Will Bananas work as Engine Oil? Let's find out!

  • Published on: 13 May 2019
  • Is it a myth that bananas were once used successfully as engine oil by JC Baudot and Jacques Seguela in their Citroën 2CV as they crossed the Atacama desert in 1959? Let’s find out! We’ll run several tests to include a 30-minute engine run with banana “BW-30” as engine oil to see if the engine will survive.

    Great article written by Jason Torchinsky

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  • Runtime : 11:5
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  • Lukas Maximus
    Lukas Maximus   8 hours ago

    I have an oil change to do, what type of bananas do you recommend there are over 1000 types.

  • Q- Bert
    Q- Bert   20 hours ago

    Well that’s an age old question! I always wondered . 😆😂

  • Justin Rockhold
    Justin Rockhold   22 hours ago

    They probably used what oil was left and threw in some rotten bananas so maybe it did work temporarily?

  • Jeffy Mario
    Jeffy Mario   2 days ago

    Todd nye the lawnmower guy Todd Todd Todd

  • Derek Natan
    Derek Natan   2 days ago

    Very educational video!!! Great Job!!!!

  • Watch Matt Work
    Watch Matt Work   2 days ago

    The banana level is full, classic https://youtu.be/v5TzpLBfP2Y?t=403

  • Kevin Navitas
    Kevin Navitas   2 days ago

    Could you try an experiment that would see if other types of oils would suffice? For example, vegetable oil, lard, coconut oil, Vaseline, moisturizer, etc.

  • Darren Lyons
    Darren Lyons   2 days ago

    Add a little chocolate and ice cream that.

  • Spartan375x
    Spartan375x   4 days ago

    I giggled every time I hear "bananas".

  • Fecto Reviews
    Fecto Reviews   4 days ago

    Too funny! That sound when you added the water in the engine. “Let’s put the bananas in the crankcase”. 😂

  • Zombycow
    Zombycow   4 days ago

    i think a better test would have been Bananas vs no oil at all. their options were bananas or nothing, not bananas or oil.

  • Husain Doodhwala
    Husain Doodhwala   5 days ago

    I suggest you show a control bearing as well which has either no lubrication or water used as lubrication.

  • nina King
    nina King   6 days ago

    What was in his smoothie the morning he was reading that article?

  • Tyler Ruble
    Tyler Ruble   6 days ago

    Given weeks to come up with a way to use this sentence in life, I would have failed.......The banana level is full 😆 Instant subscribe. 👍

  • Glen Baker
    Glen Baker   6 days ago

    That happened to me before and I used my own shit.

  • djhaloeight
    djhaloeight   6 days ago

    This reminds me of a story my Dad told me when I was a kid. My uncle bought a used car back in the 80’s from a corner lot type place. Car ran fine and was nice and quiet for the first week. Shortly after that, the top end developed a loud racket. He pulled the valve covers and lo and behold! The shady dealer had stuffed the heads and covers full of bananas and peels to quiet it down! Once they rotted away, the true nature of the engine was revealed 😄🍌🍌

    RAKSHIT KASHYAP   1 weeks ago

    Man please don't add one thing except that Add anything to test it You know what i mean

  • Jordan Mamrak
    Jordan Mamrak   1 weeks ago

    I would like to see a video about gasoline additives and gasoline storage. Which additives work for storing for extended periods of time? Also does ethanol free extend shelf life? Basically two samples containing each additive, one of ethanol free gas and one with 10% ethanol. Stabil, STP, Seafoam, Heet/lighter fluid mix, Lucas, etc. I have personally stored ethanol free gas with stabil for one year, then dumped it into my vehicle. Curious if I could go longer? Thanks for all you do!

  • A Freeman
    A Freeman   1 weeks ago

    It was the gearbox the bananas were used in so you have got another test to do. I suggest you use a citroen 2cv as they did.

  • Ebony Hayes
    Ebony Hayes   1 weeks ago

    This was by far one of the funniest videos done by Project Farm. He had great lines ( with a straight face) I had to watch the whole thing🤣 Even with the replenishing of water, who'd of thought it was possible for even that length of time👍🏽

  • Murderous Kitten
    Murderous Kitten   1 weeks ago

    I am sorry , but i was laughting out loud for first 2 minutes of the video.The idea itself is so ludacriss for me , that i seriuslly expected this to be posted in 1st of april.

  • philliphaessig
    philliphaessig   1 weeks ago

    I watched a video not too long ago about a truck driver in Africa. The seal on the rear end went out so all the oil leaked out. He ended up stuffing the whole thing full of bananas and going on about his trip. He stopped every so many miles and packed more in. Not sure if lower rpm's is why it worked or maybe it was because it was gears?

  • Derek Schwartz
    Derek Schwartz   1 weeks ago

    They were in a desert, with bananas and a LOT of water? Doesn't sound like a desert!

  • cvongall66
    cvongall66   1 weeks ago

    Maybe they just used banana peels cuz there might be oil there

  • rocharox
    rocharox   1 weeks ago

    Here in Brazil a lot of car lots put em on engines to resell the car

  • Fishlovme Peterson
    Fishlovme Peterson   1 weeks ago

    Have you tried fish oil in an engine yet? That might be interesting!

  • Rigat Vealam
    Rigat Vealam   1 weeks ago

    That's definitely is a myth.They actually used 2 giant turtles and a custom made rope.

  • jeremy pearson
    jeremy pearson   1 weeks ago

    And another engine goes to the big lawnmower junkyard in the sky! I think those two French drivers were out in the sun too long.