The Beginning of Everything -- The Big Bang

  • Published on: 03 March 2014
  • How did everything get started?

    Has the universe a beginning or was it here since forever? Well, evidence suggests that there was indeed a starting point to this universe we are part of right now. But how can this be? How can something come from nothing? And what about time? We don't have all the answers yet so let's talk about what we know.

    Also, we try to make this one not depressing. Tell us if we succeeded.

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    The Beginning of Everything -- The Big Bang

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  • Runtime : 5:55
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  • Zeyz
    Zeyz   6 hours ago

    we are the universes way of experiencing it's self🤯

  • Danny Kirby
    Danny Kirby   8 hours ago

    Imagine a group of scientist climbing to the top of a mountain, after years of trying but failing they all finally get to the top and they find a book. On the first page it says, In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. 😜😝😄

  • xx gamer_xx
    xx gamer_xx   11 hours ago

    Would you say the big bang is a kilonova

  • Jerry Rubiat
    Jerry Rubiat   11 hours ago

    What if God made all of us and when he said let there be light the was a big bang.?🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Nick Pascary
    Nick Pascary   17 hours ago

    Watching this 5 yrs later...Still loving it!

  • Laboraty EWP
    Laboraty EWP   20 hours ago

    0:56 "How do this Big Bang work" hmm....

  • 1050Ti Kemal
    1050Ti Kemal   22 hours ago

    I have no fear against death, i have the fear, that i will die without knowing how the universe works

  • Highlyskeptical
    Highlyskeptical   23 hours ago

    ...and the universe's way of fixing itself, reversing entropy. While energy has gotten disordered, matter has gotten ordered, resulting in sentient apes that could become energy being/empathic AI hybrids in the future that work with fellow intergalactic sentients on the same problem, or escape through black holes and adapt to the physics of the new universe created. Maybe some universes in a multiverse never create matter complex enough to fix entropy, no Kurzgesagt crew as agents of the universe to keep matter on the straight and narrow.

  • Shubce E
    Shubce E   1 days ago

    I take down the theory of big bang because you couldnt explain who created big bang.guys you all are so blind that cant see the truth.only allah has created everything.universe and every last atom we know.thats how easy the islam tells,and we dont want to think beyond that becouse he is the most powerful and merciful.everything that quran told us 1400 years ago science is confirming now.which means you guys are so much back than islam and lets say livin in 600th year.oh everything i said most of you will say this is imaginations because you guys are so blind that cant se and believe the truth

  • Truth Matters
    Truth Matters   2 days ago

    It's inaccurate and dishonest to say the big bang came from nothing. The universe always existed, the big bang was just it expanding.

  • OC Tripp
    OC Tripp   2 days ago

    Strong believer of science but the truth is simple- God made everything. To Him be the glory and the Honour forever and ever.

  • Asma Raise
    Asma Raise   2 days ago

    Do not the Unbelievers see that the heavens and the earth were joined together (as one unit of creation), before we clove them asunder? We made from water every living thing. Will they not then believe?Quran 21:30

  • Jan Bily
    Jan Bily   2 days ago

    People actually believe in a debunked theories so call the theory of evolution and big bang theory, amazing.... the religion atheism is so stupid. The universe itself can not even be 1 million year old not even the earth, it is impossible, etc. The laws of physics and biology are laughing at this debunked theories but I guess atheist have to believe at something to have faith.

  • Random Guy In The Comments

    The quantum realm gave birth to the universe with it's particular rules of physics. Underneath it all is still the quantum realm, but we branched out from it.

  • Andrew Li
    Andrew Li   3 days ago

    You know, This video does not seem old but if we look at the date when this video was published, HOOLLLLY MOOLY, its a long time. even in 2014 is still modern

  • Billbard Cymphon
    Billbard Cymphon   3 days ago

    How did the Big Bang happen you say? Easy,The Avengers failed to stop thanos and he reset all life. That is why we don't remember him btw.

  • BBC Crawling
    BBC Crawling   3 days ago

    1 Eye opening theory is the "big bounce" theory. The theory is based on the fact that there was a universe before this one, but all the stars eventually died and life came to an end. This provides the possibility of creatures living before us, and might be ahead of us in technology, or the opposite. The sad part is that we will never know, no clues, no survived materials, all atoms.But hey, that's just a theory a SCIENTIFIC theory, Thanks for reading!

  • HellFire
    HellFire   3 days ago

    anyone else here after the star that's supposed to be older than the universe

  • I’m a Frog
    I’m a Frog   4 days ago

    Why do I keep watching these videos I’m having an existential crisis

  • xXSuperstarstXx
    xXSuperstarstXx   4 days ago

    You can't be outside of the universe because you are the universe

  • Bob ibn
    Bob ibn   4 days ago

    If The big bang is real, couldn't we be able to see it from 13 billion light years away

  • Izzers Tennis Score Keeper

    5:54 "When the hydrogen clumped together after millions of years and gravity put it under great pressure stars were formed." Was the universe not expanding for millions of years? Things contracted, clumped, and then later expanded? Or were the hydrogen atoms apart for million of years all expanding thru space away from each other but then clumped while hurtling?

    DUC TRAN   4 days ago

    4:50 Fortniters (everyone): HECK YEA THAT HAPPEN!

    DUC TRAN   4 days ago

    “So if you can’t, don’t blame it on the science but your primate brains that developed to avoid getting killed by tigers (Roar) and making babies (WDYM).”

  • guava juicy
    guava juicy   4 days ago

    Who ever thinks this is true is not ok

  • A M A
    A M A   5 days ago

    i'm not reading the comments or else i'm going to have an existential crisis

  • Colin Beaton
    Colin Beaton   5 days ago

    The big Bang. Not just a Jenna Jameson movie...

  • Arjun Chaudhary
    Arjun Chaudhary   5 days ago

    What if we are like microorganisms to someone in a laboratory known as universe where conditions are made vacuum....