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  • Published on: 07 May 2018
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    This documentary was filmed in collaboration with Apple Music as part of Billie Eilish's "Up Next" campaign in October 2017.
  • Runtime : 8:43
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  • B H
    B H   4 hours ago

    Billie you are a beautiful woman from within out, you are blessed and one very lucky person. Your brothers love for you is admirable, you have had love support from your parents. Life is about love, happiness, give and take balance. Believe and trust you.

  • camilo arteaga
    camilo arteaga   5 hours ago

    I certainly do not understand anything he said but translate it to Spanish billie I am using translator I love you please if you see this give heart I pray you 🙏🏻 I love you from Colombia an eleven year old boy loves you and wants you too billie believe me that holding this comment cry and if you one day die I die I want to meet you Amoooo you are the best I love you billie heart give to this comment you see him I love you or a poor child without resources from a people in Colombia loves you billie

  • higor lima
    higor lima   21 hours ago

    Domine o mundo por favor E salve os animais

  • higor lima
    higor lima   21 hours ago

    Billie come for BrazilBrasileiros te esperam há muito tempo

  • higor lima
    higor lima   21 hours ago

    Billie Are u Okay Its ALL oK?Sorry for bad inglish kkkkkkkjkkkkkjkkkkkkkkkkkj

  • Jamie S
    Jamie S   1 days ago

    I regret so much not discovering her years earlier. Not only are her music & voice incredible. She has the purest soul. So genuine, I love that she does whatever she wants & doesn’t aim to please anyone. You can truly feel her heart in everything she creates. Nothing but love & respect for this girl. I hope she never loses herself ❤️

  • Gabie carmona
    Gabie carmona   1 days ago

    Lmao I just became more interested/obsessed with Billie Bc I ride horses too 🥺

  • KXY 777
    KXY 777   1 days ago

    Didnt only just understand it but loved it too.Great job👏Stay Positive 😇🤘☝🌕💝💯

  • sarabeth cole
    sarabeth cole   1 days ago

    omg whos here when she has green and black hair And SHE WAS 15 DUDE shes 18 wow

  • Vanya Sidana
    Vanya Sidana   2 days ago

    Thank you Billie we all will always be there for you no matter what

    JINNAT NAVEED   2 days ago

    her and her brother singing was bom fuck yeah

  • Feije Govaert
    Feije Govaert   3 days ago

    When she said just come give me a hug I just wanted to go on a plane to go and hug her! no joke

  • kebron Getahun
    kebron Getahun   3 days ago

    This is so nice and i cry so much she is so a nice pretty girl i love her

  • Aileen
    Aileen   4 days ago

    This hits different😪🥺❣

  • Nippura
    Nippura   5 days ago

    Billies gonna be famous

  • bos5 WTU
    bos5 WTU   5 days ago

    Bro why this in a phineas and ferb playlist.

  • Rosaria Salerno
    Rosaria Salerno   5 days ago

    up next: where’s my mindyou don’t have to be in love to write a song about being in love and you don’t have to hate someone to write a song about hating someone. it’s just fun to put yourself in a place where you would not be otherwise. i was just a kid who had a lot of time to focus on things i wanted to focus on which is kind of a part of the home schooling and the reason we home schooledit just allowed them to have this creative life we had acting-musicians parents, they always nurtured such a sense of creativity in us the currency of the family is music and dance and movement and comedyhi mi name is billie and this is lucia, come here lucia, say hi hi we just let our life be driven by their passions and what billie was interested 6 years old she told us she wanted to sing in the talent show, she said “oh i know what i want to sing, i wanna sing ‘happiness is a warm gun’ we were like ‘what’ she was complete comfortable and loved it i joined the choir when i was 8 mainly because my brother was in it and i though that was really cool this became a home for herand to be in a room full of people who actually love singing as much as i do was really eye-openingwhen billie was about 10 she begged to ride horses and to be honest we couldn’t afford iti just worked at the stables for two summers like all day just to afford ridingbillie was always so fascinated with digital cameras, she’d go out in the yard and take all these pictures, pictures of stones and blades of grass and she’d put her little animals there and create the whole world i’d make music videos of random songs that i liked at the timemy brother and i started working, just writing together we’ve written and recorder all our songs in my very small bedroomthe first song i wrote with my brother was ‘bellyache’ he just kinda started playing some random thing on the guitar and i started making some stuff upand then he was like “my friends aren’t far, in the back of my car are their bodies” like you’re in a car with your friends and then i was like no “no, my friends aren’t far in the back of my car lay their bodies” like i just killed all of my friends i do this thing where if something happens, like someone is horrible or someone is really great and i have a certain reaction to it, i will just get my phone out, before i even know how i feel, and i’ll just record a video of me just reacting you can write anything and you can say the truth and you can not tell anybody that it’s the truth, you can just write it and it’ll be yours and nobody can see itthere’s a lot of feelings that are really universal, and even though billie is only 15 now and that might limit your life experience, i think there’s so many sort of emotions that everyone feels no matter how young or old you are for me, something that used to help a lot with depression and just anything was dance and moving. dance is really my way of expression, so if i was going through anything at all i just had to get up, had to walk or had to run or had to do something and that was always my way of just getting everything out at once and not having to think about it, i could just go and move and everything would be great what sucked was that i got injured which completely took me out of dance and it was really really hard we were in the dance studio there, always need someone or something and so many people don’t have that, and i luckily i had music, if i didn’t have music i don’t know... everything would be so badi just want my music to get in people’s heads and if you feel that way then come give me hug.when se was little she would say to me “what do you want me to play?” and i’d say “i just want you to sing, i just want you to sing for me” the response ti “ocean eyes” within the industry and within the public response was pretty extraordinary you hear the music, you hear the song and the production and you don’t think this is coming from, at the time, a 13 year-old kidi think fans and supporters don’t get enough credits because they’re the only reason that i’m anything and i think they deserve everything that i’m getting and i would be nothing without them

  • Shi Alain Arciga
    Shi Alain Arciga   5 days ago

    If I have enough money,I will precisely fly from Philippines to US just to see her ♥ :<