• Published on: 06 November 2018
  • For years we have been arguing about which one of us is smarter. IN THIS VIDEO WE FINALLY FIND OUT THE TRUTH.

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  • Runtime : 26:40
  • Dolan Twins ethan grayson who i smarter


  • Evalira
    Evalira   1 hours ago

    Sometimes I'm Ethan, sometimes I'm Grayson... with those "my heart answers" I was definetively Ethan. PD: Please ExCUsE my english, I'm too lazy to google 'definetively'.

  • Rose H.
    Rose H.   6 hours ago

    Yeah... he was going through something for sure. My heart? Seriously? That answer was deep. It's very unlike him. A certain someone hurt him, and that certain someone should be immediately tracked down and eliminated!! ASAP!!!

  • Obehi
    Obehi   2 days ago

    ‘What credentials do you withhold?’

  • Rachael Louise
    Rachael Louise   2 days ago

    When Gray realised he was solving the cage 😂 Not competitive at all eh Grayson ? 😉 And Ethan just bites it 😂 I love this video 🤣

  • Waylynn Dunn
    Waylynn Dunn   2 days ago

    Okay but that IQ test drove me crazy 😂 I wanted to yell the answers

  • amy joy
    amy joy   3 days ago

    get the gold star out like maneuvering a table through a doorway.

  • amy joy
    amy joy   3 days ago

    i got all of them but the last one...i thought it was attention.

  • Kimberley Goodall
    Kimberley Goodall   3 days ago

    Does anyone else get visions of the kid that went viral "Linda honey, you don't listen!" when E says "Listen up Lisa!"?

  • Makenna Hetlinger
    Makenna Hetlinger   4 days ago

    6:17 Ethan is me when I’m writing a test at school lmao 😂❤️❤️

  • April Brown
    April Brown   4 days ago

    Who else is watching their old videos again because they aren’t posting every week again🙋🏽‍♀️

  • Anastasia Avell
    Anastasia Avell   4 days ago

    6:28 "you did too.. Awww" ethan reaction tho. When he first gets excited and priorities the fact that they wrote the same answer, and put whether it is correct / wrong second.

  • oop oof
    oop oof   5 days ago

    I would just like to say I think the text don't make a difference in who's smarter. I bileve Ethan is smart because he fed a deer 🦌 pineapple pizza

  • Ttinisha Pankaj Bajaj

    Ethan and Gray: windEthan:omg u said wind too? AWW WE'RE LIKE BROTHERSded😂

  • Lily Snackenberg
    Lily Snackenberg   1 weeks ago


  • Suman Negi
    Suman Negi   1 weeks ago

    I think u didn't take any competitive exam...😂😂 In India these questions of IQ are common among aspirants...

  • Isla Grant
    Isla Grant   1 weeks ago

    "you did too!?... awww" that was so cute

  • alice hyland
    alice hyland   1 weeks ago

    is this where grayson hurt his back? :,(

  • Lara Schulze
    Lara Schulze   1 weeks ago

    grayson saying hes smarter when he says ethans STUPIDER

  • Master Ryan
    Master Ryan   1 weeks ago

    Ethan during the riddles is so relatable

  • Rebecca R
    Rebecca R   1 weeks ago

    Gray was kinda a sore winner🥴

  • Desi Hill
    Desi Hill   1 weeks ago

    23:17 did anyone see that too 😂

  • Ultra Violet
    Ultra Violet   1 weeks ago

    "Grayson girl eggs dont have shells 🤦‍♂️""Then what do they have, goop?""Yes""Oh"I am DECEASED

  • Sophia Buracker
    Sophia Buracker   1 weeks ago

    Who else got the one where it was your name for the answer.and did anyone else get more right than they did.

  • leutu rachel auvaa
    leutu rachel auvaa   1 weeks ago

    This is me answering them i PINKY SWEAR i did not watch it before this1.Yes2.Automobile3.Kite4.A...........N...NOSE5.Wind6.Egg7.Jimmy8.Scilence9 . Darkness10. Grandfather son and son11. Your name (i almost said Air to breath at first)

  • Emily Byler
    Emily Byler   1 weeks ago

    “what has to be broken before it can be used?” me: chopsticks? Ethan : a broken arm!Grayson : shoes?riddle: An EgG!

  • Midnight Knights! -w-

    For the riddles I got them all right but one including ( I even got the last one right ) p.s I’m in 6th grade and I’m 11