Rocket Riding IS BACK!

  • Published on: 28 November 2019
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  • Runtime : 10:55
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  • LazarBeam
    LazarBeam   6 months ago

    GIVEAWAY winners have been drawn. Everyone has been contacted via your email. Here are the game ids of winners just to confirm winners (can’t leak personal info) iPHONE 11 PRO winners:774844813774514817774665863774967944774681489774745750774551448774836125774767780774513582500,000 V-BUCKS winner:774511036Switch winners:774825069774606531774497865774747999774518587774503973775336043774507262774557285775031471PS4 PRO winners:774502479774595189774822747774520507774518244774818345774796484774643907774598060774553438Thank you everyone and sorry for delay!!

  • Dottie Myers
    Dottie Myers   36 minuts ago

    Sub to vizfn he makes the best content besides lazerbeam he is also a good and og player

  • Sml Fan
    Sml Fan   3 hours ago

    My mom died😢😢😂😭😭

  • Statix Vlogs
    Statix Vlogs   5 hours ago

    1:45 so that how henchman noises were made

  • Quinn Reesman
    Quinn Reesman   7 hours ago

    Apply this game mode to team rumble and you got the best game mode

  • fish
    fish   7 hours ago

    AC-130 in Fortnite basically

  • vanda vafaei
    vanda vafaei   12 hours ago

    Can I please have 5 000 v bucks please you are the best you tuber everrrr😚

  • Xero X
    Xero X   17 hours ago

    It wouldn't be a lazar beam video if he won the first game

  • Rayden Bennett
    Rayden Bennett   1 days ago

    I want to meet you in real life and if I did I would die

  • Peyton Kerr
    Peyton Kerr   1 days ago

    When he said subscribe or musulk will be under your bed that made my day a whole lot better

  • Gabi Macovei
    Gabi Macovei   1 days ago

    You should grenade launcher spam or normal grenades

  • PvP Underdog
    PvP Underdog   1 days ago

    This is how much views lazarbeam gets⬇️

  • jxst carter
    jxst carter   1 days ago

    Well atleast.. He didn't sponsor raid shadow legends

  • Yara Idriss
    Yara Idriss   1 days ago

    I download it already it is so much fun