We Broke Up.

  • Published on: 11 January 2020
  • Thank you all for the love and support during this difficult time. 💔

    I'll be back to filming and creating with makeup soon.
    My heart is trying to heal and repair. I love you guys so much.

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  • Runtime : 17:16
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  • Khris Martinez
    Khris Martinez   2 minuts ago

    I wanna see nates new bf he's be hotter then me i bet

  • Autumn Webster
    Autumn Webster   2 minuts ago

    Honey we love u... take your time! FYI I’m sorry for the stuff your going through....

  • Kryzai MMD
    Kryzai MMD   26 minuts ago

    Nathan is a very sweet person and you are just amazing, I hope you both find happiness!

  • Emx Temmie
    Emx Temmie   28 minuts ago

    awww jefferey im so sorry!! Youre still an iconic queen! Youll get through this!! <33 You got this!!

  • lucius0malfoy
    lucius0malfoy   30 minuts ago

    Where is jeffrey? there are people that are soulmates with Jeffrey Star and wee need you in our lives . 😢.

  • Yasmin Hernandez
    Yasmin Hernandez   35 minuts ago

    I feel as if nathan genuinely loves jeffree but he knows He should be with a girl

  • Mack Wood
    Mack Wood   37 minuts ago

    Did he leave you for his cat

  • hometownusa1
    hometownusa1   37 minuts ago


  • David Gabbard
    David Gabbard   40 minuts ago

    That’s so sad. So, who’s gonna watch the Super Bowl?

  • Lil K Smo
    Lil K Smo   42 minuts ago

    I honestly can’t see them not being together but I know you’ll grow and grow for the better. And one day, you’ll find someone new or you’ll find your way back. But you’ll be fine!

  • helloimjerricca
    helloimjerricca   52 minuts ago

    I finally made myself watch this and I started crying the first 2 minutes.Edit : when Jeffree said his grandma wasn't doing okay I full on started sobbing!

  • Itzz Madzy
    Itzz Madzy   1 hours ago

    I’m so sorry but The floofs on the bed are so cuteeee

  • mothicx
    mothicx   1 hours ago

    My year has been a mess so far too,but I'll make it better

  • Rain Lluvia
    Rain Lluvia   1 hours ago

    Maybe its just a break to breath an worry about the family an them self... Maybe he come back? Good vibes no matter u be his friends keep it near.

  • Marielle Anne Sambilay

    I lost the guy I saw the rest of my life with on the 31st, and began the New Year sobbing my eyes out. Your openness and genuine care for him shows how much of a wonderfully kind soul you are. Best wishes ❤

  • C. Beckom
    C. Beckom   1 hours ago

    😭😭 I'm so sorry that you are going through this..

  • Nikky
    Nikky   1 hours ago

    I realize that you handled this situation with a lot of maturity and that is very respectable, you really handled the situation well, you set a good example to continue with life even being broken, you are strong, you will get out of this, you always do.

  • Raven Lawrence
    Raven Lawrence   1 hours ago

    Jeffree! Im so sorry for you girl! Go see grandma! Im so glad your mom is okay! I pray that good things come your way! I love you! Stay strong

  • Kriskills
    Kriskills   1 hours ago

    Why all of the people who did series with Shane break up with their love ones ?

  • Maria Savarino
    Maria Savarino   1 hours ago

    This is so tragic and I am so sorry and the fact that you still call him your soulmate even though he hurt you means that you truly loved and still love him. This is so heart wrenching that he did this to you because you are such a great person and you never deserved this to happen. Love you and will support you the whole way. 🥰

  • Twig Lei
    Twig Lei   1 hours ago

    Honestly , I’m surprised . I knew Jeffree loved Nathan a lot . But when I think of Jeffree crying is kinda weird since he has a really strong personality . And I didn’t ever think it’d be because of Nathan ( I wouldn’t think they’d break up ) . I myself also do not believe he’s not there . I love you so much Jeffree , I hope you get happier ! ( Sorry if the word choice sounds weird or something doesn’t make sense !)

  • Kristona ewing
    Kristona ewing   1 hours ago

    Oh my god Jeffrey I never saw this coming babe i wish you both luck and i know you are stronger then this

  • Allyson White
    Allyson White   1 hours ago

    Omg I’m crying it’s so sad I have been watching since day 1

  • Ashleigh Burgundy
    Ashleigh Burgundy   1 hours ago

    I hope all the dislikes are for disliking their breakup and not this video.

  • Brie Tube
    Brie Tube   2 hours ago

    Ew gay I’m glad you broke up

  • Nora Sarmiento
    Nora Sarmiento   2 hours ago

    My heart is still so sore from the love of my life and I going our separate ways in late 2018. This was so incredibly painful to watch. I love you Jeffree. There is nothing in this world like the pain of loss and grief.

  • Truth Or consequences

    Just end it all already get it over with… God you’re a pathetic Excuse for a human

  • Ciara Harris
    Ciara Harris   2 hours ago

    You two can fix it. The love is coming out of your pores. Fix it ❤