Wild Animals with Dave Salmoni

  • Published on: 25 September 2015
  • Dave brings out a Siberian tiger cub, an African crowned crane, a Fennec fox and clouded leopard cub that all make Jimmy very uncomfortable.

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    Wild Animals with Dave Salmoni
  • Runtime : 9:45
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  • PrinzMidas
    PrinzMidas   3 days ago

    Who else have seen, that the tiger wasn't amused to be there?! (eyes and ears)

  • Nidhi
    Nidhi   6 days ago

    The animals are lucky to be taken care of by such a geniune lover of animals! 👍👍😊😊💜💜

  • Beav, Bob, and a Bird

    “Why am I so scared then” Bc you fake and exaggerate every reaction to seem funny

  • xKasumi Chan
    xKasumi Chan   1 weeks ago

    5:33 Jimmy: What is it?Me: That's Kurama!!!

  • Rishab
    Rishab   1 weeks ago

    What's the purpose of this? What business does it serve to bring wild animals to a talk show?

  • Daiment 1
    Daiment 1   1 weeks ago

    The tiger looked so scared poor tiger so cute Awhh

  • the bad guy
    the bad guy   1 weeks ago

    Is Kimmel really that dumb or is he just pretending to be? Even humans have canines, that's how those particular teeth are called.

  • Mc Deni
    Mc Deni   1 weeks ago

    Owning that crane in Uganda would get you arrested for not less than 10yrs

  • Bull Durham
    Bull Durham   1 weeks ago

    Little Jimmy is such a chickenshit, such a coward!

  • Sir Wolfy face
    Sir Wolfy face   2 weeks ago

    Dave: ok ppl be quiet near this animalAudience: WOOOOOO

  • Anisha Rahman Choudhury

    The way the tiger cub hugs him and the way the clouded leopard cuddles him.. I CAN'T. MY HEARRTTT!!

  • Ella Fell
    Ella Fell   2 weeks ago

    The chuff sound would have worked on the clouded leopard too. They react to it the same way tigers do!

  • Tasneem Harba
    Tasneem Harba   2 weeks ago

    I just loved the way the leopard or is what is the name of the animal how she cuddled with Dave I CANT

  • Drunk Anchorman
    Drunk Anchorman   2 weeks ago

    Jimmy is always so scared with animals that if he was an animal in the wild, he'd be raped daily. smh. smh.

  • silverback
    silverback   2 weeks ago

    that last animal was a ocelot not a leopard

  • R V
    R V   2 weeks ago

    Jimmy Kimmel: No, ok, no.. wohI would cry and smile being surrounded by these beautiful and sweet animals, all of them!

  • Justin Smith
    Justin Smith   2 weeks ago

    Why are you so afraid of the animals jimmy? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Eryn Hazel
    Eryn Hazel   2 weeks ago

    Cuddly Clouded Leopard is so precious!!

  • Amina Selimova
    Amina Selimova   3 weeks ago

    The fox is soo beautiful and cute. I want to hold her ❤

  • Christina terry
    Christina terry   3 weeks ago

    And this my friends is precisely why I'm studying zoology to be a teacher and to travel around the world and observe animals

  • divyani chauhan
    divyani chauhan   3 weeks ago

    Dave treat animals like his own children...Really love to see them with Dave

  • MO SAF
    MO SAF   3 weeks ago

    Awww... !!😁😁

  • AnEasyGoPerson YT
    AnEasyGoPerson YT   3 weeks ago

    Anyone notice when they where all looking at his baby in the outfit it did the "Pfftt" thing

  • ForeverGal
    ForeverGal   3 weeks ago

    I am so jealous of this whole thing. How can Jimmy doesn’t want to hold all of these amazing majestic beautiful animals!!I would love the opportunity to spend so much time with wild animals

  • HughJaxident67
    HughJaxident67   3 weeks ago

    Kimmel is such a pussy with animals and his comments are often ridiculous, maybe it's a nervous thing, but he needs to stop doing it and give the impression he has more respect for the animal

  • Dr. Tex
    Dr. Tex   3 weeks ago

    I’m surprised that Fennec Fox didn’t start screeching.

  • Kristin B
    Kristin B   3 weeks ago

    What kind of psychopath DOESN'T GIVE A BABY TIGER WHO WANTS A HUG A GODDAMN HUG??? Come on, Jimmy!

  • AishaVonFossen
    AishaVonFossen   3 weeks ago

    Oh goodness, please pass those tiger and leopard cubs off to me, I'll give them so much cuddles! <3Though preferably one at a time. LOL