Machine Gun Kelly - Bloody Valentine [Official Video]

  • Published on: 20 May 2020
  • Machine Gun Kelly - "Bloody Valentine"


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    Music video by Machine Gun Kelly performing Bloody Valentine. © 2020 Bad Boy/Interscope Records
  • Runtime : 3:33
  • Machine Gun Kelly Bloody Valentine Bad Boy/Interscope Records Alternative


  • Josie Montes
    Josie Montes   1 minuts ago

    I thought this guy was rapper... 😂 honestly this genre/style fits him better, he's REALLY good too! should have just started with this type of music :)

  • frankwhite1ne
    frankwhite1ne   5 minuts ago

    Megan fox hits a all time low after doing this video.Well cant say i blame her,ever hear her speak? Sounds like she has a IQ of 70

  • The Pilot
    The Pilot   5 minuts ago

    Megan And 90s pop. Damn well

  • natasha rana
    natasha rana   8 minuts ago

    OMG have been listening to this song daily I’m hooked 😍

  • jd chy
    jd chy   11 minuts ago

    ngl this song’s a nostalgic bop and the mv is a bisexual’s dream

  • natasha rana
    natasha rana   15 minuts ago

    I’m in love with you mgk This song is just 💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯💯

  • gerald3637
    gerald3637   15 minuts ago

    This dude just can’t decide who he is

    ASHLEY AHMED   16 minuts ago

    Let's all just wish we look's like this after 30

  • Saint matthias
    Saint matthias   19 minuts ago

    Is that chick from transformers? The chick that ended up dating Sam whitwicky?

  • ahsad1
    ahsad1   19 minuts ago

    i will sell my soul for Megan Fox

  • Ashley Barger
    Ashley Barger   28 minuts ago

    I couldn't be more OBSESSED with this and them. My favorite song right now! My husband and I put it on full blast and dance around the house like we did clear back in 2009 at parties lol! PERFECT COMBINATION: MachineFox lol 🖤🤘

  • Ricardo Martins
    Ricardo Martins   37 minuts ago

    Eminem was The 1st to haver Megan Fox on a song you must want to Be like a God rapper Eminem you're a looser. Scum bag

  • Mr. Holliday
    Mr. Holliday   42 minuts ago

    I don’t know what trance you guys are in.... I have no clue what Rick and Morty spaceship purple smoke you guys have been huffing. However, 13 million people cannot sit here and tell me this is better than “Screaming for Vengeance” by Judas Priest. Hell, every track on Thrices “Artist in the Ambulance” and that was only 12 songs. One less than 13 and still, 12 million times better than this emo wannabe garbage. Didn’t we get rid of this genre in 2002? Wasn’t he a rapper two seconds ago as well? This guy is a major tool. Dude, your aura is contrived. I bet you were in the studio just sucking yourself off by how amazing this track sounded. Only to release a hacky remake of something Yellowcard would had done nearly two decades before. Please stop. This isn’t the motivational part where you say “screw the haters”. The song is straight booger garbage. Bloody Valentine... “Welcome to Hot Topic! How may we ruin your life today?” “Oh, well... My friends call me MGK.” “Ummm, what’s that mean exactly?” “It means Machine Gun Kelly”.... Oh f-ing kay... “VIPER”... “ICEMAN”... Don’t write a song from this either you unoriginal turd burglar. Know your type. Non-think for yourself(er).

  • Kurty Gillean
    Kurty Gillean   45 minuts ago

    Megan Fox and MGK would make a beautiful baby.... plz make this happen!

  • estefani kaze
    estefani kaze   50 minuts ago

    tiempo sin saber de megan fox,mamasita. uff genial duo encantan

  • Eden Garden
    Eden Garden   55 minuts ago

    Every song is amazing with Megan, every video is amazing with Megan in it. This song just rocks, love it. I have a huge girl crush on Megan since ages. She is just perfect inside and outside. I love her!!

  • Abelard Delfino
    Abelard Delfino   1 hours ago

    This dude got dissed by eminem in a rap beef so hard he turned genre to rock, this is dope tho

  • hot-cheetos
    hot-cheetos   1 hours ago

    Megan Rain still gorgeous in this clip, no wait ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • Matt Nicely
    Matt Nicely   1 hours ago

    I guess Eminem crushed your rap career

  • Jflammia32
    Jflammia32   1 hours ago

    This gave me flashbacks to the Begging of the Transformers series

  • MJ W
    MJ W   1 hours ago

    Machine Gun Kelly looks so sexy here. Definitely feeling this look.