HIDE AND SEEK AT THE SWIM CENTER Challenge w/ The Norris Nuts

  • Published on: 24 August 2019
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    In this video we find out which Norris Nut can win the mystery box by getting found the least in a game of Hide and Seek. The Hide n Seek game will take place at the swim center, which is Pap's business. In one of the mystery boxes the prize is a Guinea Pig. This is mainly for Naz as she really wants a real Guinea pig as a pet. Sockie tries to eat chocolate and Biggy also sings outside. Each hide and seek round has a little twist which means you must do what the note says in that round. It might be hide and seek where you hide and you have to stand up the whole time, or hide inside something. There are lots of little challenges like this for the Norris Nuts to put a twist on the game. One of the notes says you will need to be in the water in the pool. Which I guess would be normal as it is in fact a swim center. Which Norris Nut will win the choice of the mystery boxes for the prize? Could this be the day Naz gets a real guinea pig?

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  • Runtime : 25:37
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