10 Guests That Annoyed Ellen

  • Published on: 16 November 2019
  • Here are the Top 10 Guests That Annoyed Ellen!

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  • Runtime : 11:10
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  • Tonia Neese
    Tonia Neese   2 weeks ago

    I think Ellen is funny, kind and respectful. I believe she probably had a really good upbringing!!!

  • Leonie  Weimer
    Leonie Weimer   2 weeks ago

    Guest that annoyed Ellen?. Hmm I think she’s the annoying one really.

  • zoyeb Zia
    zoyeb Zia   2 weeks ago

    The narration sounds like that annoying girl fron big mouth.

  • spookypunky
    spookypunky   3 weeks ago

    Seth Green doing an Indian accent? Goodbye!

  • EMAN
    EMAN   1 months ago

    oh man ellen jail, give me the chair.

  • GamingWithGrace
    GamingWithGrace   1 months ago

    why do you choose to narrate like that?speak like a human please

  • Julian Plascencia Curiel

    I find videos like these extremely annoying. Please let us just watch the videos so we can make our own assumptions. Thank you.

  • Marco Zamudio
    Marco Zamudio   1 months ago

    Why everyone trying to sound like Chills? There can only be one weird sounding narrator

  • Nermin Okanovic
    Nermin Okanovic   1 months ago

    Ellen looks like a female version of Tim Cook. Am I allowed to call her a female? 🤷🏻‍♂️ (no pun intended - just to be clear, for all the acidic people out there)

  • A Mori
    A Mori   1 months ago

    Caitlyn Jenner is a traditionalist?

  • Jack Gross
    Jack Gross   1 months ago

    I really dont care for Wendy Williams....irrelavent to my life...

  • Pedro Barron
    Pedro Barron   1 months ago

    Damn u r Judy like Damn u nit pick @ everything like god Damn

  • puppyhowler
    puppyhowler   1 months ago

    someone explain to me how a cat acts like a boy

  • a.j.a.k.uk.1
    a.j.a.k.uk.1   2 months ago

    It is fairly rare to get a male tortoise shell cat.

  • jim spurlock
    jim spurlock   2 months ago

    F anyone that thinks they speak for god

  • General Caos
    General Caos   2 months ago

    Ellen doesn't look like Justin Beiber, Justin Beiber looks like Ellen

  • mingteedee
    mingteedee   2 months ago

    Ellen is a frequent guest on Kardashian parties

  • K K
    K K   2 months ago

    Ellen is more annoying that's why guests need drugs to cope

  • Thurein Tun
    Thurein Tun   2 months ago

    Yah, marriage can be only male-female, as you can't fuckin reproduce other way around

  • jobless.bum7
    jobless.bum7   2 months ago

    For real, the narrator is so fam annoying