California Drought Leaves One Town Looking Like a 21st Century Dustbowl

  • Published on: 10 April 2015
  • East Porterville is a town in California that has completely run out of water. It is ground zero in the drought and has become a 21st century dustbowl because all the wells have dried up. It's so bad they have to truck water to homes in 2,500 gall...
  • Runtime : 1:47
  • California drought no water inside_edition


  • Aidan’s Bird Videos

    We had the same thing on parts of Australia's east coast, some places hadn't seen water for years and some almost ran out. Where I was we only got 15% of 2018-19's average rain.

  • FaZe lobster
    FaZe lobster   1 weeks ago

    Damn Florida completely different we got to much rain

  • ImATaco213 -
    ImATaco213 -   2 weeks ago

    Other people: Ugh i hate the rainThese people: OMG ITS RAINING!!!!

  • Mjac150Films
    Mjac150Films   3 weeks ago

    “25 percent of nothing is still nothing”nah nigga really

  • Annika Hopp
    Annika Hopp   3 weeks ago

    Reminds me of Africa. Where they don’t get water

  • play time
    play time   3 weeks ago

    Nobody:Not a soul:Kindergardeners that sung the rain rain go away song : oop-

  • Jay Destroy190
    Jay Destroy190   4 weeks ago

    So they ship the water to the houses HOW ON EARTH DID THEY GOT ALOT OF WATER

  • J. P.
    J. P.   1 months ago

    Meanwhile here in South Carolina it can’t stop raining

  • Gymnast Libby_
    Gymnast Libby_   1 months ago

    This lady is smart the one with the children and the mopping and the house

  • Justin Rayas
    Justin Rayas   1 months ago

    Isn’t a dustbowl like the sand storm that happened back then

  • Myra Oad
    Myra Oad   1 months ago

    I do my cups first and then my potttttts

  • Mr.Unknown Cali-Life
    Mr.Unknown Cali-Life   1 months ago

    Now 2020 and it’s going to happing again. Am in this town and watch it happen again .

  • Drama Queen Ella
    Drama Queen Ella   1 months ago

    Yes my family is like this during hurricane season. We stock up on gallons of water

  • Gucci Malcs
    Gucci Malcs   1 months ago

    This is what happens when you live in the middle of a desert. Sorry not sorry

  • Oli Ka
    Oli Ka   1 months ago

    UK child: u guys get sun

  • David Gallegos
    David Gallegos   1 months ago

    0:09 looks like the house from a music video from Sierra from hashtag sisters

  • Ehren Klaus
    Ehren Klaus   2 months ago

    Anybody else got thirsty as soon as you watched this?

  • MilesBellas
    MilesBellas   2 months ago

    Similar situations will increase.East Coast has more varied weather but .......WATER!

  • Shaheen Zabair
    Shaheen Zabair   2 months ago

    I do not know what I would do with out water. What will you do if you don't have any water?