• Published on: 12 January 2020
  • This video is a surprise babyshower for me that my bestie Johanna arranged. It's been planned for months and I had no clue whatsoever, wow I'm still speechless!




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  • Runtime : 12:14
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  • Mz_ Ayla
    Mz_ Ayla   1 months ago

    Damit i tried so hard not to cry but couldn't!! what a awesome surprise job well done 💪😍

  • T D
    T D   2 months ago

    Thanks! You made me cry too. Hanna, you have wonderful friends... treasure each other always. Everything looked amazing....

  • feven
    feven   3 months ago

    Life is all about the people you have around you...you such a lucky girl. I have been crying the whole time. How didn't I watch this video sooner lol. Love you hanna I'm just glad to get to see a positive vibe like you have. So much love and laughter to you and your family always❤❤❤

  • La Jazmin
    La Jazmin   3 months ago

    Where is the beautiful blue dress from?

  • Pratisha Goundar
    Pratisha Goundar   3 months ago


  • Therese Knifsund
    Therese Knifsund   3 months ago

    Grät så mycket när jag såg denna! Så fina allihopa 😭❤️

  • Ayca Hukumdar
    Ayca Hukumdar   3 months ago

    Sometimes you can feel everything from other countries..l hope your baby will be happy person in all his life with you...loves

  • Brianna Wofford
    Brianna Wofford   3 months ago

    omg this was so beautiful. amazing support team you have Hanna. Brought so many tears. I love this!!!

  • Momi's Beautyland
    Momi's Beautyland   3 months ago

    I hope one day i can be surrounded by so much love as well.. 🥰❤️

  • Chloe
    Chloe   3 months ago

    Gosh! Why am I crying 😭😂😫 this is so beautiful!! xxoo what beautiful friends you have Hanna

  • Cheleene Wence
    Cheleene Wence   3 months ago

    Omg I just found your channel♥️♥️♥️ This is sooo sweet!! I am crying and my two daughters are too!! Ugh sooo beautiful

  • Kim T
    Kim T   4 months ago

    Johana is absolutely freaking stunning. Can i look like u for one day? 😂

  • Kavitha B Acharya
    Kavitha B Acharya   4 months ago

    Good luck for your future and delivery Hanna😘💋.... I love you so much... I'm waiting to see your baby 🤰🤱..... love u soooooooo soooooooo much from India. mmmwah💋💋

  • Felicia Renteria
    Felicia Renteria   4 months ago

    I cried.. I'm so happy for her lol <3 5:15 idk who she was but her body is beautiful 👏🏽 goalsss

  • laura newton
    laura newton   4 months ago

    You are loved by so many. This is beautiful.

  • Ashley O
    Ashley O   4 months ago

    Love Hanna's friend she hilarious just like Hanna 💖👍😂

  • Hatice B.
    Hatice B.   4 months ago

    Hanna, Why I am crying now:) I am so happy for u.Best wishes.

  • Ali
    Ali   4 months ago

    what country do you live?

  • M
    M   4 months ago

    I burst into tears ❤️you deserved this love

  • Dominique Paquin
    Dominique Paquin   4 months ago

    That's funny, she has a lot of expressions and ways of talking like Hanna. They must be very close friends!

  • Sarah Gelee
    Sarah Gelee   4 months ago

    You can tell how special of a person you are. Everyone is crying tears of joy. Thank you for your vids.

  • Sara C
    Sara C   4 months ago

    Well..that made me cry! Tears of joy for Hannah! So excited!

  • Taaaitje Xx
    Taaaitje Xx   4 months ago

    I loveddd it sooo much you’re the prettiest mommy

  • Melanie Sexton
    Melanie Sexton   4 months ago

    I’m not crying you are 😩💕 this was so beautiful!!!

  • Susanna J
    Susanna J   4 months ago

    The way she goes and hugs every single person so genuinely <3

  • Ciera3823
    Ciera3823   4 months ago

    😭😭😭 so many happy tears.

  • 7387381
    7387381   4 months ago

    Im so lonely i think lonely dead ..

  • Valerie X
    Valerie X   4 months ago

    This is such a cute, wholesome vid. It made me so happy. You all have such a relaxed and loving energy. Amazing friends! 💖