Marcellus Wiley doesn't think Aaron Rodgers' legacy took a hit on Sunday | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

  • Published on: 20 January 2020
  • Marcellus Wiley defends Aaron Rodgers' legacy after the Green Bay Packers fell to the San Francisco 49ers in the NFC Championship. Hear why Wiley disagrees Rodgers' legacy took a hit in the loss.

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    Marcellus Wiley doesn't think Aaron Rodgers' legacy took a hit on Sunday | NFL | SPEAK FOR YOURSELF

    Speak For Yourself
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  • Dakingltroy Productofdade

    Maybe he shud play better on offense then he won’t beat the 49 ers with chiefs players he can’t move any more lacking intensity intangibles

  • Maynard Baines
    Maynard Baines   2 months ago

    If this was Brady they would be blaming coach Belichick, his dog, the ball boy, Mr Kraft, the fans except Brady, Aaron Rodgers is a freaking GOD get him a defense and get out his way and he will take you to the promised land.

  • fvgc454ss
    fvgc454ss   2 months ago

    How about 0 points 60 Yards passing in the first HALF.... Give him more excuses.

  • Robin Abernathy
    Robin Abernathy   2 months ago

    What about playing Atlanta close in the regular season and then getting shutout in the first half on the road in the NFC championship game. When he's supposed to be a future hall of famer. That Atlanta defense wasn't nearly as good as the San Fran defense is.

  • Cam Thompkins
    Cam Thompkins   2 months ago

    How many times we gotta see the Packers get blown out in an NFC championship game like god dam i flick on the channel it's Kaepernick setting rushing record in GB , next time I tune in its the Falcons turn then I look again it's the Eagles! Now the niners again wtf 😆

  • mixsignal91
    mixsignal91   2 months ago

    Wiley has shockingly become the clown of this show

  • Allen Smith
    Allen Smith   2 months ago

    Offense feeds off DEFENSE... Arron Rodgers didn't have a chance after looking out on the field at that pathetic defense performance displays.. We never could get in a rhythm because of it.. Even the greats need a momentum moment from their DEFENSE!!!

  • Lewis Carter
    Lewis Carter   2 months ago

    No its a team game. Defense did not show up at all. Didn't that running back get 200+ rushing the ball?

  • Liam McCarthy
    Liam McCarthy   2 months ago

    It's pretty obvious from watching over the years that Rodgers only cares about not throwing interceptions to pretty up his td/int ratio.

  • zregory
    zregory   2 months ago

    If u can make excuses for Brady losing in the wild card this season u can certainly make excuses for Rogers losing in the nfc championship this season

  • Dez Parker
    Dez Parker   2 months ago

    Did the Packers average 36.4 points that their defense gave up during the regular season?

  • PackerFan12
    PackerFan12   2 months ago

    Seeing all these comments about how he’s been bad for 3 years now or how he’s never been good or overhyped is just laughable 😂 at this point people are just saying this because of media but just hate on him because they aren’t packer fans or Rodgers fans. At this point it’s just laughable to see these comments that make no sense at all. I see people coming in here with fake stats, comments about how people say this or that when no one says that. At this point I feel like people just wanted to fit in by hating on the guy because they want to be cool with everyone else.

  • Emmanuel Ulloa
    Emmanuel Ulloa   2 months ago

    What did the Packers defense has to do with them having 0 points at half.

  • Carlos Vazquez
    Carlos Vazquez   2 months ago

    It's amazing how ridiculous rings matter to individual legacy. Propaganda at its best. Didn't wilt vs bill proves 1 player does NOT WIN TITLES. AND BASKETBALL IS 5 VS 5. FOOTBALL IS 33 VS 33

  • SilentSputnik
    SilentSputnik   2 months ago

    Doesn't have much of a legacy. He's a good player but a horrible teammate and leader. That's why his team doesn't get it done.

  • Andy Sandoval
    Andy Sandoval   2 months ago

    Another year, and more excuses for Aaron Rodgers.

  • Érico Calixto
    Érico Calixto   2 months ago

    The game started 0 to 0, not 37 to 0. Rodgers had every chance to keep the team in the game before it was blown open and over. If his legacy is plenty of talent with not enough post season success, than it didn't realy take a hit. If his legacy is anything better than that, check yourself before you become a buffoon like Rob Parker.

  • YoBro
    YoBro   2 months ago

    Aaron should retire cuz he played badly. Almost looked intentional? Threw to wrong people, missed short pass by 3 yards. But worst mistake is blaming his team. Can't do that because it poisons the energy and focus and direction. Everyone does what they can. Gotta support them. Suggestions need to made in private, not on national TV. Thing about defense giving up points doesn't matter if you score more points.

  • T T
    T T   2 months ago

    This Trick got a Chiefs hat on lol... He's such a 49ers Hater lol.Let's Go 49ers!!!

  • Francisco Barros
    Francisco Barros   2 months ago

    So players join the big leagues just to play and not win at the highest level...

  • bptboy
    bptboy   2 months ago

    Rodgers didn't play well yesterday and had Dak level garbage time stats in the second half

  • none ya
    none ya   2 months ago

    He sucks will never be in conversation with the best played in the most controversial winning games as well

  • Cherokee Mack
    Cherokee Mack   2 months ago

    Rodger take a hit??? Hey he still has that state farm job he can always count on!

  • Punit Modi
    Punit Modi   2 months ago

    I don’t actually understand the argument, statistics wise Adams and Jones are better than kittle, mostert, Samuel so what are you talking about when it comes to weapons.

  • Dave
    Dave   2 months ago

    let's talk points off his turnovers tho

  • Alejandrox2020
    Alejandrox2020   2 months ago

    Tony, Gronk is clearly better than you...stop with the team vs individual success a game for all the marbles Gronk is the pick, not even close. Yet, you were great.

  • Kris Edmonds
    Kris Edmonds   2 months ago

    Soon as that fumble and cowardice to go after it is brought up, then there is a rush to change the topic. But Cam Newton does the same thing, and they build whole segments on multiple shows for days. They were both cowards for not sticking their nose in their, they should get equal time for the shame.

  • ///AMG
    ///AMG   2 months ago

    It is true tho Aron never really had a D ever but then again he is like lebron in GreenBay he hand pick players

  • Joah Curry
    Joah Curry   2 months ago

    What you just said about Wilt apply to Lebron as well though. That was not the best analogy at all.

  • Eddie Boyy
    Eddie Boyy   2 months ago

    How did it not at all 🤔 he just got blown out 27-0 by halftime !! 5 weeks ago you guys were praising his defense

  • T WU
    T WU   2 months ago

    Looked to me Rogers gave up after the first half.

  • J.R Cody
    J.R Cody   2 months ago

    the 49ers defense confused Aaron so much in fact that he had an abysmal 80% completion rate for 326 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 2 interceptions(one of which came on a hail mary bomb that Aaron threw 70 yards downfield). I;m not saying he was amazing, but you can't tell me those are the stats of a confused man.

  • brian green
    brian green   2 months ago

    He's an average QB without that all pro receiving crew he had during that Superbowl run

  • Maxmen
    Maxmen   2 months ago

    What is Aaron suppose to do when his defense can't give him a stop? His center is dropping a passback causing a turnover? His punt returner dropping a ball on 10 yard line?

  • Millz SZN
    Millz SZN   2 months ago

    U can't give up 30 plus points

  • keti meleah
    keti meleah   2 months ago

    No!!! Aaron is still a bad man!! Sign up some good players Defense and Offense!