky Road
    Rocky Road   6 days ago

    I don't watch this real show so does he add certain parts on like the guns and the moving booty

  • Dakkid
    Dakkid   1 weeks ago

    I love your video,in my country Nigeria people watch your video alot

  • Feti Pashaj
    Feti Pashaj   1 weeks ago

    Why frizas face look like sombady shitjes on his face

  • Vile Playz
    Vile Playz   1 weeks ago

    Videl was talking about gohan on the phone thoAnd then she started insulting him 😂

  • Eternal Atake
    Eternal Atake   1 weeks ago

    Can you make that a song Gohan is a thug plz

  • Wedemboyz 0609
    Wedemboyz 0609   1 weeks ago

    Gohan: Get Off the Phone before you get clappedMe: Uh Oh Spaghettios