Will Bananas work as Engine Oil? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 13 May 2019
  • Is it a myth that bananas were once used successfully as engine oil by JC Baudot and Jacques Seguela in their Citroën 2CV as they crossed the Atacama desert in 1959? Let’s find out! We’ll run several tests to include a 30-minute engine run with banana “BW-30” as engine oil to see if the engine will survive.

    Great article written by Jason Torchinsky

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  • Runtime : 11:5
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  • Nolan Sheffer
    Nolan Sheffer   1 days ago

    Could you please do this test again but with bananas mixed with oil, because in the legend they had bananas mixed with oil.

  • Beeg Yoshi
    Beeg Yoshi   2 days ago

    So he’s happy converting Celsius to Fahrenheit but not Fahrenheit to CelsiusEdit: spelling mistake

  • BASE line
    BASE line   2 days ago

    Now we learned how to change the engine oil in the kitchen

  • Juan Diaz
    Juan Diaz   2 days ago

    Man this is awesome,,, lol... now you have me wondering on coconut oil vs palm oil.

  • Peteris Krumings
    Peteris Krumings   3 days ago

    He did not use the right part of banana, why not add banana peel to that mixture, it should contain more oils.

  • Phille_Swe
    Phille_Swe   4 days ago

    i Think you should try out liquid bacon fat in to a lawnmower Engine to se if it runs for 30 minutes like the banana!=)

  • whitebird77
    whitebird77   4 days ago

    higher chance to have cactus than bananas in the desert. i might use cactus gels as engine oil.

  • whitebird77
    whitebird77   4 days ago

    i will eat the bananas and waiting for help to come.

  • Hot Wired
    Hot Wired   5 days ago

    Wondering whice bourbon would make the best fuel? Or Hemp Oil as engine oil.

  • Vocalpro International

    Here I am mindlessly scrolling YouTube videos on tanks minding my own business.. .And now I'm watching some dude put banana in a crank case.This channel is hilarious. I watched a motor run on bacon last night.Where has this been my whole life?Ever filled a crank case with wd40? ;)

  • Trond Hansen
    Trond Hansen   6 days ago

    next time i want to see you testing snake oil as in using the fat from real snakes(if you can avoid problems with animal protection)it will probably cause less problems than bananas do.

  • Benjamin Laldinsanga

    1980: We'll have flying cars in the future2019: Using bananas as engine oil

  • MRH
    MRH   1 weeks ago

    This is stupid, everyone knows they used pineapples.

  • We all Seek the same
    We all Seek the same   1 weeks ago

    i would assume the pre 59 engine (prob us military surplus) had mire to do with it!!

  • bozowinslo
    bozowinslo   1 weeks ago

    ok , so here is a theory .... the mower engine dont represent the auto engine well .... the auto engine even though it is air cooled as well would prolly have the spout to put oil in higher , so more bananas could be put in ,,, there is no rule that says you cant overfill it a little , or that you cant pour more water and banana mix into the engine while it is operating ... no need to wait till it is almost at catastrophic failure and no need to stop it to put more in ..... also ... the steam .... plug that filler tube and the crankcase vent ... force that steam past the rings to help keep the combustion chamber temp lower ... keep in mind .... those guys were desperate and weren't going to take any chances they didnt have to take .... if they had plenty of bananas , im sure they would have used them all to get out of the desert and any blow by they could capture , im sure they put it right back in the engine .... remember trapped i the desert and desperate..... sometimes things like that force you to use your head to insure resources are not wasted

  • d
    d   1 weeks ago

    Use butter as engine oil

  • danc2581
    danc2581   1 weeks ago

    Banana W 30!!!😂😂😂

  • scose
    scose   1 weeks ago


  • Tim Glassford
    Tim Glassford   1 weeks ago

    "Is that a banana in your crankcase, or are you just happy to see me" Have you ever ran just water in the CC? I am a recently new subscriber, so I may have missed the episode if you have done it already. Thank you from one of your newest fans. Cheers, Tim.

  • Chris Ofelt
    Chris Ofelt   1 weeks ago

    when my lawn mower acts up I make them watch your videos and threaten to send them to you

  • bread in a bag
    bread in a bag   1 weeks ago

    Bananas contain carbon that’s why their is a lot of build up in the engine.

  • Brett Sharbono
    Brett Sharbono   1 weeks ago

    Look man...I ain't fallin for no banana in the crank case!!

  • Hakimi Min
    Hakimi Min   1 weeks ago

    Make a video "Will palm oil use as engine oil"

  • JanikO
    JanikO   1 weeks ago

    These videos are stupid.And thats why i love them ♡_♡

  • Ernest Wong
    Ernest Wong   2 weeks ago

    I believe the engine strength in the 1950s were significantly weaker and generated less friction

  • nachos
    nachos   2 weeks ago

    a lot of home remedies are bullsh*t. i destroyed some nice leather items before trying to cheap out on conditioner by using coconut oil. DO NOT TRY.

  • 𖥠 ꧁Æ♱ℍᴲᮄℜᴲⅅ꧂𖥠

    You missed the whole point. Didn't you realize when people were saying that people have put bananas in the crankcase, obviously they meant there was engine oil in there and they added bananas. Not that they used bananas for oil. This whole test was pointless. You should have mixed bananas and oil so this actually reflected the reality of those banana stories.

  • Jerry Orange
    Jerry Orange   2 weeks ago

    If these guys were running on bananas, there would have been some oil in their engine. The experiment needs to be redone.

  • SamBless
    SamBless   2 weeks ago

    Engine : im holding this banana shake

  • duperdude25
    duperdude25   2 weeks ago

    So tell us the truth please, did you taste the spent banana oil? You’ll get magnesium and healthy dose of iron from the engine internals. Was there any smell? Here in Bay Area, when someone drives on biodiesel you can tell where it came from. It’s either burgers, fries or doughnuts.

  • Jordan Scheurer
    Jordan Scheurer   2 weeks ago

    My only concern is that the car engine would have had rod bearings that lawn mower engine is probably just an aluminum rod that rides on the crank.