Will Bananas work as Engine Oil? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 13 May 2019
  • Is it a myth that bananas were once used successfully as engine oil by JC Baudot and Jacques Seguela in their Citroën 2CV as they crossed the Atacama desert in 1959? Let’s find out! We’ll run several tests to include a 30-minute engine run with banana “BW-30” as engine oil to see if the engine will survive.

    Great article written by Jason Torchinsky

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  • Runtime : 11:5
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    DARRELL TENPENNY   1 days ago

    The only thing I can say is that a water cooled engine might have lasted longer than an air cooled. one.

  • James Soppe
    James Soppe   1 days ago

    It may have been a short term solution not long term and could have got them out of a pickle

  • Tom Upchurch
    Tom Upchurch   1 days ago

    Real world common sense says the Citroen engine wasn't completely out of oil and it was running on a mixture of oil and bananas.

  • Mike
    Mike   2 days ago

    Poor engine, being victim to all this.

  • Mike
    Mike   2 days ago

    "What oil do you use for your car?" - "Mashed bananas.""Is that a new kind?""It's mashed bananas, litterly.

  • Ege Sevindi
    Ege Sevindi   2 days ago

    I think creativity more than you expect is harmful

  • Agyei Attakorah
    Agyei Attakorah   3 days ago

    it actually didn't work cause the banana had a brown spot at 0:35brown spot = engine don't workcuz pemdas and shit

  • Shane1228Earth
    Shane1228Earth   3 days ago

    Oil is slippery. Bananas are slippery.. Bananas = engine oil!

  • So Crates
    So Crates   3 days ago

    I thought that you are meant to use banana skins not the insides.

  • Bazooka Llama Productions

    if youre gonna do bananas and water for one test, youve gotta do babanas and water for all the tests.

  • swrzesinski
    swrzesinski   3 days ago

    Compare it with just the water :) Or lube hahah

  • Bryan Inwood
    Bryan Inwood   3 days ago

    The legend ive heard is you put bananas in a diff to quiten it but you have to use the skin as well

  • Hayden Wyllie
    Hayden Wyllie   3 days ago

    The temp difference on the griddle can be explained. You can not raise a liquid above it's boiling point in it's liquid state. It will use the extra heat to boil off the liquid not raise it's temperature.

  • ജോസപ്പേ

    Sir please use Methanol for next experiment. I'm from India.I'm working in a chemical storage plant and we lost liters of methanol in every pipe change and during repairing. If it success it would be great helpful for us.

  • Exactlyatmidnight
    Exactlyatmidnight   3 days ago

    "Can bananas be used as engine oil?"I don't need sleep I need answers...

  • Slippery Sauce
    Slippery Sauce   4 days ago

    Maybe there was still some oil left. Shoulda done a 50/50 mix of oil and banana

  • PhOeNiXpIoLe
    PhOeNiXpIoLe   4 days ago

    I’m thinking it’s a myth as well no way would they have kept enough water to keep the engine from seizing up. If they pulled it off than I’d say they probably either had residual motor oil on the internals that we’re doing most of the work or they were just very lucky!

  • Hunter Glass
    Hunter Glass   4 days ago

    Maybe the explorers used green bananas and the were rolling down hill.

  • bejais
    bejais   5 days ago

    Can you make oil out of bananas? Maybe the peels?

  • ny money
    ny money   5 days ago

    Why do you use the metric system so often nobody wants to see that

  • Dung Vu
    Dung Vu   5 days ago

    what kind of thermal camera do you use in the video?

  • Jason Ozment
    Jason Ozment   6 days ago

    I'd like to seen the same process but instead of adding more water add more bananas. But I'm really starting to enjoy this thanks for the educational fun

  • UbrVidgeek
    UbrVidgeek   6 days ago

    Any plans to test the Prolong product line?

  • Jeffrey Culberth
    Jeffrey Culberth   6 days ago

    Wonder if ethylene glycol would work any better? Seems more likely you have coolant while crossing a desert than bananas. Also its quite slippery compared to water

  • Deb C
    Deb C   6 days ago

    project farm, youre the best. 💚

  • new name
    new name   6 days ago

    Maybe over ripe snotty bananas will work better.

  • Jamie Morgan
    Jamie Morgan   6 days ago

    Hmmm.... I wonder if they used the peels too ???? Probably a lot of oil in those .Think about what some unethical people do with bad transmissions ???

  • Michael Lewis
    Michael Lewis   6 days ago

    I would assume they used water with the bananas as you did :). I do think they may have had a bit more water than you did. This was such a fun video though!

  • Lady D
    Lady D   1 weeks ago

    I'm assuming this was covered & I missed it but: was the engine type, power, etc taken into consideration for when this story supposedly took place vs how it was tested here?

  • Abe b
    Abe b   1 weeks ago

    Your show should be called "Myth Busters on the Farm".

  • Bill Grayson
    Bill Grayson   1 weeks ago

    Whos ready for the MOST CONTROVERSIAL engine oil test ever??? Blood.