Napoli 1-3 Inter | Lukaku Brace Puts Inter Back on Top | Serie A

  • Published on: 06 January 2020
  • Inter Milan overcame Napoli to return to the top of the Serie A table with goals from Romelu Lukaku and Lautaro Martínez | Serie A

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  • Runtime : 4:14
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  • pickle jar
    pickle jar   1 weeks ago

    Lukaku is the most underrated player in all of soccer

  • Alpha Beast
    Alpha Beast   2 weeks ago

    Imagine Lukaku Icardi Martinez💥💥

  • E M
    E M   3 weeks ago

    Liga aburrida... Debería salirse Lozano...

  • Calimas VH
    Calimas VH   1 months ago

    Lukaku is more delicious than Morata

  • Lanxi 360
    Lanxi 360   1 months ago lukaku highlight goal

  • hang nguyen
    hang nguyen   1 months ago

    Lukaku chơi mu giở giờ qua inter milan chơi quá hay

  • Javi G
    Javi G   2 months ago

    Why's the stadium so empty ??

  • Nik 133
    Nik 133   2 months ago

    Lukaku was never the problem. It was Man United 😂😂🤣🤣

  • burak Çetin
    burak Çetin   2 months ago

    Lukaku topa nasıl vurduysa kalecinin elleri dayanamadı .

  • J F
    J F   2 months ago

    suggests Lukaku should have gone to Conte's Chelsea back in the day...

  • zulhilmi50
    zulhilmi50   2 months ago

    Napoli as one of recent Serie A powerhouse is slowly fading away

  • Ashleigh Pankhurst
    Ashleigh Pankhurst   2 months ago

    If any premier league player wants to look world class, join Serie A LOOOL

    PHANTOM   2 months ago

    Lukaku's second goal fractured the goalkeeper hand, the shot was 111km/hr

  • hhlpz
    hhlpz   2 months ago

    Gattuso is the biggest joke of la serie A, please let’s get rid of him 👎🏼

  • K J
    K J   2 months ago

    Hope the UTD fans are crying themselves to sleep that they’re club sold Lukaku. HA HAHA!!!

  • Car Hu
    Car Hu   2 months ago

    Q espantoso el fútbol italiano juegan en cámara lenta horrible

  • Shay Crowe
    Shay Crowe   2 months ago

    Want Inter to win Serie A this season

  • kkg T
    kkg T   2 months ago

    Horrible defending.

  • Da meme boi
    Da meme boi   2 months ago

    Why are there no people in one part of the stadium (not being sarcastic just don't watch serie a much)

  • Nur Siswanto
    Nur Siswanto   2 months ago

    It's just because Liverpool, City, Chelsea, United are not in Serie A.