Foods you have been eating WRONG your entire life !

  • Published on: 18 November 2019
  • Foods you have been eating WRONG your entire life !

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    Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to Foods you have been eating WRONG your entire life !



  • Runtime : 9:38
  • azzyland reaction reacting funny foods you have been eating wrong


  • Amy Nelson
    Amy Nelson   3 hours ago

    My life makes soooooo much more sense

  • GatchaLater!
    GatchaLater!   7 hours ago

    When you said onions make you cry it remind me of something that made me laugh so hard in school. We were doing cookery and we knew we were gonna cut onions so someone brought in swimming goggles and was wearing them while cutting their onions 😂

  • Thanvi Pattanath
    Thanvi Pattanath   13 hours ago

    5:48 Ima tell you a fact............ If you wash an onion thoroughly after peeling it and then chop it, it won't make you cry!! My mom does that😊😊

  • Rift
    Rift   13 hours ago

    6:56 me when I pretend to listen in class

  • Mystic Alpha
    Mystic Alpha   18 hours ago

    How NOT to cry when cutting onions:1. keep ur mouth openand that's it!

  • Thach Chu Ngoc
    Thach Chu Ngoc   21 hours ago

    1:45 I've tried that hack and it went horribly wrong. But if you tried and it did, pls help me ;-; ok thanks

    ZOE WILSON   1 days ago

    8:12 KAKONA’S OCTO-DOGS FROM YANDERE SIMULATOR (Forgive me if I misspelled Kakona’s name)

  • Dark Dark
    Dark Dark   1 days ago

    I peel bananas from the top too

  • Peterson vincent
    Peterson vincent   1 days ago

    2:20 finally someone finally puts the cereal before the milk

  • Almaz Rahmani
    Almaz Rahmani   1 days ago

    When I was five the chocolate syrup was empty and I said put the milk in the can and shake it up so I think that was my idea to start with. 😊😁

  • Irene Weng
    Irene Weng   1 days ago

    People who made the food u r eating but ur eating it wrong:TRIGGEREDDDDDDDDDDDDD

  • LUCY
    LUCY   1 days ago

    Good video 👌👌

  • Avery Edwards
    Avery Edwards   1 days ago

    When the lady cut off a corner of the chip bag and ate the chips the corner that she cut off fell into her shirt

  • Ananda Cafe
    Ananda Cafe   1 days ago

    I never have folded my pizza dat I never doneYET

  • Imaginary Arts
    Imaginary Arts   1 days ago

    I don’t cry 😭 if I cut a onion 🤽🏾‍♀️🤸🏾‍♂️🧘🏾‍♀️🍠

  • Dimpy Moo
    Dimpy Moo   1 days ago

    Bologna was my favourite food when I was little

  • Robert Johnson
    Robert Johnson   1 days ago

    When you said you stick your fingers in the bag of chips I do the same thing

  • Viv Swisher
    Viv Swisher   2 days ago

    So I took a cooking class with my friends and we were a team and they made me chop the onions and I started BALLING 😭