CELEBRITIES GIVE STEVE HARVEY ANSWERS! Steve Can't Believe These Answers On Family Feud USA

  • Published on: 13 February 2020
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  • Runtime : 20:11
  • bonus round match game family feud


  • Jerry Norman
    Jerry Norman   1 days ago

    The news media can make difficulties in one's life so horrible and unchallenging. We all make mistakes and other times it may not be true.

    SABIO THE GOD   1 days ago

    "Drag"😑 It's wild white ppl always want Brown men in Dresses.

    KYLE WEISNER   1 days ago

    Please tell me CHICKEN is on the board at 9:18

  • Jam T
    Jam T   1 days ago

    Steve Harvey smelling like taco bell

  • GoPreds 99
    GoPreds 99   2 days ago

    If only Cameron Boyce were still alive to play with the descendents

  • Michael Rice Music
    Michael Rice Music   3 days ago

    Who else knows Sam from the goldbergs by watching him and Olivia on smosh.

  • Maxx Holifield
    Maxx Holifield   4 days ago

    6:50 I've never seen The Goldbergs, is he acting like his character there?

  • Nolan Fenner
    Nolan Fenner   5 days ago

    Was that lady legitimately allowed to bring her dog on the show? how??!

  • AnimationStation
    AnimationStation   5 days ago

    6:54 Jeff stole the show on that one! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Explosive Best
    Explosive Best   5 days ago

    use a bloody bald cap to disguise yourself in public. Steve, that's not a real bald haircut.

  • Melanie Munoz
    Melanie Munoz   6 days ago

    I would've been like "can i smell you first?"

  • Chris Ortiz
    Chris Ortiz   1 weeks ago

    bruh i knew coconut was an answer 😂

  • GuyIntoYellow *69
    GuyIntoYellow *69   1 weeks ago

    Wow, they have circle & oval but egg is not up there & pumkin is. Really ? How come ? 😅

  • Takunda
    Takunda   1 weeks ago

    sofia at 17:16 just killed my mood

  • experiment0789
    experiment0789   1 weeks ago

    4:14 " The SIZE and SHAPE of Steve Harvey's head..." I know English is apparently not your first language but, the word "and" there means both.

  • Sterben Kayasy
    Sterben Kayasy   1 weeks ago

    17:42when you want the answer to be right so much that you pray in all religons

    TDGAA   1 weeks ago

    The one who said mask has an 3,000 IQ

  • Gabriel Silva
    Gabriel Silva   1 weeks ago

    im mad no one said steve had a head shaped like a potato

  • steven loaiza
    steven loaiza   1 weeks ago

    that tracee bitch got some big ol eyeballs, lookin like a thick leap frog n shit 🐸

  • Cameron Hill
    Cameron Hill   1 weeks ago


  • TrashQueenAbri
    TrashQueenAbri   1 weeks ago

    Celebrity: Vauge answerBoard: Close EnoughCelebrity on other side: That's bullshit!

  • Jonathan Trauner
    Jonathan Trauner   1 weeks ago

    Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence...if you love Family Feud, definitely have Steve Harvey host you both the next time he does a Celebrity Family Feud Game episode....Brie Larson can come too.

  • Pizza
    Pizza   1 weeks ago

    pumpkin rlly? i woulda said maltesers ksksksksk

  • Mysterious Maker17
    Mysterious Maker17   1 weeks ago

    6:27. Is Jeff the person that plays Uncle Calbow from Wizards of Waverly Place?

  • andyt2k
    andyt2k   2 weeks ago

    Why do people ALWAYS say they'll play rather than pass, even when they don't have any answers?

  • Drove
    Drove   2 weeks ago

    How did nobody say potato