When the Synapsids Struck Back

  • Published on: 19 June 2019
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    Synapsids were the world’s first-ever terrestrial megafauna but the vast majority of these giants were doomed to extinction. However some lived on, keeping a low profile among the dinosaurs. And now our world is the way it is because of the time when the synapsids struck back.

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    References: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1YbTns-AcONtRWN9pdOZMfiqYDP5-3Hb-zt1gtDMV1Fw/edit?usp=sharing
  • Runtime : 10:55
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    Bernard wilt   2 days ago

    I think your beautiful wanna date I'd treat you like a queen hun

  • Nicholas Rinaldi
    Nicholas Rinaldi   2 days ago

    Thanks for being open minded about burrowing humans. One time a video was like "we humans don't pick things up with our feet" n I'm like, 'uhhh, excuse me?'

  • ELMST X6
    ELMST X6   2 days ago

    The video was great 👍🏻 But I’ve read about this and looked Into it In this video she called them Sauropsids But I’ve learned and thought The group were diapsids DIAPSIDS AND SYNAPSIDS

  • John Lamb
    John Lamb   6 days ago

    Please do a video on what would happen if the Permian extinction didn’t happen

  • Top Pay Position
    Top Pay Position   1 weeks ago

    And for this reason and more I refuse to kill mice or rats.

  • DougtheDonkeyTV
    DougtheDonkeyTV   2 weeks ago

    If you’re transphobic it means you’re scared of synapsids

  • Guy H.
    Guy H.   2 weeks ago

    Wooooooow! Great video! Very educational. EONS rocks! (No pun intended! 😁😁😁)

  • anonymous B
    anonymous B   2 weeks ago

    Or so you guess. And no nothing juts appeared at some point in time those animals all evolved super slowly to what we find from time to time that links them. Nothing appears lol that's poor way to explain things

  • Complete Bagel
    Complete Bagel   3 weeks ago

    I think arthropods dominate land just like the dominate land just like they dominate everywhere else an animal can live.

  • W Serba
    W Serba   3 weeks ago

    Inhalation through the turbinates also helps to cool the blood inside of the cranium, acting as kind of brain AC unit. If you do aerobic exercises, try inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth. Try comparing thoughts and thought patterns between mouth breathing and nose breathing. I've personally found my thoughts to be more coherent when I'm less overheated.

  • Izzy Belisle
    Izzy Belisle   3 weeks ago

    2:26 the WHAT? Bro she pronounces so many words poorly. Someone put some notes in her script 😂

  • John Paul
    John Paul   3 weeks ago

    5:45 So basically Pokemons is real

  • Craig Wall
    Craig Wall   1 months ago

    My name is Craig...dweller of the crag. I definitely have burrowing tendencies.

  • Kankarii
    Kankarii   1 months ago

    2:06 what song is that? Where can I find it?

  • Flybynight 3
    Flybynight 3   1 months ago

    I'm sorry calling them " ancestors" seems strange the origins of at least humans are not certain by science or anyone else , is mysterious. it seems strange that earth seems to be a planet where animals flourish but if we are a product of this same system why are we so young in fossil records but so advanced and why aren't there any species of creature besides homo sapien around that can reason or that look remotely like us I know neanderthal and others but why did they die off did we kill them all?

  • Kyle Russo
    Kyle Russo   1 months ago

    Would have they tasted more mammalian or reptilian is my question?

  • Aaron J
    Aaron J   1 months ago

    if my great great great x100 rat-granny could live in the ground, then i know this is my true calling. . .

  • Aaron J
    Aaron J   1 months ago

    Me: casually minding my own business, currently making a new burrow for myself, as most reptile-rats doEagle: scoops me up and carries me away

  • VonnPlays - Ognimdo2002

    Birds are dinosaursReptiles are itselfAmphibians are fishHumans and mammals are synapsidsMe: all races are synapsidsAh damn, here go again

  • Faisal Abdullah
    Faisal Abdullah   1 months ago

    Where is Venasurus? By the way I am descendent from the Charizardarus branch.

  • Lor Bmoreflow
    Lor Bmoreflow   1 months ago

    So platypus is one of these synapsids? Lay eggs have fur and a beak?

  • Jalisa Kowalski
    Jalisa Kowalski   1 months ago

    Please dont ever stop this channel. Continue discovering. This series is like an addiction.

  • Devix
    Devix   1 months ago

    Looking at our trenches during WW1, we still do some burrowing actually.

  • ivan abrosimov
    ivan abrosimov   1 months ago

    wait,wait, how about the lystrosaurs? they survived the extinction too, didnt they?

  • Hentai God
    Hentai God   2 months ago

    Borat voice ,what type of dog is this? 😂

  • Leonard Bright
    Leonard Bright   2 months ago

    I have a theory that monotremes arent mammals but the last branch of synapsids;

  • Kal
    Kal   2 months ago

    Did these animals lay eggs or give live birth?

  • Mr Monstah
    Mr Monstah   2 months ago

    5:47 Bulbasaurus I KNEW IT, POKEMON ARE REAL!