• Published on: 05 October 2019
  • MESSED Up RIDDLES You Will NOT Solve! Test your brain with these riddles, puzzles and brain teasers! Leave a Like if you enjoyed and check out my Riddles playlist 7-Second Riddles

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  • Runtime : 10:5
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  • SSSniperWolf
    SSSniperWolf   8 months ago

    its ur fav riddle solving youtuberrrr back at it again

  • Katie Chase
    Katie Chase   6 hours ago

    "Lets think logically, he could be a zombie or a vampire"Lia, 2019'

  • firerase
    firerase   14 hours ago

    Who's the syco person who made poison

  • Aaliyah
    Aaliyah   1 days ago

    The silver key was the first key I saw

  • Chu Xiong
    Chu Xiong   2 days ago

    At 4:20 she said 88888 not 888888, if you don’t believe me go watch it at 4:08 - 4:20

  • Wail Esmate
    Wail Esmate   2 days ago

    First riddle that happened to my dad when he was lil kid

  • P i z z a h
    P i z z a h   2 days ago

    How is he alive : he went to the hospital and the saved himboom b

  • Jada Dillard
    Jada Dillard   2 days ago

    Hi love you're video you are my fav it youtube

  • Woodens Stfort
    Woodens Stfort   2 days ago

    I found out one of your other videos it's 7 second riddles

  • Gertrūda Pozingytė

    when you say the rigth answer for the key an add- WhAt Is ThRrE + FoUR iTS SeVEN

  • I’m not your Dad
    I’m not your Dad   2 days ago

    When it told me to think of a vegetable, I said appleWhat happens now

  • Regina Butthead
    Regina Butthead   3 days ago

    think of a vegetableme: different vegetable than carrot

  • michael cantos
    michael cantos   3 days ago

    leave a like if you soo it before she see the silver key!....

  • Sylvanah D
    Sylvanah D   4 days ago

    Listen here brad! One way to get the ladies is by buying them a cake to themselves. Everybody knows that