Traveling To 7 Countries In 7 Days For $524

  • Published on: 10 November 2019
  • "What do you call an autotune artist in a storm? T-Rain."

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  • Leonel Curiel
    Leonel Curiel   19 hours ago

    Do you guys plan on doing more travel focused episodes of worth it?

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person   1 days ago

    9:55 its fruit puree to make bellinis with the champagne!

  • Megan
    Megan   2 days ago

    Or if you want affordable European travel you could try Ryanair

  • Harry T
    Harry T   1 weeks ago

    Americans getting excited over 2 cheap looking arm rests says alot about the US train system

  • melinathin
    melinathin   1 weeks ago

    I liked how you edited this video

  • Simon
    Simon   1 weeks ago

    Why isn’t this video half an hour?

  • Maurice W
    Maurice W   1 weeks ago

    Title is misleading. The price is just the cost for a rail pass and not for the whole trip. It would have been amazing if they showed how to visit all these countries on that price with food, transportation and lodging.

  • ViciousWasp
    ViciousWasp   1 weeks ago

    8:45 Käsekreiner is Lowkey the best sausage in the world

  • Daniel Bentham
    Daniel Bentham   1 weeks ago

    Way too short London via Brussels Amsterdam to Berlin literally took 1 minute

  • Nothing but nothing
    Nothing but nothing   1 weeks ago

    Travelling the whole Europe is part of my bucket list and I can't wait for my flight next week going to Paris

  • Nandeezy Nessy
    Nandeezy Nessy   1 weeks ago

    Y’all got me all hyped up for nothing. I was like a trip in Europe for <$600 COUNT ME IN. And then through the video I noticed you didn’t count hotel, plane ticket to Europe, restaurant, snacks, the bicycle rent etc. I stopped watching by minute 5:20

  • Kaia Babyy
    Kaia Babyy   2 weeks ago

    This, was so cool and i'm so doing this for my 18th birthday, its an affordable price for 1 adult too, but i'm so bringing a friend!

  • Bart Konig
    Bart Konig   2 weeks ago

    Ì'm so happy to already live in Europe and had the opportunity to travel by Interrail several times, to explore al sights of the continent. Much love from the Netherlands! (*and no I don't live in Amsterdam!) :P

  • Jacobius Pineconalhotra

    That’s the fun part about living in London. I can go to France if it’s a long weekend

  • Zihan Zheng
    Zihan Zheng   3 weeks ago

    Its so unusual for me as an european to see people getting so exited about trains lol

  • Linda v
    Linda v   3 weeks ago

    So how much was the food, fun and hotel?

  • Samed Çelen
    Samed Çelen   3 weeks ago

    I traveled to 4 cities in Europe, watch my video!

  • Samuel Austin
    Samuel Austin   4 weeks ago

    no one calls it the chunnel, we call it the channel tunnel

  • Shane2715
    Shane2715   1 months ago

    Its called Inter railing and students love doing this in Europe. The EU recently started giving out free passes to EU Citizens on their 18th birthday.

  • Sky Kim
    Sky Kim   1 months ago

    Can you guys please do a worth it Tee shirts

  • Vedansh Tiwari
    Vedansh Tiwari   1 months ago

    They didn’t visit France They did not have the complete Europe experience

  • Miki Risa
    Miki Risa   1 months ago

    I adore Andrew being on the show, but, when you know Ben is never coming back... </3@06:35

  • Stallone Tjia
    Stallone Tjia   1 months ago

    How I missed Ben OMG, now that's refreshing

  • musique1o1
    musique1o1   1 months ago

    Why was this not a 7 part series. What a waste 😑😑😑😒

  • Irene Balilj
    Irene Balilj   1 months ago

    Nice vlog, pls sent me an itinerary thank you

  • Peace PreacherX
    Peace PreacherX   1 months ago

    Here in Britain we do say good day mate its just that because of immigration many Australians say it since majority of them are of British descent

  • Val Bich
    Val Bich   2 months ago

    They should do transsiberian train in Russia. That's true experience.