USA vs Republic of Ireland 3-0 Highlights - Women's Friendly (4/8/2019)

  • Published on: 04 August 2019
  • USA vs Republic of Ireland 3-0 Highlights - Women's Friendly (4/8/2019)
    USA vs Republic of Ireland Highlights
  • Runtime : 10:23
  • USA Republic of Ireland Highlights Women's Friendly Ireland USA vs Republic of Ireland


  • vin russo
    vin russo   1 months ago

    Peopletalk about the U-15 dallas boys club win over the US women. but #2 Sweden was beatenby a localboys team also, Australian team same. a closed door US woman vs U-17 US team was 9-0, and probably played soft against them.

  • Lewis C.
    Lewis C.   1 months ago

    12 year old boy level football!

  • Gabriela Orozco
    Gabriela Orozco   1 months ago

    Ok but how incredible is Dunn?!?!?! She is so good always getting the ball up the field, stealing it from the offense and giving it to the forwards - so consistent, such a good player!! Way overlooked

  • TT Videos
    TT Videos   1 months ago

    Feliz pela Loid, joga muito.

  • thegodhimself 101
    thegodhimself 101   1 months ago

    It looks like they are already getting ready for the olympics next year but why have a victory tour so soon I mean it’s been only a month since the World Cup

  • Joe Niccoli
    Joe Niccoli   1 months ago

    For the most part I like men's sports way better than women's but in soccer women's blows men's away.

  • Eric Landau
    Eric Landau   1 months ago


  • timmy turner
    timmy turner   1 months ago

    ESPN has such bad quality. I'm seriously glad that FOX Sports got coverage for the World Cup. ESPN really needs to invest on their coverage and quality. Thanks for the upload though!!!

  • xGh0Nas Alt.
    xGh0Nas Alt.   1 months ago

    Че за хуйня? Где пвп туторы?

  • Tony Cortez
    Tony Cortez   1 months ago

    Was there ever a chance Ireland even got close to the USA goal box lol

  • Violet Parr
    Violet Parr   1 months ago

    As an England fan from USA I respect the USWNT but not their fans because they're so whiny, arrogant, cocky, delusional, obnoxious, pathetic and annoying same as the men team stop acting like Philly sports fans because they have no class at all I'm starting to hate these fans by the way and stop calling your team a Yanks do you think you have 27 no so you're not the Yanks the real Yanks is New York.

  • Adam Walsh
    Adam Walsh   1 months ago

    Did Ireland do anything the whole game??

  • Roshi Roshi
    Roshi Roshi   1 months ago

    USWNT should play men’s. They’re too much for other women’s football team.

  • IFCR
    IFCR   1 months ago

    I swear to god if the yanks win the next World Cup, I'm done

  • George Bray
    George Bray   1 months ago

    There is no need to keep showing the purple haired freak.

  • Daniel Bui
    Daniel Bui   1 months ago

    3:55 "looks like shes on from this angle" ... are we watching the same game ???

  • Jason Keehler
    Jason Keehler   1 months ago

    The one highlight for Ireland was a corner kick! The USWNT dominated this game! That second goal was way offsides though. Obviously it didn’t matter.

  • sorellman
    sorellman   1 months ago

    Thank you for showing us over and over Rapinoe talking on the bench to Morgan, for that was an important part of the game.

  • Mighty
    Mighty   1 months ago

    Horan is so underrated i swear

  • Ray WhichWay
    Ray WhichWay   1 months ago

    Just what I suspected. Dunn is 20 times the player Rapinoe. These highlights prove that Rapinoe no way deserved the best player of the World Cup. Stick anyone in her place and same result. Was all politics to give her the award. The best player didn't get it.

  • Evan Alper
    Evan Alper   1 months ago

    beautiful passing and play from the USWNT

  • monuvention
    monuvention   1 months ago

    Some superb heading. Enjoyed watching these highlights.

  • bobkatfan
    bobkatfan   1 months ago

    Whoever edited this needs to take editing classes.

  • luis medrano
    luis medrano   1 months ago

    Not to rain on my team's parade but the second goal was off-side.

  • Jung Kye
    Jung Kye   1 months ago

    SOOOOO happy that Ash got to play. Gotta quit sleeping on my girl

  • Mo
    Mo   1 months ago

    good game!🌟🌟🌟🌟only disappointed that the score didn't rise to 17. For a team that didn't qualify for the WC, Ireland did a pretty fair job of holding them nack

  • sysya schaatsen
    sysya schaatsen   1 months ago

    "Christen Press just working that backside" Do i even have to say it?