My Ferrari GT3 458 is DONE!!!

  • Published on: 07 November 2019
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    14781 Pomerado Rd. #115
    Poway, CA
  • Runtime : 27:48
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  • J Em
    J Em   6 days ago

    The front end is missing something

  • Nestor J
    Nestor J   1 weeks ago

    thought you were going to screw this car up but maybe the best looking 458 Ive seen

  • Nico Anderson
    Nico Anderson   1 months ago

    such a strange build for a track car, looks more like a street car to me

  • Erik Frank
    Erik Frank   2 months ago

    not a gt3, just a body kit on a 458

  • 1848FM
    1848FM   2 months ago

    Congratulations, you turned a ferrari into a toyota

  • genius comment alrt! 000

    my first time seeing this video, did anyone notice goldberg in the background at 15:10?

  • Paul.w w
    Paul.w w   2 months ago

    I’d rather draw a watch on my wrist than to be seen wearing a mvmt watch

  • Chris Organic
    Chris Organic   2 months ago

    "It's a little bit like reproduction furniture or vegan cheese"- James May

  • Trick Daddy
    Trick Daddy   2 months ago

    Still can’t believe me and my Buddy are in this video 18:12 . Much love

  • 402CarKid
    402CarKid   3 months ago

    My absolute favorite color and favorite 458! Nice work man!

  • Ronndell Matanguihan
    Ronndell Matanguihan   3 months ago

    Just realized something. All 3 gt3 458 kits on YouTube rn are all have differences. Just saying..

  • Trevor Anderson
    Trevor Anderson   5 months ago

    does anybody know the name of the song that starts at 9:42 ??

    ΛLLΛN   5 months ago

    Tired of being broke, but dont know what to do :(

  • Cliff Budney
    Cliff Budney   5 months ago

    What’s that color I need it now 😍(dead serious)

  • Louis Greenberg
    Louis Greenberg   6 months ago

    Love the colorWhat color is that as in code ppg like

  • Booby
    Booby   6 months ago

    I’m just here cause he sold the Ferrari

  • liam bucknall
    liam bucknall   6 months ago

    Definitely keen on the 458, love that colour Insta: @liambucknall

  • D U
    D U   6 months ago

    I try so hard to like the new Supra... and he did as good a job as you can with this one... but.. ehh.. just doesn't do anything for me. You should do a matching Z4 next.

  • Tanner Nickelson
    Tanner Nickelson   6 months ago

    I can't believe he rebuilt this thing within a year. Great job

  • Ben
    Ben   6 months ago

    Can anyone elaborate on how SEMA works. I heard it's press only, but most of the people walking around over there don't exactly look like press

  • Reynante Suayan
    Reynante Suayan   6 months ago

    Where's Calvin? Calvin should be by your side all the time in this kind of events.

  • sam dcw
    sam dcw   6 months ago


  • Sam Tat
    Sam Tat   6 months ago

    lol is that Goldberg behind Tj at 14:38??

  • Carmen Aguilar
    Carmen Aguilar   6 months ago

    IG - chris_s2k_egDefinitely the Ferrari 458 GT3 👌🏻

  • Fergy GF
    Fergy GF   6 months ago

    ig: @f.gazianSUPRA !! looks absolutely gorgeous

  • Justin Brown
    Justin Brown   6 months ago

    TJ, keep it up Bro!!!!! Good “freakin” stuff

  • Jeffrey Aviles
    Jeffrey Aviles   6 months ago

    I would say the GT3, such a clean build IG: jeffreyaviles23