Terrifying & Adorable Animals with Dave Salmoni

  • Published on: 30 January 2018
  • Dave brings out an Asian water monitor, a hedgehog, a beautiful but scary vulture, a porcupine and the cutest pot belly pigs you’ve ever seen.

    Jimmy Kimmel on Donald Trump & Mueller https://youtu.be/HemU9k35Cfc

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    Terrifying & Adorable Animals with Dave Salmoni
  • Runtime : 10:25
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  • James Bagley
    James Bagley   17 hours ago

    5:18 Jimmy is so annoying and pathetic.

  • Jay D
    Jay D   1 days ago

    Dave:(Brings out Asian water monitor)Me: Mrs. Kipling

  • skyrim guard
    skyrim guard   1 days ago

    This is completely unrelated but Dave has a nice ass

  • Helli We
    Helli We   1 days ago

    I loooove vultures. I love working with them

  • The Miltonguy
    The Miltonguy   2 days ago

    i LOVE having the Poppy Bowl on while cooking Super Bowl Munchies!

  • Nikita
    Nikita   3 days ago

    Why does he have to bring them on his show if he dislikes them so much? Every time he opens his mouth I’m like ‘Shut up! Let Dave finish. He was telling us interesting facts about these animals.’

  • Slinky music
    Slinky music   3 days ago

    Who else got an ad of an iPhone 11 even though u were watching this on one lol

  • William Holloway
    William Holloway   4 days ago

    Where I live In the uk, there are so many hedgehogs 🦔 around. We also used to own British lop pigs and when we had piglets, when you would try to carry one, it would scream like hell

  • yomal perez z
    yomal perez z   5 days ago

    The saliva of the komodo dragon has a powerful nuerotoxina, it is not advisable to be careful.

  • ranin zaid
    ranin zaid   5 days ago

    This is not National Geographic.. people complaining because they want more information about the animals.. they came to laugh also... if u want more info then google it 🙃

  • Cat Lady In the making

    "I would never bring you anything dangerous.""You've many times brought me dangerous things!"".......I sometimes bring you dangerous things"🤣🤣🤣

  • JakeBo Gaming
    JakeBo Gaming   1 weeks ago

    It’s so annoying the whole fear thing with the animals, it ruins the experience because Jimmy’s like “ooohh I’m scared, I don’t wanna!!” Also the fact that they don’t let the damn man speak and educate the world. Jimmy also uses the same joke over and over again with the whole “do you know this man, is he stealing your (insert animal)

  • Dill
    Dill   1 weeks ago

    Imma make this clear I watch this strictly for the animals and not Jimmy’s poor attempt at humor. 😀 😊 🦔

  • Future Legend
    Future Legend   1 weeks ago

    Animal: eats a piece of meatAudience: claps.

  • dido dikra
    dido dikra   1 weeks ago

    i cant its so annoying he just keeps interupting him everytime hes trying to explain to the audiance

  • The Mastema
    The Mastema   1 weeks ago

    hedgehogs are NOT good pets? an amazing expert.... i had a few and know at least a dozen people who have those and they are excellent pets... my cats and hedghogs used to play together...

  • Lou-Anh Sinnassamy
    Lou-Anh Sinnassamy   1 weeks ago

    Omfg can Jimmy just SHUT UP for a second so I can listen to some interesting facts?

  • Pavan Kumar
    Pavan Kumar   1 weeks ago

    Will jimmy allow Dave to complete what he wants to say?

  • I. Khan
    I. Khan   1 weeks ago

    That was kind of awkward when jimmy kimmel said how are you doing and he said great, yourself and he didn’t respond

  • Aditya Yadav
    Aditya Yadav   1 weeks ago

    That's the lazy one...Jimmy had that...oh gosh!!!!😂😂😂

  • Fatima Rosario
    Fatima Rosario   1 weeks ago

    the people aren't even clapping for the animals instead they clap for scaredy jimmy feeding them🤦‍♂️

  • Kye Diggs
    Kye Diggs   1 weeks ago

    I hate when the hosts are so scared to interact with the animals like they really gone get hurt

  • KazeyeOk Music
    KazeyeOk Music   1 weeks ago

    5:31 Felt like Buckbeak's scene from The prisoner of azkaban haha ❤❤

  • Rubix Gaming
    Rubix Gaming   2 weeks ago

    Terrifying and Adorable Animals with Dave Salmoni: *Brings in a vulture