Childish Gambino - 3.15.20 ALBUM REVIEW

  • Published on: 25 March 2020
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    untitled unflattering.

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    FAV TRACKS: 42.26, 53.49

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    Y'all know this is just my opinion, right?
  • Runtime : 10:17
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  • Destitute
    Destitute   30 minuts ago

    You’re telling me 24.19 floated right over your head??

  • Wolf Wang
    Wolf Wang   1 hours ago

    Joyners album is much better than this. Only saying that cuz u shat on it lol

  • Jeremy Tee
    Jeremy Tee   4 hours ago

    This album is a cyberpunk book of revelations. Look into it, melon.

  • Lukas
    Lukas   7 hours ago

    you are wrong. This is just your personal opinion and taste. but its still wrong.

  • Sam English
    Sam English   9 hours ago

    This is like the most dynamic album I've heard in a long time every song felt very distinct and expressive of a different vibe. I think it would be really jarring if there weren't some awesome avant garde transitions between the songs. I havent heard anything this wildyl creative since MBDTF but you think that.s lame too so whatever. DG is out on a limb and doing it beautifully. So obvious that blood sweat and tears went into this album.

  • Romeo MacMillan
    Romeo MacMillan   11 hours ago

    Whatever his name- I love Donald GloverLater on- The album is shitWhat ever Donal does is outstanding

  • World Wide Wrestling
    World Wide Wrestling   14 hours ago

    Saying the N-word while ejaculating on a white flannel isn’t a review Anthony!

  • Joseph Amaral
    Joseph Amaral   18 hours ago

    This guy just needs to get high and listen to this album again, this albums heat

  • JC
    JC   18 hours ago

    I think he rushed the lauching of the album because of our current state,beeing at home,streaming services are doing very well

  • Zenon U
    Zenon U   19 hours ago

    I see a new flannel, I click

  • Justin Abner
    Justin Abner   19 hours ago

    When I dislike an album I check with Anthony to see if Im wrong. I was not. Extremely dissapointing as Ive been fallowing Gambino for a long time now and have loved everything hes put out until this point. Just have to give it a few more listens to see if it grows on me but man, this was a let down.

  • Chrisxantixemox
    Chrisxantixemox   1 days ago

    The thing about this is like it's so white.. how much more white could it be? And the answer is none... none more white

  • Sw3g B3Ar
    Sw3g B3Ar   1 days ago

    Damn it’s titled on my birthday

    xSILENT_KILLER12   1 days ago

    im getting Kendrick Lamar "Untitled Unmastered" vibes from this, the minimalist album cover, oddly named tracks and incoherence of the album structure

  • Amber Park
    Amber Park   1 days ago

    I love this album ! It featured in my own Album assortment videos. Like your work !

  • Kcin.
    Kcin.   1 days ago

    The project is not a haphazard collection of tracks; everything is intimately connected beginning with "This Is America". There's a meta level of Glover's recent work that most reviewers seem to be missing or don't have the time or the faculties to explore. It's ALL about the white powers-that-be's control of everything throughout history and a system of cultural co-option/appropriation that exploits black culture, and subsequently, the black entertainer's place within that system. It's sort of a meta horror project. This is why there's such a wide variety of musical styles from through the ages (from tribal up to almost parodical takes on Travis Scott and Future) and it's all tied together by this prevalent odd dissonance and electronic strangeness that often sounds like someone diddling with dials. And of course the recurring theme of time. Watch the "This is America" video again with the thought that the sing-and-dance entertainer at the center of this SHOW is essentially a robot controlled by the white powers-that-be, speaking what the white powers-that-be want black society to hear. They're telling black society to just buy into the system they've been given and grind until you're happy on a mountain of money ("black man get your money"). You know... while ignoring the hundreds of years of prior oppression that built this system in the first place, all the culture we've stolen in the process of it all (the hooded blues man, etc.), all the nefarious shit we're currently doing in the background (ignore the riots), and just stay in THIS box. This is who you are. This is America. These powers-that-be are who Glover, and various people of ALL races, are running for their lives from in the dark at the end of the Show that most of the video is. With this knowledge, this album should make a lot more sense. Every production choice and lyric, even those of the guests like 21 Savage who's playing a similar character to the video Glover in his feature, should start to come together in your head. And just watch; future videos will reinforce these themes. I think there's more high concept videos coming which is the main reason there's been such a long time lapse between "This Is America" and the album's release. P.S. The white album cover is analogous to the whitewashed warehouse in "This Is America."

  • aidanthegreatestness

    if he doesnt even like feels like summer how can we trust this bitches opinion😔 3.15.20 is really good

  • kiLLer7
    kiLLer7   1 days ago

    i was expecting this to be a strong 2

  • BlackGreninja1
    BlackGreninja1   1 days ago

    Imma keep it a stack...I ain't bumping any of the tracks on this album except from "feels like summer"On baby💯💯💯💯

  • yung tetchy
    yung tetchy   2 days ago

    hai srsly i fakn hat u. lik u never postivmes to say? it so glitch. it redickulus. say sumnthn nic or nothn at all mamber wat ur mom sad????? ??? lil boy. gro sum hair damby.

  • QJ89
    QJ89   2 days ago

    I'd like to know the thought process behind this design and the track titles. Does Donald know about Global Communication's Ambient album, '76:14'?

  • Soap Boxx
    Soap Boxx   2 days ago

    Just get really high, slap on headphones, lay down & close your eyes... that's how this album should be listed to

  • Apex Predator
    Apex Predator   2 days ago

    Bro you keep saying rhythm i dont think you have rhythm or either we listening to two different things

  • 808 Cowbell
    808 Cowbell   2 days ago

    1910 has some Cory Feldman vibes for real

  • james jones
    james jones   2 days ago

    Didn’t you rate swimming a 4 as well? I might be recalling wrong but absolutely unbelievable to say this is on par with swimming

  • Big dicc marty
    Big dicc marty   2 days ago

    39.28 couldve been a totally different song than what it was on the album, which the song was played coachella last year, it was a dance song that had a nice beat to it

  • C Hupfer
    C Hupfer   2 days ago

    Ah c'mon, you know better. The best fruits take a bit longer to ripen up. Give it a few more tries. I wasn't too sure at first either. There's definitely an endless supply of "artistic vision" there to be digested.

  • Gio Rapzotic
    Gio Rapzotic   3 days ago

    I just dropped an experimental concept album produced by me. You should check it out! Is in my channel. 🌊🌊🌊

  • Late JL
    Late JL   3 days ago

    So glad to see some wine actually look at this objectively lmao. I thought I was going insane when I peeped the comments under the actual album and people were acting like it was made by a God

  • clarke
    clarke   3 days ago

    Always hates on Bino’s albums then years later pretends like he liked them haha

  • Cashew Chestnut
    Cashew Chestnut   3 days ago

    i dont even know what youre talking about antnee weres the picture?