• Published on: 25 February 2019
  • BEST FRIENDS SURPRISED ME W/ AN 18TH BIRTHDAY PARTY... IN A HOLLYWOOD HILLS MANSION. like WHAT. ending 17 with a bang! thank you so much to everyone who came and dote shopping for making this happen.

    my birthday is February 26th... so tomorrow AHHH.


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  • Krista
    Krista   4 days ago

    wheres Emma??????

  • donut lover
    donut lover   1 weeks ago

    My friends is hidding from me if i ask for help.

  • Claire Smith
    Claire Smith   1 weeks ago

    Me: rewatching this video My mind: Wait my birthday is 13th of February

  • Grace Lai
    Grace Lai   3 weeks ago

    hey sorry I was just wondering in this video you had a video of you dancing and yeah and it was also like slow motions ish I was just wondering what app did you use for it

  • Dia Raj
    Dia Raj   1 months ago

    This video just told me I have no friends in 100000 languages 😂💫

  • Adi Khakhu
    Adi Khakhu   1 months ago

    This is the cutest surprise ever!! Thank God for your friends.❤

  • tnsoftailrider
    tnsoftailrider   1 months ago

    And at 8:30, a group of women become a pod of dolphins.

  • ivxiir
    ivxiir   1 months ago

    I just love how they coincidentally saw celebrities in the video.

  • Chels Rivera
    Chels Rivera   2 months ago

    They are such amazag best friends Hannah. They're and you are so lucky to have them in your life.

  • Rizkita Milenia
    Rizkita Milenia   2 months ago

    oh girl, I can literally feel your joy and happiness when your friends surprise you. Even though I have never experienced that myself but I can really feel how happy it is. I'm so happy for you :D

  • Graison Lenfest
    Graison Lenfest   2 months ago

    ellie - im in love with someonei Ship GRAYSON DOLAN and ELLIE

  • Alivia Martin
    Alivia Martin   2 months ago

    this was so cute awww i love you and your friends

  • Inola
    Inola   2 months ago

    how do I get sponsored by dote

  • bella maria
    bella maria   2 months ago

    okay what angelina jolie and drake bell!!

  • lulu sirl
    lulu sirl   2 months ago


  • Naya V
    Naya V   2 months ago

    Awe I wish I had friends now

  • Susanna
    Susanna   2 months ago

    Imagine havine all that money..

  • Karli Welter
    Karli Welter   2 months ago

    At 12:08 why does the person’s laugh sound like a freaking enderman in Minecraft

  • tea talk
    tea talk   2 months ago

    Tbh i cried watching this though

  • donut life
    donut life   2 months ago

    The purple jacket that summer got for hannah is like something that Emma would wear

  • Rania Rahi
    Rania Rahi   2 months ago

    bro idk why i feel like im with them haha

  • Laura Olsen
    Laura Olsen   2 months ago

    Hannah: has a surprise birthday partyMe: crying because I know this will never happen to me

  • Melissa Cardenas
    Melissa Cardenas   2 months ago

    This sounds like the best birthday ever💕💕 These friends are keepers Hannah😂❤️

  • Alex D
    Alex D   2 months ago

    When you don’t need a blow out because you have curly hair