My Greyhound Tries Fruits And Vegetables

  • Published on: 23 May 2019
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  • Runtime : 13:38
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  • Dani T
    Dani T   1 hours ago

    She has the most innocent eyes whenever she gets up close to the camera I cry

  • Chloe Massie
    Chloe Massie   5 hours ago

    When bunny looks at the camera it reminds me of the office

  • ladynikkie
    ladynikkie   2 days ago

    13:05 he was whining on purpose so he can get the watermelon lol

  • xX Leah Lynn Xx
    xX Leah Lynn Xx   2 days ago

    1:29 My husky hates watermelon, she will ignore you if you try to feed her one 😅

  • floyd
    floyd   4 days ago

    gotta disagree with jenna. i hate watermelons.

    THE BRUHS   5 days ago

    Bunny and Kermit are my favorite doggies

  • Miss B
    Miss B   6 days ago

    One of my favourite doggo things and greys do it a lot is how they take their snack away to eat in a special spot

  • Mangodt
    Mangodt   1 weeks ago

    “She likes carrots!”What a bunny thing to like...“She likes apples!”What a horse thing to like...

  • Brittany Martinez
    Brittany Martinez   1 weeks ago

    Seeing all of Jenna's dogs enjoy watermelon makes me so sad that I'm allergic to it 😭

  • Mochi_King _07
    Mochi_King _07   1 weeks ago

    Are dogs just addicted to watermelon?? I gave my dog a single piece and she loves following me until I let her bite some leftover watermelon off the rind.

  • Sierra Davis
    Sierra Davis   1 weeks ago

    3:45 she made the same joke to him years ago!

  • Demian spiller
    Demian spiller   1 weeks ago

    My dogs dont like cucumber ether there whippets wich are basically mini greyhounds

  • Ella Lafosse
    Ella Lafosse   1 weeks ago

    “Do you want an apple bunny?”eats the entire thingshe is truley a horse.

  • angela liu
    angela liu   1 weeks ago

    I feel like Bunny is the sort of girl who wouldn't complain about food at a friend's house. She would just nibble at it and politely excuse herself because she doesn't want to be rude.

  • Kuro myou
    Kuro myou   1 weeks ago

    I gave my sister's cat spinach and he ate it. 😅

  • Anna A
    Anna A   2 weeks ago

    I love Bunny’s camera nose boops

  • paul sutton
    paul sutton   2 weeks ago

    Are you growing another head, on top of your regular head?

  • phag
    phag   2 weeks ago

    Jennas fake blaccent lmao... stop

  • Fluffy_Gamer_ Girl
    Fluffy_Gamer_ Girl   2 weeks ago

    I feel like Bunny might just be eating the stuff to make jenna happy. Because in her last home if she's a rescue she was probably abused

  • Daniel XXX
    Daniel XXX   2 weeks ago

    I don't know why some people don't like bunny videos, these are super wholesome and heartwarming, makes me go :))))))))))))))))))))))

  • Thalia Khan
    Thalia Khan   2 weeks ago

    Can't stop thinking of the NastyFiles "Mom is that a BoNkLy?"

  • Taman Shud
    Taman Shud   2 weeks ago

    I call my German Shepherd Big Baby, too. She acts like one

  • phantom2 _
    phantom2 _   3 weeks ago

    shes so gentle🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺