GRWM! (Baby #2, Mom Fears, Pregnancy Talk)

  • Published on: 10 January 2020
  • I'm doing a pregnancy Q&A as you get ready with me for my baby shower! Answering all the pregnancy questions... Baby #2, Mom Fears, Etc.... Enjoy my GRWM / chit chat and mom talk about babies!!


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  • Lots Of Love
    Lots Of Love   4 months ago

    ‪You look incredible momma totally got the pregnancy glow! Pregnancy so suits you and you got the cutest bump! You ate a beautiful pregnant goddess and legit could be a pregnant model! How much weight have you gained? Do you have any stretch marks and are you using anything for them? Did you do maternity photos or a belly cast? Do you have the pregnancy waddle? Do you have any embarrassing symptoms like lots of gas farting burping etc or just embarrassing symptoms in general?

  • Catera Meyers
    Catera Meyers   4 months ago

    Ahh I love this!! I’m 21 my boyfriend and I have been together since 8th grade and my baby fever has been so crazy lately watching this video just made me want one even more congrats and I love his name!! So happy I came across your channel and I listen to that podcast too!!

  • nrtucke
    nrtucke   4 months ago

    Lys PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE keep him in until 2/27 lol.

  • Steph_ XOXO
    Steph_ XOXO   4 months ago

    Sorry I'm a late 😭 but I am so glad to see you girl and I cant wait till you have Wesson ❤👶 I am so happy that your pregnancy experience has been good and I can tell you are so excited and especially since you wanted a boy 😍 love you and take care 😘😘IG:Stephany_1124

  • Rachel Szymczak
    Rachel Szymczak   4 months ago

    Umbilical cord wrapped won’t mean c-section necessarily. (Both boys born all natural, posteriorly, and with umbilical cords wrapped around their necks twice 🤪). With first made me have to push 3 hours because it was too tight and causing heart rate drop too low... but the patience kept me from having to go into surgery. Marathon is a good way to put as if you are training. I think I regret not doing any research or classes before births. I just went in trying to be mentally strong, and know to trust my body. YOU’VE GOT THIS!!!! And yes I LOVE THOSE EARRINGS!!! 😍😅 #boymomgoals

  • Lindsay Werst
    Lindsay Werst   4 months ago

    Has pregnancy made you want to speak your mind?? 😉😂

  • Heyyy Zup
    Heyyy Zup   4 months ago

    I am absolutely obsessed with you I love u 😍

  • Shelby Owens
    Shelby Owens   4 months ago

    Be ready before 38 weeks I was a first time mom and thought your baby’s born on there due date and both of my kids were born at 38 weeks. So be prepared

  • Amberghini Beauty
    Amberghini Beauty   4 months ago

    So beautiful love love love hearing about your journey 💙

  • Didi K
    Didi K   4 months ago

    Awesome. Glad you did this video in this amount of detail. I appreciate the time you put in for us. Really enjoyed it and can't wait to meet Wesson in just a couple weeks! Best of luck...❤

  • Mya Madison
    Mya Madison   4 months ago

    What brush did you use for foundation? X

  • ari
    ari   4 months ago

    hi! future OB nurse here: for the cord being wrapped around baby's neck, the best thing is to get him out asap. the preparation for an emergency c-section can take a while, so if you are able I'm pretty sure they would have you push him out. congrats in advance!! you're going to be such a good mama!

  • metrini
    metrini   4 months ago

    Also the only thing I wonder about pregnancy is how it feels having them move inside of you

  • metrini
    metrini   4 months ago

    I think Wesson for a girl's name would have been soooo cool but Im biased LOL My name is Jimmi HAHAHA

  • leigh h
    leigh h   4 months ago

    I wish I was pregnant it has so many ups and downs but I'd love every moment.But oh well I'll just wait for the time to come around. LOVE LOVE LOVE You's by the way <3

  • Maria Rennie
    Maria Rennie   4 months ago

    I just want to say that you have been SO calm and chill during this pregnancy and I seriously think you'll be the same when you take baby boy home. Love you and your channel, and you are seriously such a super mom and an inspiration <3

  • Analisa Trofimuk
    Analisa Trofimuk   4 months ago

    You always upload on my busiest days and I love it. It’s the best way to wind down after a crazy workday!!!❤️

  • Ainsley Cornwell
    Ainsley Cornwell   4 months ago

    Being a boy mom is the BEST. Everyone asks if we're trying for a girl next and I'm like heck no! Boys all the way! If your hospital has a tub/shower to let you labor in (and ease pain) USE IT! It will help soooo much! If you do end up getting an epidural don't beat yourself up either! I wanted to go all natural but after 32 long exhausting laboring hours I finally caved (and my husband begged) lol. But I had such a pain free labor after that I'm so thankful I got it! And something about the umbilical cord. My nephew had it wrapped around his neck twice and in a knot! My sister felt decreased movement and the on call doctor thought everything was fine and brushed her off. Thankfully my mom pushed for her (my sister was 19 at the time) and her OB came in to check her out. Sure enough she went right into emergency C-section and if they waited till morning he probably wouldn't have made it! Trust your gut mama! Not trying to scare you, people tend to brush off first time moms and especially young ones. Last thing lol, I had the same fears like omg my child could die while I'm asleep! I got the owlett sock and I HIGHLY recommend it! Worth every penny!

  • Jenna Paige Ramirez
    Jenna Paige Ramirez   4 months ago

    Just some advice, don’t install the car seat until after the baby is born, have your husband install it at the hospital before you go home. God forbid you’re in an accident or the car and car seat is you can’t use the car seat anymore for safety reasons. And you’ll have time to install it during the hospital stay (well your hubs will) good luck! I just had baby #3 7 months ago!

  • kay kay
    kay kay   4 months ago

    SIDS was one of my biggest fear when bringing my son home I had learned so much I was scared to co sleep learned it actually regulates babies breathing co sleeping has tons of benefits and I actually learned SIDS and suffocation are two different thing's honestly that sounds dumb but I was a first time mom had to learn everything on my own!! He will be a year old February 12th !!


    Your literally the best! I can’t wait for the baby to come!! I’m so happy for you!!Sorry for not being active to your channel my internet hasn’t been working for weeks and now it’s working love you Lys!

  • Kiarra Draper
    Kiarra Draper   4 months ago

    Already love this video and it just started. Love you Lys!❤

  • Annika T.
    Annika T.   4 months ago

    YES I absolutely love this!!!!!!!! Can't wait for baby boy to be here!!! 💞💞