WHICH NORRIS NUT MAKES THE BEST TIKTOK *Mystery Celebrity Judges* Challenge w/The Norris Nuts

  • Published on: 03 August 2019
  • 4 Kids make a TikTok, FAMOUS CELEBRITY judges the best. Watch it all without skipping anything to play along... Watch next I'LL BUY ANYTHING IN YOUR COLOR https://youtu.be/Niinb59QTLI LAST TO STOP EATING THEIR COLORED FOOD https://youtu.be/CFthZ8C8CrU 4 KIDS,BABY GENDER REVEAL https://youtu.be/sBzPrwwivuA Watch all to be a LEGEND

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    In this video the Norris Nuts all compete in this challenge to produce the best TikTok Video. The best original produced tiktok will then be submitted to famous celebrity mystery judges who will then determine the winner out of the 4 Norris Nuts. The judges are famous youtubers and tiktokers so they know what they are talking about!This is is similar video to Which Norris Nut builds the Best Cardboard Box House which was also judged at the end by real judges.The Norris Nuts begin the video by buying special clothes and outfits at the shops to use in their TIktok. Sockie goes for something comfortable like pajamas and Sabre and Naz like something a bit more fancy like dresses. Biggy's is thinking about which clothes to buy but also how he will use his hair in the final video! It could be something Biggy from the Norris Nuts does in the dance for his crush, Txunamy from Familia Diamond. Naz could buy a real Guinea Pig if she wins and the prize could be that - no one knows what the prize is! Sockie Norris will probably dress in comfortable clothes. Don't keep reading below if you don't want to see who the famous celebrity tiktok judges are actually doing the final challenge winning announcement.

    Don't keep reading if you want to watch the video and guess who the celebrity judges are...

    Big thanks to Rebecca, Matt and Daniel for judging the TikToks. We hope you love the reactions!
    Rebecca's Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfw8x3VR-ElcaWW2Tg_jgSA
    Rebecca Zamolo recent Video https://youtu.be/qIInciwWUDM
    Matt and Rebecca https://youtu.be/ae5tUQPBpwM
    Please check out their channels and what a bunch of their stuff!

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  • Runtime : 30:4
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