Terrifying & Adorable Animals with Dave Salmoni

  • Published on: 30 January 2018
  • Dave brings out an Asian water monitor, a hedgehog, a beautiful but scary vulture, a porcupine and the cutest pot belly pigs you’ve ever seen.

    Jimmy Kimmel on Donald Trump & Mueller https://youtu.be/HemU9k35Cfc

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    Terrifying & Adorable Animals with Dave Salmoni
  • Runtime : 10:25
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  • DÀRK Gàming
    DÀRK Gàming   1 days ago

    Just came here after watching conan's animal segment, only to be reminded how rude and lame kimmel came be...Learn from conan or corden how to be respectful and funny at the same time!!

  • august
    august   1 days ago

    dave went and brought out mrs kipling lol

  • Paula Shelton
    Paula Shelton   2 days ago

    The average weight of a pot bellied pig is 100 pounds. This guy has no idea what he’s talking about.

  • _ ghxul
    _ ghxul   4 days ago

    Hedgehogs are actually adorable and kind. The huff and puff as a defense and it shows they're still alive and doing well. My sisters boss has like 7 hedgehogs and my sister gets to cuddle with them and I get to the hold them :)

  • Miles Edgeworth
    Miles Edgeworth   4 days ago


  • Jeff
    Jeff   5 days ago

    they eat the dead before it spreads

  • Cherie Nguyen
    Cherie Nguyen   1 weeks ago

    Every emoji that describes my feeling for those pigs: 😁😆☺️😊😇😍

  • bystandr
    bystandr   1 weeks ago

    I'm just clicking because of hot Dave.

  • bts meow
    bts meow   1 weeks ago

    I live somewhere,where 0:43 this animal isSo when i was young my parents was out working,i went to my front gate where i see this, coming out of somewhere and it scared me to deathas i mention i was young so i tought it was a crocodile and i ofcourse called my maid and parents..I didnt really remember what happen but my maid gave a water house and well...As i mentioned a crocodile lives under water so i spray them with water when it started to bleedI went to bed and the next thing i know my parents told that they could someone to take care of it......TBH i think i killed it by spraing it with water..😐Im not kidding,this literally happen

  • Giulia Costa
    Giulia Costa   1 weeks ago

    It is such an opportunity to be at the presence of these animals, I mean, that close! To pet them, to feed them! I wish Jimmy would seize the moment just a bit. He is “scared” because it is funny, there is obviously a whole security team in that studio.

  • 4x nyiii
    4x nyiii   2 weeks ago

    “he’s coming at us “😂

  • khadija oufkyr
    khadija oufkyr   2 weeks ago

    Why did he bring him to the show if he don't wanna listen to him

  • Stef V.O.
    Stef V.O.   2 weeks ago

    OMG ❤ I just love the baby bacon ❤ the sounds are soooooo cute

  • Ashley Cote
    Ashley Cote   2 weeks ago

    am i the only one who said MR KIPLING when the first animal came out...

  • Twisted Pixel
    Twisted Pixel   2 weeks ago

    Pigs are TOO smart. You can hardly keep them in a fence. You stake it down one place, and they'll root out somewhere else. They'll spend a week working a loose piece of fence back and forth until it's worked up high enough they can get out. Cherish your bacon, people. It was hard won.

  • Fancy by Lila
    Fancy by Lila   2 weeks ago

    I have a blonde hedgehog as a pet 🦔💖But my hedgehog is a great pet he is so cute and friendly. He is so cute and active at night

  • Kelson Hansen
    Kelson Hansen   2 weeks ago

    Jessie is scared the first animal Jessie the Disney show

  • Tomas Bella
    Tomas Bella   2 weeks ago

    In FarCry the Komodo Dragons was very furious and the men lifts it like a little boy.

  • phlarrdboi
    phlarrdboi   2 weeks ago

    That Dave guy has one hell of a meaty ass. Wowee

  • Anant Jamuar
    Anant Jamuar   2 weeks ago

    Kimmel is a big racist. He was not petting a asian.

  • William Ash
    William Ash   2 weeks ago

    “Why does he sound like he will explode”

  • Rabsel Gurung
    Rabsel Gurung   2 weeks ago

    Lmao it’s just funny how this guy comes in with some big ass predators and makes em look so cute

  • Teya Lynn
    Teya Lynn   3 weeks ago

    I had no idea vultures were so massive

  • i remember everything

    Jimmy: What's his name?Dave: DexterJimmy: Oh good you name him after a serial killerI'M CHOKING 😂😂😂

  • Sebbehh
    Sebbehh   3 weeks ago

    Everytime time Jimmy opens his mouth it's to just make jokes and interrupt Dave all the time.. for god sake just shut up, listen and learn

  • Remix Guy
    Remix Guy   3 weeks ago

    You’ve had a dragon stolen