• Published on: 24 July 2019

    The vote on has concluded that these were your favourite 10 goals of the 2019 Women's World Cup!

  • Runtime : 5:1
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  • BryanSeptian AriPratama

    I am Indonesian, i think if my male national team play against them, Indonesia will lose more from 5 goals😂

  • Ankur Shah
    Ankur Shah   12 hours ago

    I guess after reading all the's CAMEROOOOOOOOOOON

  • Basketball Lover
    Basketball Lover   2 days ago

    I think the second goal deserve to be number one best goal so much efforts puts on to it .the Brazilian goal is just a header

  • GabrielXP play
    GabrielXP play   2 days ago

    hi here in brazil football and mt big brazil is very excited i'm brazilian i live in brazil but you speak english now i will speak portuguese i live in rio de janeiro,Oi sou brasileiro amo o brazil o futebol no brasil e muito grande sou carioca, rio de janeiro amooo o brasilll💚💛💚💛💚💛

  • michael
    michael   4 days ago

    Ya’ll sleepin on that Nigeria goal. Possibly #1 for me

  • Tga Dega Garrencha
    Tga Dega Garrencha   5 days ago

    Come on people danmmmmmmm whoever makes this video don't know anything about football how come the goal from the Cameroonian player is not number one??????? Plus I don't see anything spectacular about Cristiane's goal.......

  • jeffin Mohamed
    jeffin Mohamed   5 days ago

    Gol da Cristiane nera pra tá. Em primeiro não. Pq não colocaram da marta?

  • Sebastian Acuña
    Sebastian Acuña   1 weeks ago

    Él gol de la camerunés debió haber ido primero, creo que fue mas hermoso

  • King Euro
    King Euro   1 weeks ago

    Some of the worst goalkeepers I have ever seen...

  • Saya Punya
    Saya Punya   1 weeks ago

    That Nigerian woman is fast, like ahmed musa in top 10 goal of World Cup 2018

  • Lars G
    Lars G   1 weeks ago

    This feels the dame as watching handicapped soccer

  • Hameez Ahamed
    Hameez Ahamed   2 weeks ago

    Men's game 47M views,Women's only 1.8 M ,Not fair.

  • eviscerate dunda
    eviscerate dunda   3 weeks ago

    absolutely rubbish compared to the men's game. Literally half the speed and power. They play like 12 year old boys

  • ßetter than u
    ßetter than u   3 weeks ago

    I suppose Fifa dont rly put much effort in rating the goals xd I understand tho it’s em girls.

  • ßetter than u
    ßetter than u   3 weeks ago

    I suppose Fifa dont rly put much effort in rating the goals xd I understand tho it’s em girls

  • Evy Karakus
    Evy Karakus   3 weeks ago

    Jonge waarom staat Lieke Martens gek

  • five hundred
    five hundred   4 weeks ago

    Cameroon goal deserve the no. 1 position.

  • Wonderguard1
    Wonderguard1   4 weeks ago

    Lucy Bronze's goal was truly above the rest here - even the Cameroon goal but it was a close call (and being English myself I am allowed to be slightly biased.)

  • Carlos Mendez
    Carlos Mendez   1 months ago

    Cameroon goal was number 1 for sure that's was the best goal the skill the touch the finish it had everything for women football goal 👌

  • William H
    William H   1 months ago

    How did Tobin Health's goal against Sweden not even make the list???

  • MEMO Mx
    MEMO Mx   1 months ago

    El primer gol lo único de bueno que tiene es el túnel :/