The Cast Remembers | Game of Thrones: Season 8 (HBO)

  • Published on: 08 April 2019
  • The cast looks back on filming the eight seasons of Game of Thrones.

    Game of Thrones returns for its final season on April 14.
  • Runtime : 10:43
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  • Muji moHd
    Muji moHd   5 hours ago

    The GOT history still confuses me🥴

  • Anthony Tran
    Anthony Tran   16 hours ago

    Lol the way Jorah admires Daneyres is essentially the same irl.

  • Jonathan Cooper
    Jonathan Cooper   1 days ago

    My most favourite tv series. Despite my mixed feelings for the ending.

  • Oluwabunmi Helen
    Oluwabunmi Helen   2 days ago

    Just watched all the seasons this year,it's worth the hype IMO.

  • John Dunbar
    John Dunbar   2 days ago

    The midget in this show probably wears small shoes

  • scorpio 1111
    scorpio 1111   3 days ago

    It was weird to see them out of character smiling in the thumbnail 😂

  • Outdoor freedom
    Outdoor freedom   3 days ago

    Such a good show, then came season 8. It was like, OK, let's get this thing done. The writing really let the actors down.

  • misc. endeavours
    misc. endeavours   4 days ago

    I've just finished binging on GOT having resisted watching when it first aired, unconvinced it could be worth all the fuss that was made about it. There's nothing like an epiphany and this one was majestic. The show will stay with me for a long time and I'll be re-watching at least once.

  • Alex S
    Alex S   4 days ago

    Вы предали саму идею сериала!!!! Ужасный финал. Вы отняли у людей надежду

  • Joseph alcatras
    Joseph alcatras   5 days ago

    Davos Seaworth is the same in real life. His accent is a grace

  • Luna duck
    Luna duck   6 days ago

    Emilia has the most perfect eyebrow in the world

  • majemaje0805
    majemaje0805   1 weeks ago

    I'm Japanese, but I haven't met any overseas dramas that exceed GOT. By all means, I want you to be resurrected, the people of the world should hope so

  • 3D Music
    3D Music   1 weeks ago

    Love from India ❤️❤️

  • 3D Music
    3D Music   1 weeks ago

    Please dubbed in Hindi language😭😭🙏🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️

  • Bardyman
    Bardyman   1 weeks ago

    I'm surprised they didnt remove "Season 8" from the title, or indeed from the show.

  • George Reynolds
    George Reynolds   1 weeks ago

    We won't see a series this good again in our lifetime.

  • mz204455
    mz204455   1 weeks ago

    Too bad the finale was absolute garbage.

  • Jon Snow
    Jon Snow   1 weeks ago

    My favourite characters in the show.Tyrion Lannister Tywin. Lannister Jon Snow Danerys Targaryen andRobert Baratheon

  • pranjal malik
    pranjal malik   1 weeks ago

    Its amazing how the characters have shaped actors

  • fatimazahra zerhouni
    fatimazahra zerhouni   1 weeks ago

    عمل راااااائع جدااا.. وأكثر ممثلة اندهشت بعملها وهي آريا..(Milisie)

  • Alex Bates
    Alex Bates   1 weeks ago

    “And it’s going to be great”. Spoke too soon buddy.

  • sachin gupta
    sachin gupta   1 weeks ago

    every character has given importance i realised. Btw Sansa u r my fav

  • king Ammo
    king Ammo   1 weeks ago

    will not be discoverd any more after season 8s shity ending lol

  • AMV Museum
    AMV Museum   1 weeks ago

    1:49 they were the only ones reuniting in the long night from stark family