Alex Morgan Twerks After Women's World Cup Victory

  • Published on: 08 July 2019
  • Alex Morgan kicked off the celebration for Team USA after they secured the 4th Women's World Cup title in history.

    The 30-year-old soccer star threw down an impressive twerk, and victoriously gyrated while her teammates chanted and screamed.

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  • Isaiah Ayala
    Isaiah Ayala   14 hours ago

    Hip hop and pop suck. Rock is better let’s go rock.

  • Rey Dexter
    Rey Dexter   3 days ago

    I thought u meant World Cup from fortnite

  • TheWhiteWizzard
    TheWhiteWizzard   6 days ago

    Everyone trying to compare the men's an women's football teams when the quality of men's football is 100000x higher. USA men's don't stand a chance in football tournament because you have team's like Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France who all live for football and don't just play it for a laugh. It's 100000x easier for a women's team to win a tournament because every female team is fucking awful. Anyone thinking otherwise literally has no clue about football.

  • Evie Kelly
    Evie Kelly   6 days ago

    he says "rapano" and its rapinoe with an i lol

  • T.S fortnite beast
    T.S fortnite beast   1 weeks ago

    She does not know how to twerk I can twerk better than her🍑 uno wut I'm saying

  • Juan Landa
    Juan Landa   1 weeks ago

    I heard she got a red card for trying to twerk

  • Vin Man
    Vin Man   2 weeks ago

    Some of these girls are vulgar and disgusting [saying the F-word and 'bitch'] while representing the USA. Plus, who has a shirt made that says "Champions Bitch"?

  • SonicJaneStooge
    SonicJaneStooge   2 weeks ago

    I know the USWNT are all dykes but it's nice to see the star hottie straight girl embrace her slutiness.

  • David Cadenas
    David Cadenas   2 weeks ago

    Está bien pero no son las formas y mas si.ofendes a algen ...ok....hazte valorar asi no.maja

  • Thomas Sims
    Thomas Sims   2 weeks ago

    What an inspirational moment for the young girls

  • CCW Noob
    CCW Noob   3 weeks ago

    Great role models especially for all the little girls out there!

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku   3 weeks ago

    And she's talking shit about cr7 lmao.

    THE CURE   3 weeks ago

    Equal pay can even beat a 15 year old boys no one cares for the women cup

  • Marco Cortez
    Marco Cortez   3 weeks ago

    I still think Dunn was the best defense in the team,

  • Kej Em
    Kej Em   3 weeks ago

    When I see this behaviour and language they use and they judge Donald trump 😂😂😂

  • Eric Pirillo
    Eric Pirillo   3 weeks ago

    Now sports are equal. Female athletes proving can be just as obnoxious as men when celebrating lol