• Published on: 25 May 2019
  • It's time to level up our mystery box unboxing! This time we have a whopping $3,000 (Php150,000) APPLE MYSTERY BOX from PoundIt.

    GET Php1,000 OFF your next gadget purchase (minimum 10k) from PoundIt! Use the code OPLE1k on checkout. PoundIt: https://www.poundit.com/?aff=61

    For the AirPods 2 giveaway, follow the following mechanics:
    1. Follow me on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/carloople/?...
    2. Follow Poundit on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/youpoundit/...
    3. Subscribe to this YouTube Channel
    4. Leave a comment down below with the hashtag #BOOM and leave your IG Handle.

    I will draw the winner this coming Sunday!

    Watch my other Mystery Box Unboxings here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEjjH6BIZ4Ms5MozH57AXF6U3sswLCO8X

  • Runtime : 13:37
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  • Carlo Ople
    Carlo Ople   6 months ago

    Watch my other mystery unboxing vlogs here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEjjH6BIZ4Ms5MozH57AXF6U3sswLCO8XAlso let’s hit 20,000 likes for ANOTHER MEGA RAFFLE. 🔥🔥🔥

  • Jake Roz
    Jake Roz   1 days ago

    Ang ganda ng vlogging cam

  • v m
    v m   4 days ago

    #BOOMreally love your videos so much!! im looking forward for more cause i really like it. hoping that i will win in this giveaway though, my sister's birthday is coming and her wish is to have airpods. i cant afford it though, so baka naman po sir carlo haha. Advance Merry Christmas! ig: joooyiiieeee

    PRO GAMER   5 days ago

    Sana all may sapatos na katulad ng nasa likod niKuya Carlo Ople

  • Angel Claudine Orticio

    aww . sana all nakakabili ng ganyang gadget . merry Christmas po :) silent subscribe here ☺️☺️☺️

  • ian Capalad
    ian Capalad   5 days ago

    Merry Christmas master carlo baka naman po#BOOMIG:josemariian

  • Rjay Ajet
    Rjay Ajet   5 days ago

    Sarap naman sa eyess 😍💖#BOOMIG:arujay

  • nathaniel cañete
    nathaniel cañete   6 days ago

    you can raffle a ear pods but the extra phone you have you can't raffle it for free??

  • Junie Burce
    Junie Burce   6 days ago

    sana olll😥😥 nakakainggetsana mabigyan ako.☺

  • Kp Tv
    Kp Tv   6 days ago

    Awesome vid!!! Loved everything!! Love from the Caribbean #BOOM @Kpics43

  • Nick Michael
    Nick Michael   1 weeks ago

    All that for $240 "profit"? I wouldn't waste my time but more power to you.

  • Jake Cadiz
    Jake Cadiz   1 weeks ago

    bossing.. share blessings naman po.. hehe i wish mabigyan ako nag phone kahit ano bxtah. nasa puso pre love phone will do bossing. hehe

  • Chiquie Caballes
    Chiquie Caballes   1 weeks ago

    Bet na bet ko yung wireless charger 😭😭😭 Sana all. Hahaha

  • aldred octavio
    aldred octavio   1 weeks ago

    Can i win an iphone or airpods because its almost christmas and i want for christmas is a new phone#BOOM

  • Roel Angus
    Roel Angus   1 weeks ago

    I watch all your videos sirr I honestly want to take picture with youu just a picture 😭

  • Jm Fusin
    Jm Fusin   1 weeks ago

    Hope i win because i dont have cellphone to reseacrh..done subscribed

  • ron vincent mondelo
    ron vincent mondelo   1 weeks ago

    Airpods that will let you go in an air through a beatiful beat of music. Cool stuff.#BOOMIG:@bicen_te

  • Diane Riza
    Diane Riza   1 weeks ago

    Don't look at the prices on the receipt right away. It takes away the surprise of the 'mystery' items.

  • Faith Pasa
    Faith Pasa   1 weeks ago

    Can you use airpods on other phones or only apple i think i prefer inpods but i think airpods is much better

  • robby jarmin
    robby jarmin   1 weeks ago

    Iba na talaga si boss carlo, dati 30k lang subscribe lang nito ngayon 500k+ na keep grinding boss!!! ❤️ SOLID SUPPORTER HERE SINCE 20K SUBSCRIBER 😊👍