Bacon Grease as Engine OIl? Let's try it!

  • Published on: 01 April 2019
  • Happy April 1st, and thank you to everyone who requested this video! Sorry it has taken me so long to publish a video on bacon grease as engine oil. It was a really fun video with some surprising results. Please do not use bacon grease as engine oil as it will definitely cause significant problems in an engine. Again, this was a fun video. Next week we'll continue our SAE 5W-30 synthetic oil championship series.

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    This video is only for entertainment purposes. If you rely on the information portrayed in this video, you assume the responsibility for the results. Project Farm LLC
  • Runtime : 10:3
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  • Erick_fz09
    Erick_fz09   4 hours ago

    Was the lawn mower always missing that lil chunk on the piston?

  • Sean Obrien
    Sean Obrien   5 hours ago

    How about human saliva? I could see storing that up if I found myself stranded with my car out of oil. Normally I dont have 20 packs of bacon on me to make the 4 quarts needed for my car

  • Puss In Boots
    Puss In Boots   9 hours ago

    I would be intersted to see what results you could get with this

  • j jon
    j jon   1 days ago

    if you render the bacon grease right down to a oil it's super slippery 1 pound of bacon fat get you quater cup of pure bacon oil

  • Carbon One
    Carbon One   1 days ago

    conclusion? to clean your engine just fill in bacon grease!

  • Drunkwolf
    Drunkwolf   1 days ago

    How about bacon fat as fuel .

  • James Soppe
    James Soppe   2 days ago

    Wow and we eat this stuff. Dont let Big oil find out that bacon fat can work as a lube for cars

  • Ryaaaaan what?
    Ryaaaaan what?   2 days ago

    I’m shocked to see your reply on each and every comment ! Wow , are you a super human?

  • Jim Myers
    Jim Myers   2 days ago

    hope it was genuine hickory smoked, don't shut it down and cool off lest the grease congeal into a mass lump.

  • Christmas Snow
    Christmas Snow   2 days ago

    Bacon grease may degrade at higher temperatures while engine oil remains stable. What about its water content and the effec it has on the engine? Can you liquify bacon grease and use it this time as fuel?

  • TuxNewsit!
    TuxNewsit!   2 days ago

    Now use bacon grease to fry your chi... oh, wait.

  • FreeWiFi Near
    FreeWiFi Near   5 days ago

    I think you should've tried this on a broken but a working carPs: no bacon was wasted during the making of this video

  • Fredy Cardona
    Fredy Cardona   5 days ago

    obviously it should've been used for gasoline cus it has so many calories duh

  • Kenneth Weis
    Kenneth Weis   6 days ago

    You might not be able to filter the grease but you might chose to leave them out

  • Eclipse538
    Eclipse538   6 days ago

    Im curious what other Natural frying oils would work as engine oil?Coconut oil, Lard, Vegetable Shortening, peanut oil, suet and beef tallow. would be REALLY interested to see that, and to hear which one SMELLED BEST to run. lol

  • Vinnie Evil
    Vinnie Evil   6 days ago

    Dude, you need to try Engine Oil as Engine Oil.

  • uncle_creepy27
    uncle_creepy27   6 days ago

    Careful oil companys will kill to keep this a secret

  • 12345shushi
    12345shushi   6 days ago

    Forget ruining the engine, you ruined THE BACON OILLLL!!!! 😟😰IF ANYTHING IS SIN, THATS THE EMODIMENT OF ITTT!!!!!

  • Jaime
    Jaime   1 weeks ago

    🤔 that pollution will smell good I guess

  • Bueler
    Bueler   1 weeks ago

    On the other hand with what we've recently learned about health you'd be better off Eating the bacon fat instead of wasting it in an engine

  • Bueler
    Bueler   1 weeks ago

    At 1 time in a hot climate my only transportation was a 71 Ford Pinto with the 1600 British engine and rod knock and burned so much oil it wasn't worth worrying about oil quality. So I would fill it up to the top of the valve cover with bacon grease used transmission fluid used motor oil gear oil vegetable oil and it didn't matter anything that was oil worked just fine.

  • Arfdog
    Arfdog   1 weeks ago

    Thought he was gonna say "thank you for watching this video, and have a happy April Fools."

  • Dean Harrop
    Dean Harrop   1 weeks ago

    As usual I love your videos from Australia.

  • Oliver Eastman
    Oliver Eastman   1 weeks ago

    You should try clear vs color soft drinks an see if one wins or none win

  • Patrick Rapan
    Patrick Rapan   1 weeks ago

    Also the higher temp is what super cleaned the chamber .and burned off excess carbon deposits

  • DrRocketman 779
    DrRocketman 779   1 weeks ago

    So why aren't we using rendered bacon grease in engines?

  • DrRocketman 779
    DrRocketman 779   1 weeks ago

    Bacon grease works really good for lubricating live pigs....

  • Kirk B
    Kirk B   1 weeks ago

    Plus you are going to be very hungry after you mow the lawn. 🤣

  • dawson parker
    dawson parker   1 weeks ago

    You could get the chunks out by letting it settle, harden and then cut off the bottom where most, if not all of the chunks would be

  • Jesus is KING
    Jesus is KING   1 weeks ago

    Mobil 1: we make the best oil for engine.Butcher: hold my pig

  • Flikt
    Flikt   1 weeks ago

    If you’re out camping and for some reason you need to change the oil in your lawn mower to bacon grease, you won’t be able to filter out the chunks. We will factor this into the test.

  • E Double
    E Double   1 weeks ago

    MAD SCIENTIST! I love it. The only thing that was missing from this video was a comment on that "oh so beautiful bacon smell" if any lmao! Great vid as usual!