Top 20 Cristiano Ronaldo Goals That Shocked The World

  • Published on: 01 January 2019
  • ○ Cristiano Ronaldo Goals That Shocked The World
    ○ Cristiano Ronaldo 2018 Skills & Goals Juventus

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  • Runtime : 10:22
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  • Raheem7i™
    Raheem7i™   1 years ago

    Happy New Years Friends! 🎉🎊 Show this to anyone who thinks he is anything less than best in the WORLD.✅Long Shots✅Free Kicks✅Headers✅Solo Goals✅Bicycle kicks✅Weak FootIs there anything this man can't do??

  • dageezerboi
    dageezerboi   7 hours ago

    He was the best when sir Alex took him under his wing at United. His peak.

  • K Sinar
    K Sinar   1 days ago

    3:04 commentator lost himself lol..

  • Firdhauz Ramlee
    Firdhauz Ramlee   1 days ago

    Number 6 shouldn't even be on the list, let alone be so high up.His header against Roma for United, or the heel goal against Villa should've been in.

  • Roberto Dal Seno
    Roberto Dal Seno   1 days ago

    Messi?? who is Messi! for me he's good for cleaning his shoes! Messi is a rolling taz twisting around in the field ! This guy is the soccer essence at maximun level sofar revealed

  • Just a Takuache
    Just a Takuache   4 days ago

    That moment when you best goal is against you current team

  • yamhead33
    yamhead33   4 days ago

    My God!!. What a highlight reel of brilliance. I have to say in any other era of football you can argue Ronaldo as the greatest but unfortunately he is in the same era the greatest Lionel messi.

  • Jonathan Castillo
    Jonathan Castillo   5 days ago

    So Critiano do you have a weak foot? Critiano: "Weak foot? What is that?"

  • m7xd
    m7xd   6 days ago

    I feel so fucking grateful to live in a era of a such a legendary player such as crisitano truly no one is a skilled and talented as he is. Hopefully mbappe and Cristiano jr will be the next legends

  • m7xd
    m7xd   6 days ago

    And ppl compare Ronaldo to Messi. Cr7 is a legendary beast while Messi is more like professional player

  • Realist
    Realist   1 weeks ago

    One major difference that is unfair between messi & ronaldo... is Ronalfo just isnt aging and will continue for years.

  • Realist
    Realist   1 weeks ago

    Im still haunted by Almunia... it was a brilliant free kick but it shouldve been saved. (I was at the game,, semi final of the champions league) To be fair though it was amazing Arsene Wenger got there with the shitty team he had built from no money.

  • Aldair Meza
    Aldair Meza   1 weeks ago

    1:46 messi does it twice on one game

  • Norbke Rubio
    Norbke Rubio   1 weeks ago

    the best player right now eres el mejor CR7

  • Miguel Luna
    Miguel Luna   1 weeks ago

    cr7 is the best soccer player in the world